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All in one: ifa EMR and PMS

ifa EMR selected by one of the leading US Eye Institutes

Based on a broad 24-month market analysis followed by a comprehensive evaluation of the leading EMR vendors, the leaders of the Dean McGee Eye Institute (DMEI) selected ifa as their Electronic Health Record software. DMEI houses the Department of Ophthalmology for the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, and with over 40 physicians and 300 team members is one of the leading eye institutes in the US. DMEI has the highest requirements for patient care using the best technology platforms.

Based on a comprehensive 24 months market analysis followed by a evaluation of the leading EMR vendors the leaders of the Dean McGee Eye Institute selected the ifa software as their Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. DMEI is housing the Department of Ophthalmology for the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and is with more than 40 physicians and over 300 team members one of the leading eye institutes in the US with the highest requirements for patient care using the best technology platforms.

ifa PM Benefits • Sophisticated practice management system that is fully integrated with the #1 EMR for ophthalmology. • Efficient billing and scheduling saves cost and staff time. • Ensures accurate first-time claims and billing with automated insurance rules manager.

Additional ifa PM features include: • Electronic Eligibility Verification

• Pre-submission Claims Scrubber • Automated Insurance Rules Management with Crosswalk Manager • Referral/Authorization Manager • Claim Error Information (CEI) Tracking • Contract Fee Schedule Manager • Line Item Posting Utility • ANSI Electronic Claims and Remits Utility • Insurance Card Scanning and Document Management

Ophthalmologists worldwide trust Certifications The ONC-EHR requirements (US EMR stimulus) defined the roadmap for Healthcare Information Technology (HIT).

Eye care professionals around the world can now make their decisions based on professional and future oriented criteria.

“Health IT will play an important role in the future practice of ophthalmology,” said Gregory Skuta, M.D., DMEI President and CEO. “We are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care using the latest technology platforms. The entire DMEI team of clinicians, technicians, IT specialists and other future users were actively involved in the selection process for the ifa EMR system.” “The Board and the entire team at ifa united i-tech are honored by the decision of the Dean McGee Eye Institute to choose ifa systems as its EMR application,” said Rainer Waedlich, Chairman of ifa systems AG. “We are committed to the project and will establish, together with the DMEI team, a ‘Center of Excellence’ for Health IT in Ophthalmology.”

About Dean McGee Eye Institute The Dean McGee Eye Institute is one of the largest and most respected eye institutes in the United States and houses the Department of Ophthalmology for the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Its research and training programs are among the most highly regarded in the country. More than half of the Institute’s ophthalmologists are listed in The Best Doctors in America; its Director of Vision Research is a past president of the International Society for Eye Research; two members of the faculty are recent or current directors of the American Board of Ophthalmology; three serve on the Board of Trustees of

the American Academy of Ophthalmology; and one recently served as president of the American Glaucoma Society.

About ifa united i-tech The ifa Group of Companies is a professional Health IT provider dedicated to ophthalmology. With more than 10,000 user licenses worldwide, ifa is the leading provider for Electronic Medical Record systems for eye care professionals. The DMEI project will become a “Center of Excellence” for ifa and INOVEON Corp., an ifa subsidiary based also in

Oklahoma City, OK. The US is the most rapidly growing market for Electronic Health Records due to the government stimulus incentives. The ifa system is ONC certified (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) and is compliant with all requirements published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). The DMEI implementation process will follow certified quality management regulations (ISO 9001:2008). ifa systems AG is a publicly traded company listed on the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (symbol IS8).

Contents All in one: ifa EMR and PMS ........................................................ Ifa Electronic Health Record (EHR) selected by one of the leading US Eye Institutes ............................................................. Ophthalmologists worldwide trust these Certifications .............. Interfaces .................................................................................... ecPACS = Interfaces + Images ..................................................... News ............................................................................................ ifa Electronic Ophthalmic Surgery Management ......................... The ifa Academy: Education and training .................................... EHR requirements for ophthalmologists now defined ................. ifa Launches New York Support and Training Hub .......................

