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The Data Entry Concept

How to create “meaningful“ data with an outstanding comfort

The Data Entry Concept The Key for Success • The data entry concept is key for the efficiency and the ROI (Return On Investment). With the ifa Data Entry Concept (DEC) a unique ergonomic user interface has been developed for all kinds of eye care environments.

The Data Entry Concept The Pareto principle • The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule), states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. For the clinical documentation in eye care that means: with 20% of the terms and codes approx. 80% of the patient record can be managed.

The Data Entry Concept The unique Pareto Solution • With the ifa SmartScreen technology 20% of the terms and codes are integrated into data entry templates. The buttons represent codes which are mapped to complete text descriptions. • For example with 20% of the diagnosis codes more than 80% of the patient cases can be documented. The frequently used 24 diagnosis e.g. are covering approx. 80% of all patient encounters in ophthalmology. • Corresponding with the subspecialty (retina, surgery, glaucoma etc.) or with a general ophthalmology environment these 24 ICD codes are represented by a template to choose the diagnosis just by a mouse click.

The Data Entry Concept How to create „meaningful“ data with an outstanding comfort:

80% Data Entry with just a mouse click 15% Data Entry with choosing from a comprehensive code list 5% Data Entry with text (individual by keyboard)

The Data Entry Concept More Comfort Features • In addition to the SmartScreen data entry comfort more features support the easy EMR use: – Clinical Pathway Profiles structure the workflow and guide the user – The Batch Buttons combine complete documentation routines with one “click” – For repeating unchanged findings from previous visits the “Idem” Button can be used

• All features are integrated into the user interface and can be further customized.

The Data Entry Concept How to use “meaningful“ data for more efficiency:

Approx. 12,000 terms

The Data Entry Concept Conclusion • The benefits of the ifa Data Entry Concept (DEC) combined with the Pareto Principles: – With a streamlined customization the existing clinical pathways can be transferred to the user interface. – The presetting with “buttons” make the EMR application very easy to learn and to use. – Enormous time is saved by the SmartScreen technology (1 min. per patient can mean 200 hrs. per year/per MD) – The pre-structured information guarantee “meaningful data” for outcome analysis and data mining


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