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CONTENT N e w s f ro m i fa , g e r m a n y a n d o u r A lu m n i f ro m a ro u n d t h e wo r l d

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CCP Activities and Greetings Worldwide

Meet & Greet in Bangladesh, Yemen, Sudan,

CCP 2018: Attractive to Thousands

Pakistan & Uzbekistan

Portrait Yassine Rihani: The Long Road to Inclusion Welcome on Board: New CCP staff Anne, Sandra & Larysa

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34 Nominated Country Representatives Support CCP

Selection Interviews & Alumni Gatherings in Six Countries

CCP Fellows & Alumni Visiting Photo Exhibition in Berlin:

Master's Programme “International Media Studies”

2x Calls: Institute for Peace & Dialogue (IPD)

"Islam in Europe", February 2018

Interview I: Religious Tolerance for Peace Building in Pakistan

Interview II: ''It's like a wave - someone starts it, the others will

rally around them''

N e ws f ro m ifa

CCP 2018: attractive to thousands

The long road to inclusion

at t h e e n d o f l a s t y e a r , M o r e t h a n 3600 p e o p l e a p p l i e d f o r 83 s c h o l a r s h i p p l ac e s . W e a r e p l e a s e d a b o u t t h e e n o r m o u s i n t e r e s t.

C ro s s C u lt u r e p ro g r a m m e f e l l ow Ya s s i n e s u p p o rt s t h e r ig h t s o f p e o p l e w i t h di sa b i l i t i e s i n t u n i s i a .


or the upcoming programme year 2018 we received the most applications from Pakistan. More than 676 people applied from there. Pakistan thus replaces Egypt (547),


ntuition plays an important role in the life of Yassine. The 34-year-old Tunisian lost his eyesight in 2006 and has been working as a physiotherapist ever since. As a

the country with the highest number of applicants last year. A

human rights activist, he also has a feel for the pressure points

total of 261 people applied from the countries of the Eastern

in society and is committed to supporting the rights of people

Partnership and Russia. Since the beginning of this year, ifa staff

with disabilities. From October to December 2017 he worked as

have been working closely with colleagues from the German em-

a CrossCulture Programms fellow at the physiotherapy training

bassies in the respective countries to select the new candidates

centre at Nuremberg Education Centre for the Blind and Visu-

(see pictures on page 3). We would like to thank everyone who

ally Impaired. Learn more about the CCP fellow Yassine on our

has promoted our CCP announcement 2018.



Welcome on board: Anne, Sandra & Larysa In 2018, w e w e l c o m e t h r e e n e w c o l l e ag u e s t o t h e C ro s s C u lt u r e p ro g r a m m e : Ann e , Sa n d r a & L a rysa .


ince March, Anne (left in picture) is leading the CrossCulture Programme, together with Eva (both 50%). She has always loved to gather with people from different

backgrounds and countries to exchange. She is now more than happy to enable others gaining new intercultural experiences abroad. After having studied Regional Studies of Latin America with focus on international politics, Anne has been working for the last five years as consultant in the area of international cooperation and foreign cultural affairs, mostly in African countries.


andra (middle) is a sociologist from the very North of Germany (Luebeck). After her studies in Berlin she worked for an NGO promoting intercultural dialogue

and mutual understanding in Europe and beyond. 2013 she headed south to become a project coordinator at ifa to support the German minorities in Eastern Europe in their youth and media work. Since February, Sandra is part of the CCP team and your contact person for financial reports.


arysa (right) was born and raised in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. After completing her studies in comparative literature and pedagogics, she came to Germany for a short stay. Instantly, she fell in love with its fairytale castles, beautiful nature, friendly and helpful people. Larysa continued her studies in Germany and earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and advertise-

ment. After professional stations in cultural management and fundraising, Larysa joined ifa and supports CCP fellows from the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia.

34 newly nominated Country Representatives support CCP In o r d e r T o c o nn e c t c u r r e n t a n d f o r m e r s c h o l a r s h i p h o l d e r s , i fa r e l i e s o n c o m m i t t e d s u p p o rt e r s w i t h i n t h e c o u n t r i e s : CCP C o u n t ry r e p r e s e n tat i v e s . 34 a lu m n i h av e r e c e n t ly b e e n s e l e c t e d f o r t h e 2018/2019 t e r m . W e i n t ro du c e yo u t o t h e r e p r e s e n tat i v e s .