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Ophthalmo Software News

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An EcMR (Electronic connected Medical Record) guarantees connectivity with more than 450 systems Pawlowski

HOYA Autorefractor/ Keratometer/ Tonometer Nidek RKT-7700 Nidek TONOREF II Oculus Park-1 Reichert RK600 Topcon TRK-1P

Autorefractor Canon R-10/20/22/30/50/F10 Canon RK3/RK5 Hoya AR 550 Humphrey HAR-420/500/510/ 525/540/580/580 S/585/590/595 Kowa KA-1000 Nidek AR 20/310A/330A/360A/510A/ 530A/600/660/700/800/ 820/1000/1200 M Nikon NR-5000/5100/5500/8000 Nikon Speedy Nikon Retinomax Plusoptix A08/A09/S04/S09 Rodenstock PR-60 Rodenstock RA-303 Rodenstock RX-202/502/520/900 Shin-Nippon RC 380 Shin-Nippon QR-007 N Shin Nippon EZRef 8000 Tomey TR-1000/3000 Tomey RT-7000 Topcon RM-A-2000/3300/6000/6300/ 7000/7300/8000/RM-8800 Welch Allyn SureSight HandAutorefractor Zeiss Humphrey Acuitus

Kerato-Refractometer Alcon Handheld Keratometer Canon RF-1/10 Canon RK-1/F1/2/3/5 Grand Seiko GR-3100K Grand Seiko GRK-1 Humphrey Acuitus Humphrey HAK-420 Humphrey HARK-595/597-599 Huvitz MRK-3100 P/HRK-7000 Kowa KW-2000 Nidek ARK-30/510A/530A/560A/700/ 700A/760/900/2000 Nidek KM-500 Nikon NRK-8000/10000 Nikon Retinex K-Plus Hand-Ker. Nikon Retinomax2/Retinomax3 Nikon Speedy-K Optikon Keratron Scout Potec PRK-5000 Reichert RK700 Rodenstock CX 500/520 Shin Nippon ACCUREF 8001/K 9001 Tomey RC-1000/5000 Tomey RC-3000 Tomey RC-4000 Tomey TC-5000 Topcon KR 7000/7000 S/7000 P/7500/ 8100/8100 P/8800/KR-1

Auto Phoropter Block Diamant Phoropter Hoya MDR 650 Huvitz HDR-7000 Huvitz CDR-3100 MÖLLER-WEDEL VISUTRON 307/308/ Plus/900+ Nidek RT-1200/2100/5100 Nikon OT-8-A Nikon Remote Vision Rodenstock Phoromat/Phoromat 200 ShinNippon DR-900 Tomey TAP-1000 Topcon BV-1000 Topcon CV 2000/2500/3000/5000 Zeiss Optophor

HIS Systems

CL Systems

CERNER Chipsoft DICOM SR DICOM VL Hiscom HL7 McKesson Norma SAP TietoEnator (iMedOne) Vitodata Vitomed All IHE-comptabile HIS


Lensmeter Grand Seiko GL-7000 Hoya AL 3100-3300 Humphrey LA-306/310/316/320/322/ 330/332/340/350/360/370 Huvitz CLM-3100/CLM-3100 P/ CLM-4000 Huvitz HLM-700/7000 Luneau L70 Nidek 500 USB Nidek LM-500/600/770/820/850/870/ 970/990/1000/1800 Nikon NL-2 Nikon Speedy 1 Oculus VL-3000 Reichert AL-200/500/700 Reichert LensChek Rodenstock Lensmaster Rodenstock PSBM-12 Rodenstock AL-900/4600 Shin-Nippon SLM-3000/4000/5000/6000 Tomey TL 900/1000/1000 A/3000/ 3000 A/3000 B Topcon LM-1500 Topcon CL-100/1000/200/200P/ 2000/2500/2800 Topcon EZ-200

