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IFAD Vietnam Knowledge Management Strategy Broker of Knowledge between Public and Private Sectors

Our new working paper on KM • Commissioned a KM expert to draft a working paper: KM COSOP 2013-2018 • Document being finalized • Recommendation: Our role as a knowledge broker

What is Knowledge Management? • The honey bee is a good example of KM • Knows the location of flowers/nectar/pollen • Performs elaborate dance to share this knowledge with fellow bees • Knowledge sharing benefits the whole community (the hive)

What is our KM goal? KM Goal: affect change that helps alleviate poverty

What does a knowledge broker do? • • • • •

Foster links between people and institutions Connect people and groups Help build relationships and uncover needs Provide knowledge sources To help make knowledge available to those who need it when they need it and in a form they can access and use.

What does a knowledge broker do? (cont.) • Share ideas • Facilitate knowledge sharing • Demonstrate how knowledge sharing improves effectiveness, efficiency and impact • Provide knowledge itself on public sector investment to alleviate poverty

Stakeholder analysis

Expected outputs • Project stakeholder capacity built around knowledge/experience sharing and various forms of capturing • The knowledge/experience captured and successfully disseminated to key stakeholders • Knowledge partnership, linkages and dialogues strengthened

Expected outcomes 1. Up-scaling project innovations 2. Policy messaging around identified themes 3. Improving governance and providing a voice for smallholder farmers and poor rural households 4. Having a poverty impact

Expected results • KM – a means to an end rather than an end in itself. • Equip IFAD to fulfill its mission of enabling poor rural people to overcome poverty

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IFAD Vietnam Knowledge Management strategy  
IFAD Vietnam Knowledge Management strategy  

A short presentation given at a Knowledge Sharing workshop held in Hanoi, Vietnam, 26 – 28 September 2011. The KS Tools and Methodologies f...