ountry Representatives stay in close contact with ifa,

them on questions regarding the programme. Every two years

organize alumni meetings and prepare new CCP fellows

the volunteer position circulates. The application call, initiated in

for their upcoming time in Germany. Furthermore, they

early 2018, was open for every alumni of our participating coun-

are important contact persons for incoming German participants

tries. On our website we introduce you to all newly appointed

as they are able to give practical and cultural advice for the re-

country representatives. In short questions & answers you will

spective host country. CCP Country Representatives are often in

find out what makes them stand out and what tasks they would

contact with the German diplomatic mission abroad to cooperate

like to tackle within the framework of their mandate.


selection interviews & alumni gatherings in six countries t h e s e l e c t i o n p ro c e s s f o r t h e c ro s s c u lt u r e t e r m 2018 s p e e d s u p. c o l l e ag u e s f ro m t h e CCP t e a m f l e w t o va r i o u s d e s t i nat i o n s t o c o n du c t i n t e rv i e w s w i t h t h e a p p l ic a n t s . H e r e a r e s o m e i m p r e s s i o n s .


his year, six countries were on the list of countries to visit: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Egypt. In addi-

tion to the selection interviews, meetings with former programme participants took place in all six countries.

Head of CCP Eva (middle) with staff of the German embassy in Algiers, Algeria.

CCP staff Melanie (middle) meeting Alumnae Hiba (left) and Shifa in Saudia Arabia.

Alumni gathering in Cairo, Egypt. From left: Heba, Maisoun, Dina, Amira H., Amira K., CCP staff Lena, Elham, Abdallah and Jihad.

Eva meeting with members of the Médéa Debate Club, Algeria.

Azerbaijani alumni meeting with (from left): Javid, Lamiya, Larysa and Ismayil.

I love Tunis: With Olfa, Nacer, Moez, Khalil, Amina, Radi, Abdou, CCP staff Neda and Firas (from left).

CCP Country Representative Ganjina (Kyrgyzstan) and CCP staff Bärbel.


CCP fellows & alumni visiting photo exhibition in Berlin: "islam in europe", February 2018 H ow d o M u s l i m s i n E u ro p e s e e t h e m s e lv e s? H ow d o t h e y l i v e ? A rt i s t s h av e f o u n d a n s w e r s f o r z e n i t h M ag a z i n e ​'s P h o t o Awa r d "I s l a m i n E u ro p e ". S i x CCP f e l l ow s & a lu m n i m e t i n B e r l i n t o s e e t h e e x h i b i t i o n .


t least since 2015, many people in Europe associate the topic “Islam” with images of migrants and refugees. The new exhibition “Islam in Europe. zenith Pho-

to Award 2017” shows that this does not apply to all European Muslims. More than 50 photographers from all over the continent took part in this year’s competition for the award in the categories professional photographer, amateur photographer and popular choice. In addition to the winning photos, the exhibition shows 50 pictures selected from the photo series submitted. The photos show people sunk in prayer, as well as laughing and celebrating, children in foreign and familiar surroundings, people fleeing, mosques as splendid buildings and in backyards. On zenith's website, you can find all entries for the photo competition.

Religious Tolerance for Peace Building in Pakistan

''It's like a wave - someone starts it, the others will rally around them''

R e a d o n o u r w e b s i t e w h y r e l ig i o u s c o e x i s t e nc e p l ays s u c h a n i m p o rta n t ro l e i n t h e l i f e o f CCP f e l l ow S h a h i d.

c c p f e l l ow A l a a ta l k s a b o u t h e r wo r k i n S u da n , t h e i s s u e o f F e m a l e G e n i ta l M u t i l at i o n a n d a b o u t h e r e xp e c tat i o n s o f G e r m a n y.


fa: In 2010 you started the initiative "Youth Development Foundation". What was your motivation for founding YDF?


fa: How could you gain a foothold in the field of human rights? Alaa: Since the path of another field of study was

Shahid: After graduating in Statistics and Economics from Pun-

blocked, I started doing a lot of voluntary work. One of my com-

jab University in 2007, I began working part-time in a multina-

mitments was with ''TEDx''. TED stands for ''Technology, Enter-

tional telecom company in Lahore where I faced daily discrimina-

tainment and Design''. The original TED is organized in California

tion based on religion. I had to use a separate cup for drinking

(TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization devoted to spread-

tea because I am part of the Christian minority in Pakistan. Per-

ing ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. (note of

haps other employees - who were Muslims - were not comfort-

the editorial)). I helped with the organization of TEDx woman.

able with me using the same cups. I felt insulted by their behav-

We organised a series of conferences focused on women-ori-

iour, which went on for many years and gradually lessened my

ented themes. The idea of ''TEDx woman'' was to give women

self-confidence. Frequent conversations with friends heightened

a platform to share ideas, and inspire others. I found myself in

my awareness of diversity and motivated me to work on issues

that completely so I decided to shift my career and to focus on

of acceptance, inclusion and intercultural dialogue. So I started

women rights.