Visual Field Haag-Streit OCTOPUS 300/301/311/500/ 2000/1-2-3/101/900 Humphrey HFA 605/606/610/611/620/ 630/635/640/730/740/750 i/Iii Medmont M700 Oculus TAP 2000 CT/CC Oculus Twinfield Oculus Centerfield Oculus Easyfield Rodenstock Perimat Rodenstock Peristat Ophtimus Ring Perimeter Reichert Foresee_PHP SW: Peritrend SW: Peridata for Windows SW: Haag-Streit Eye Suite ifa HFA Print Software Zeiss / Humphrey / Welch-Allyn FDT Zeiss Matrix

NCT Canon TX-10/TX-F Canon T2 Canon TX-20P Kowa KT-500/800 Leica AT 550/555 Leica NT-3000 Medicel IOPen Nidek NT-400/NT-510/NT-530/NT-530P Nidek NT-1000/2000/2000 M3/3000/4000 Nidek RKT 7700 Nidek TonoRefII Reichert AT 550/555 Reichert ORA Reichert Xpert/Xpert plus Reichert 7 Reichert PT-100 Rodenstock NCT 400 Tomey FT-1000 Tomey FZ-1000 Topcon CT 20/40/60/80/80A

Video Slit Lamps Analog/Digital




Haag-Streit (new models)


Haag-Streit SL BX, BQ, BP


Haag-Streit SL BM V, BC


Cornea Topography Bausch & Lomb Orbscan bon Optic EyeTop, EyeTop-H, Eye Top-S Haag Streit CTK922 Nidek OPD Scan II Nidek ARK-10000 Oculus Keratograph

Rodenstock SL

Oculus Easygraph

Topcon VS

Optikon Keratron/Keratron Scout

Zeiss SL 120/130/160

Rodenstock Keratograph

Angioimage 5000 (5 mp)

OMEGA Video Ophthalmoscope

Schwind AMARIS

bon Optic DigiPro/DigiPro2

Meditron Video System

Tomey RT-6000/7000

bon Optic DigiPro2Lite

Topcon DC-1/-3/-10

Topcon CA-100

bon Optic EyeImage

Topcon DV1

bon Optic EyeTopV2

Zeiss VISUPAC Acquire

Image Systems/Software Angioimage 2000 (2 mp)

Canon CF-1 Canon Fundus Camera CCS Pawlowski analySIS CCS Pawlowski WinStation CSO Phoenix

Ultrasound Systems (biometer/pachymeter) Bio-/Pachymeter

Topcon CA-200 Topcon Corneal Analyser Zeiss ATLAS Model 9000 Biometer, Optical Tomey AL-100 Zeiss IOL-Master (serial & SPIF)


4Optics OCP

QS Software Surgery

Eyetec EyeSputnik

Alcon OcuScan RxP


Haag-Streit SDO

Alcon OcuScan (software)

Dios MP (for OP)

Haag-Streit EyeSuite

B-scan systems with video port

Heidelberg Eye Explorer

Canon TX-20P

Heidelberg Retina Tomograph

Ellex eyecubed

Heidelberg Retina Flowmeter

Haag-Streit LENSTAR LS 900

Heidelberg Retina Angiograph

Heidelberg OCP

Heidelberg SL-OCT IMEDOS VisualiS Kowa Fundus Camera

M + C - I 3 system Mediconsult I-Scan Nidek A-/B-Scan US 2500/20


EC-Cash Systems Thales Artema Hybrid Thales MCT 5500

Internet Applications e-mediad ECPP (Eye Care Patient Portal)

Nidek Echoscan US-4000/500

e-mediad D2DC (Doctor to Doctor Communicator)

Nidek NT-530P

Webscheduler integration.AG

LDT Angioscan

Oculus Pachycam

Co-Management integration.AG

LDT GDx/GDx Access/Access VCC

Quantel AXIS II

MedCenter integration.AG

Kowa VK-2

Quantel Compact Touch

Nidek F-10 Digital Ophthalmoscope

Quantel Pocket Pachy

Nidek AFC-210/AFC-230 Nidek NAVIS-lite

Quantel Medical CineScan (video port)/CineScan S (video port)

Nidek NM-200 D

Quantel Medical Compact II (video port)

Refraction Systems


Quantel Medical Aviso (video port)

