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Building compoment journal Case Multy storey building Phase : SCHEME DESIGN

Compoment Product

Date Class Group Name

29/04/2013 4BKF SAI Ieva Vitola

(23). 02 Storey partition-heated Specification TOP Wooden flooring-finish Air gap-230 (mechanical space) 70 mm Cork insulation Expan HCS JE265 BOTTOM

Comments For the floor suspencion: Apurit floor suspension system SE 8

Drawing of component

Text of construction:

Notes Loads/Stability function Energy-efficiency Operation & Maintenance Ventilation Airthightness Construction time Production time Fire safety Acoustics U-value Cost

Requirement It has to bear the imposed load No requirements

Specification Applies …

Easy to operate and maintain


Should be enough space under it No requirements Short … REI 60, A2, s-1, d0 Class C 0.40 W/m2K Acceptable

Applies … Applies … REI 60, A2, s-1, d1 Applies 0.39 M/m2K Applies

Bcj (floor commercial heated)