volunteering for different projects that addressed these issues, until I started my own initiative, the YDF. Read the complete interview online.

ifa: You are now working for the "Sudanese Human Rights Initiative". What field is the organization working in? Alaa: We work in the promotion of freedom of faith. Often, people are sentenced to death because they want to change their religion. Read the complete interview online. 4

C C P A ct i v i t i e s an d G r e e t i ngs W o r l d w i d e

Meet & greet in Bangladesh, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan & Uzbekistan S i n c e t h e l a s t n e w s l e t t e r wa s p u b l i s h e d at t h e e n d o f 2017, m a n y a lu m n i h av e m e t ag a i n . A g r e at o p p o rt u n i t y t o ta l k a b o u t e x p e r i e nc e s a n d f u t u r e p l a n s . W e a r e pa rt ic u l a r ly p l e a s e d w h e n a lu m n i pa s s o n t h e i r e x p e r i e n c e t o n e w, p o t e n t i a l a p p l ic a n t s .


t seems to be developing into a real tradition: After alumni from Afghanistan (see newsletter 3/2017) and Kyrgyzstan (see newsletter

4/2017) baked cakes on the occasion of our 100th anniversary, Bangladesh has also made up ground. On December 24, former Country Representative Imran (left) together with Mobin, Nile, Saiful , Samia, Trina and Proma (from left) cut the cake in Bangladeshs capital, Dhaka. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all former participants who congratulated us on our birthday. We were particularly impressed by your baking skills! It was an exciting, strenuous and exciting year 2017.

Alumni meeting in Sanaa, Yemen on 18 March 2018: Sameha (new Country Representative), Howaida & Osama Alfaqih (from left) attended the gathering.


n late December 2017, several alumni from Sudan held an orientation session for potential CCP

applicants at Goethe Institute, Khartoum. Abdelsalam, Mugtaba, Alaa, Jumana, Reem, Ismael and Amro attended the gathering and spoke about their experiences and gave information to approx. 50 exited people. After the event the alumni went home with positive feelings and the expectation that many of the visitors would apply for the program. Their assumption prooved to be right: A total of 249 people from Sudan applied for CCP.

Seven heads for CCP. From left: Abdelsalam, Mugtaba, Alaa, Jumana, Reem, Ismael and Amro (right, standing)


aniela, CCP fellow from Germany (right in picture), works for the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Bonn. In

early 2018 she went to Tashkent, Uzbekistan to First alumni meeting with Pakistans new Country Representative Saba Khalid. Attendees: Jawad, Amina, Zahar, Shah Meer (from left) and Saba (taking the picture).

gain work experience at Tashkent Institute of Design. During her stay she had the chance to travel to Karakalpakstan and give lectures for teachers and students at Karakalpak State University. On her journey she also met with CCP alumnus Begis (left). A short report and pictures of her visit can be Begis & Daniela, meeting in Uzbekistan

viewed online.


T i pps , H i nts & ca l l s

2x calls: Institute for Peace & Dialogue (IPD)

Apply now: Master's Programme "International Media Studies"

t wo p ro g r a m m e s g i v e pa rt ic i pa n t s o p p o rt u n i t y t o ac q u i r e s p e c i a l i s t k n ow l e d g e a n d p r ac t i c a l k n ow l e d g e at t h e sa m e t i m e .

T h e "In t e r nat i o na l M e di a S t u di e s " (IMS) p ro g r a m m e t r a i n s s t u d e n t s - p e r s o na l ly a n d p ro f e s s i o na l ly - t o b e c o m p e t e n t m e di a e x p e rt s .

e dlin Dea 4. 0 . 1 2 8 201

e dlin Dea 4. 0 . 30 8 201


he IPD offers international academic courses in the fields of peace research, conflict transformation, mediation, security, intercultural


tudents will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are essential for a career in the media sector. They will be able to meet specific occupational requirements with expertise

dialogue and human rights. The annual trainings aim

and communicative independence. The Master's programme prepares po-

to bring together representatives of the private and

tential Alumni for the challenges of leadership positions in the international

public sectors for a lively exchange. Currently, they

media field. The Master's Programme "International Media Studies" is es-

offer two programmes: 8-day International Training

pecially designed for graduates from developing and transition countries

Programme from May 5-12, 2018 and the 3-month

with previous media experience. The IMS program is a joint project of the

CAS Research Programme from May 5-02, 2018 (90

University of Bonn, the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

days). General registration deadline: April 21, 2018.

and Deutsche Welle (DW). DW Akademie offers a perfect learning environ-

Read more about the call online.

ment for up to 30 students per year. Learn more about the programme online on


CCP Newsletter 1/2018  
CCP Newsletter 1/2018