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The safety and th e economics of air tran sportation req uire that the air traffic control system keep pace with c urrent aircraft capabilities and traffic volum es.





flight plan processing, conflic.t .detectio n, computer-aided dec1s1onmaking, software management of communication links, etc.



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Over th e last twenty years THOM SO N-CSF has designed, built and installed more than 100 ATC systems to meet th e most varied needs, from an individual airpo rt to a complete nationwide netwo rk. Building on thi s experi ence, AIRCAT is a family of modular systems integrating the detection, tran smission, processing and display equipment and software developped in-house.

There is an AIRCAT system for every req uirement : from purely manual operatio n of a sing le radar in a daylight environment to coverage of a vast area using several radars, wit h automati c multi- radar tracking,

The S IMCAT digital air traffic simulators which derive directly from the A IRCAT systems, are powerfu l tool s for training air traffic controllers and for studying new flight and control procedures.


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IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981  
IFATCA The Controller - 2nd Quarter 1981