Marco Epic 5100/2100/1200

Nidek OPD-Station


Nidek COS-5100/2100/1200

Oculus ImageCam

Technomed E-Z Scan B5500/ E-Z Scan AB5500

Kowa FM-600 LDT TopSS XL 2020 LDT TopSS ICG

Oculus Pentacam OIS Winstation Optos optomap

Technomed PacScan 300 A/300 P/ 300 AP

Pharmastudy Projekt XChange (Pfizer)

PMS (Practice Management Software)

Optos P200C/200MA/200TX

Teknar/Mentor B-Scan III Plus

Rhinetec Endo.-Microscope

Teknar/Mentor A/B-Scan III Plus Teknar/ Mentor Image 2000


Tomey AL-100 Biometer/AL-2000/-3000



Tomey UD-1000/UD-6000



Tomey SP-100/3000



Tomey IS-500 A/B-Scan


Tomey AI-510 A/B-Scan


ROLAND CONSULT RETIcom Reichert ReichertCaptureSW Talia RTA 5.x Talia RTA Tomey EP-1000 Tomey Microscope EM-1000/3000 Tomey Integrate-Software Tomey DRS Topcon TRC NW-6/NW-7/NW-8/NW-200


Millbrook RISE Management Plus



Rodenstock SLO (video port)

All IHE-compatible PMS


Zeiss CLSC (video port)

Orthoptics Systems Oculus Synoptometer

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Zeiss Stratus OCT

Topcon TRC-50DX

Screening Instruments

Topcon ImageNET2000

Oculus Binoptometer 2

Heidelberg Spectralis HRA+OCT

Topcon IMAGEnet i-base

Oculus HMC Anomaloscope

Heidelberg SL-OCT

Topcon IMAGELink

Oculus Mesotest 2

OTI Spectral OCT/SLO


Optopol Copernicus_HR

Topcon Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera Topcon Electrophysiology EP-1000 Topcon Specular Microscope SP-3000 P Topcon TopConnect Zeiss Fundus Camera Zeiss Visupac light

Rubin Ophthalmometer Haag-Streit OM-900

Zeiss Visante OCT

Optopol Copernicus Optovue RTVue-100 Topcon 3D OCT-1000


Zeiss Visupac (Hiko)

Patient Education

Zeiss GDx

Diomed Digital

Zeiss FF 450+

Eyemaginations 3D-Eye Office

Zeiss Visucam pro NM


OR Software

Zeiss Forum

ProCompliance PICS

Zeiss CALLISTO eye


Medicel IOPen Pascal Tonometer (Bluetooth)

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Ophthalmo Software News

ecPACS = Interfaces + Images (Eye Care Picture Archive and Communication System with 450+ ophthalmic interfaces) Features and functions Standard Data Management • Patient demographic data • Diagnosis codes (ICD format) • Text entries

Management of Equipment Data • Objective refraction (25+ autorefractors) • Subjective refraction (10+ computer phoropters) • IOP (10+ NCT devices) • Keratometer data (10+ autokeratometer)

Management of Test Data and Images • OCT Import • RT Import



• Topography import • Biometry import • Visual Field Software (PeriData) • Fundus Cameras • Slit Lamp Video/Images • EyeDraw (patterns for all subspecialties) • Scanned documents

Output and View Management • • • •

Dashboard reviews Complete screen reviews Printout Patient education features

Connectivity Management (integration into all ophthalmic environments) • HL7 (V2.x) for HIS/PMS • DICOM viewer



Signature Pads support the paperless ASC The integration of the signature pad into the ifa EMR enables eye care professionals to save time and money, heighten security and streamline processes in both the clinic and the ASC. Faster and more efficient than paper-based filing systems, a patient’s electronic signature is easily stored into the medical record along with the corresponding legal documents, such as surgery consent forms. And in situations where filling a paper consent form is required, the merged document is easily printed, signed by the patient and the surgeon, and scanned directly into the ifa EMR.

Fingerprint Mouse Connectivity With the implementation of the biometric fingerprint mouse ifa has addressed the challenge of creating a secure, usable, and effective EMR. In less than 1 second, a user can access the ifa system with the touch of a finger. The fingerprint mouse is suitable for environments with rotating users who need easy and secure access to patient records.

• DICOM communication ecPACS can combine and integrate with any existing EHR/PMS based on IHE standards such as HL7 V2.xx and DICOM (DICOM conformance statement). ecPACS can be upgraded to the complete ifa PREMIUM EMR with structured findings, clinical decision support, clinical queries etc. ecPACS license: Workstation license of PREMIUM version -45% (all other prices for interfaces and services are the same). ecPACS is easy to learn and easy to use. The template driven user interface is also ideal for all kinds of touch computers (such as Apple iPad). Also new monitor technologies like “Dual Monitor” or “Split Screen” can be used. More:

ifa Electronic Ophthalmic Surgery Management for ASCs and surgery centers The following key capabilities of the ifa EMR for Ophthalmic Surgery provide a surgery center with the necessary functionality to: • Share medical record information from and to the eye clinic and ASC, as well as with other health institutes and hospitals. • Collect surgery specific patient, medical and monitoring information throughout the surgical workflow (i.e., pre-op, operative data, scanned documents, op notes, post-op as well as any special consent). • Connect ALL medical devices with digital output: ifa is the only vendor who gives a connectivity guarantee for all existing equipment and for future devices (based on long-term agreements with the leading vendors). Currently more than 450 diagnostic devices and digital systems can be connected with the ifa surgery management (for more information please see page 2). • Maintain a separate but integrated medical record for both administrative and billing purposes. • Enter all relevant patient surgery information. The user is then able to generate meaningful data and export it utilizing the query function for reports, clinical trials,

disease registries and other outcome databases. • Automatically generate a surgery report by merging pre-defined text reports with the individual patient and procedure data. The basic text is an MS Word document with structured merging features. Within the customization process the existing user reports are evaluated and preset for the electronic workflow.

• Directly export data to quality outcome databases, registries and clinical trial projects. The data structure is SNOMED compatible making it extremely useful for international projects. • Generate the complete plan for the OR. Users can customize the layout for the different procedures or surgeons. The system imports the patient-related data from the EMR and integrates the clinical data (VA, refraction etc.) into the OR plan.



Ophthalmo Software News

1 / 2012

The ifa Academy: Education and training are the key to success Health Information Technology (HIT) is a complex topic. Even the simplest software won’t guarantee that users are getting its maximum benefit if it’s not coupled with qualified education and training. To that end, the ifa team has developed a comprehensive education and training program with over 50 modules (office organization, compliant documentation, clinical decision support features etc.). The ifa team provides training and work sessions (TWS) in the ifa Academy training centers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA and in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy. The users are only responsible for their travel arrangements; hotel, lunch

and dinner as well as all training sessions are free of charge. The ifa team organizes over 15 TWS meetings every year (users and potential users can receive more information from the ifa Academy team:

ifa Launches New York Support and Training Hub Following the great success of the ifa Training and Work Sessions in Fort Lauderdale, FL, ifa will also begin offering training sessions this year in a brand new support and training hub in New York City. Located in the Union Square area, the ifa NYC office is surrounded by all the shopping, entertainment, culture and dining that makes New York one of the greatest cities in the world. As with the Training and Work Sessions in Fort Lauderdale, the sessions in New York will offer guests the opportunity to learn the ifa EMR system with their staff and peers. Unique to the New York

sessions is the opportunity to tour Union Square Eye Care, where guests can get a first-hand look at how professional implementation and use of the ifa software can drastically increase the

What users report about ifa: We have six MDs and two Optoms in our group, including cataract, retina and oculoplastics. The ifa EMR software has made us so efficient that all of our physicians have increased their patient volume – several docs have increased 15-20 patients a day (cataract, 80-85 in an 8-hour day; retina, 75-85 in a 5-hour day). It is such an easy system to use, and it reduces your staff and physician time while easily maintaining accurate documentation.

„We have been using the ifa medical records system for over 10 years. ifa medical records system has been a reliable system: we have not missed one day of patient care since the system was installed. Years ago, when Dr. McGuinness made the transition from paper to EMR, the practice went from an inefficient practice shuffling paper charts from room to room, to an efficient, prosperous practice that is now completely paperless.

We are currently working on integrating a completely paperless system (no superbills) and implementing processes for meaningful use. In a supervisor meeting last month, we decided to run the Stimulus Statistics graph that ifa has created – this graph allows you to see what measures, percentage-wise, you are meeting and where you are falling behind. It’s a fabulous tool. We had already reached the percentages for almost every measure even without trying. We just completed putting the finishing touches on our ECPP and will begin giving patients a handout to access our patient portal (this will cover Clinical Summaries, Patient Education and Electronic access all at once). We just ordered signature pads for our surgical coordinators, and our Surgical Center already uses them and highly recommended we follow suit.

Dr. McGuinness was able to easily customize ifa to meet his particular practice needs, and he finds the input of patient data fast, easy and nearly effortless. All of the instruments used in the office are fully integrated with ifa: the IOL Master, the autorefractor, the Visual Field, the lensmeter, the fundus camera and the HRT. The integration of these instruments has contributed to fewer errors ans a more efficient patient work flow while providing the highest level of patient safety. We have added scanners at each ifa workstation in order to scan all patient information that must be written or provided on paper, i.e., insurance and billing information, patient records, correspondence, surgical and lab reports, etc. This system has aided patient care at all levels, for instance, when patients call to book appointments, we can effortlessly look up the record in ifa and book accordingly; when patients call regarding medication or medical questions, we have their information within seconds; conversations are easily recorded in patient charts; a chart is never misplaced or lost.

The great thing about ifa is that all of their staff is well-versed and knowledgeable in ophthalmology, something you won’t find in vendors that aren’t ophthalmology-specific software programs. Plus, I can’t say enough about the support staff. We can text, email or call them and you always speak to someone immediately, and usually can get your issue resolved at that time.

Over 250 attendees visit the meetings in Ft. Lauderdale every year, and go through the qualification and certification process based on ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards.

They also have quarterly – and more recently, monthly – workshops that are both informative and fun. We have been at workshops where we wanted something changed and while you are right there they will sign into your network and make the change immediately. Also the fact that ifa treats their staff/team like family and makes you feel like you are part of their family, speaks volumes about a company, I believe. This is our third system. For our first, we were the beta testing office for an ophthalmology-specific software program, but the system was very cumbersome, not quick to move around in and the support was terrible. Then our second EMR we used for two years, but they were not ophthalmic-specific. Besides the fact that our requests were pushed back time and time again to accommodate other specialty’s demands, I also had to completely customize our templates (it took four months of working at home every night). This is something that you will not experience with ifa. The only thing you may need to change is where you want information located or create your own letters, which is another plus – it’s very, very easy to use. But otherwise, anything you request is at your fingertips. Our doctors merge the letters themselves – so no more transcription service! Gina Deveney Burlington County Eye Physicians Willingboro, NJ

“My name is Lester W. Peacock, M.D. and I am an oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. When I started my practice eleven years ago I was looking for an EMR system that would encompass all of my current and future needs.

Ft.Lauderdale, Florida is also the headquarters of ifa united i-tech Inc. (see right corner). Training center and office are just next to the convention center (ARVO congress) and close to Port Everglades and the beaches.

EDITORIAL Publisher: ifa united i-tech Inc. Headquarters Fort Lauderdale 1850 SE 17th St., Suite 107 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 (888) 443-2367 Headquarters New York City 215 Park Ave S Manhattan, NY 10003 Mailing address: ifa systems AG, Augustinusstrasse 11 b, 50226 Frechen, Germany Phone: +49-2234-93367-0, Fax: +49-2234-93367-30,

productivity and quality of clinical workflows. Like all ifa Training and Work Sessions, guests will enjoy complimentary hotel accommodations and meals during their stay.

At that time there were only a few programs on the market. Even then ifa systems was far ahead of the others, and in my opinion, still is. The system is extremely robust. We have never lost a single item of data. I am able to access my patient’s information from wherever I happen to be. The system is also easily adaptable to individual practice needs. The support is also great, which is saying a lot these days! I have seen no other EMR product that even compares to it.” Lester W. Peacock, M.D.

I highly recommend the ifa system as an efficient, reliable, easily customizable system for EMR for ophthalmology. Technical support is easily available through Germany and the US support team, and most often, it is as easy as a mouse click away. I find the staff always willing to help with any request I have.“ Louise T. Mc Guinness Practice Manager, Brian Mc Guinness, MD, New York When I decided to expand, build and relocate my office in 2010, one of my many important decisions included converting our practice to an EMR. The journey had it’s difficulties, especially in the beginning, but It was well worth it. I’d never go back to paper charts! Some of the many benefits: - no more paper, no storage, filing or archiving of charts. - major space savings, even as we grow. - essentially no lost or misplaced charts. - anyone can read our charts easily. No difficulty with “doctor’s handwriting.” - instant retrival of charts, patient information by any staff, and simultaneously. - patients love it. It’s a major WOW factor for our practice. - less documentation errors: data get’s transferred directly from clinical equipment into the EMR. - easy remote access - government stimulus reimbursement ( we received ours in the beginning of 2012 after attesting 5 weeks earlier). Why did I choose ifa? - an ophthalmology specific software and interface company. It is the only specialty they do, so they are clearly devoted and fully committed to ophthalmology. - decades of experience implementing all sizes and types of clinical settings - large user base with support systems in place, the largest worldwide in ophthalmology - international, global company They have become an excellent partner for us and have been very flexible. An EMR vendor is an important long term decision for any practice in medicine. I am confident I have made the right choice. Converting and change is difficult. Not doing so is more difficult. Jay Wisnicki, MD, Ney York City, NY

„Once the five Ophthalmologists at Physicians Eye Care Center decided to convert to Electronic Medical Records, we looked at a number of different programs, and had in-office demos of 3 programs, including ifa Systems. We were looking for a system that would allow us to maintain our normal patient flow (ranging from 30 to 80 patients per day), interface with our existing Practice Management software, and be complete enough to allow the specialized documentation that Ophthalmology demands. Before the demo, I was concerned that ifa was too complex, but quickly learned that this impression was not at all true. Because ifa is completely customizable, each physician in the practice now has exam input screens that are based on that individual‘s charting habits. My screens allow me to input exam findings in the same order and format which I had previously used on paper. We also have a screen specific for the technicians so that their exams are more complete and compliant with insurance company demands. As a result, every physician was back to a full schedule within 2 weeks of implementing EMR. This would not have been possible with other generic systems. The customer service has exceeded our expectations. The ifa programmers have been very responsive in helping us work with the system, and the company is constantly working on improvements for the software. It was a unanimous decision to go with ifa, and we are very glad we did.“ Marjorie Warden, MD, FACS Physicians Eye Care Center, Baltimore, MD

What a difference IFA makes! The days of looking for paper charts we cannot find, transcribing consult letters that take forever to mail out, and trying to read doctor’s handwriting are over! We have been using IFA at Union Square Eye Care now for over a year and it has really helped our practice. Doctors use the EMR seamlessly and efficiently to see patients and as our practice’s administrator, the information I can get out of IFA really assists me with managing our practice. For example, Work Flow Manager, allows me to know what is going on with patients at any given moment throughout the day. I can see where there are long wait times for patients (either waiting for work ups and/or to see a doctor) and I can adjust staff accordingly to ensure a pleasant experience for our patients. In addition, I can query any data I like through the reporting section and ascertain information like how many patients a certain technician works-up on any given day, week, month, year. We also received the incentive reimbursement from Medicare and look forward to receiving the full $44,000 at the end of 5 years. We love IFA! Stephanie Kraft Administrator Union Square Eye Care, New York City, NY More testimonials:

Ophthalmo Software News April 2012  

This newspaper provides the latest news on developments within the context of ifa systems and the world of ophthalmology in general.

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