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MESSAGE FROM AGENDA MANAGER Dear applicant, I am extremely glad that you are decided to challenge yourself and take the first steps towards applying. This is one of the opportunities to not only help to develop others but also to develop yourself. This conference is a big milestone for MC PerkĹŤnas as it is a first conference when both old and new members of AIESEC in Lithuania have a chance to meet each other, get to know organization more deeply, MC can turn their plans into action and all of us can achieve great things. In this booklet you will find all of the information needed to apply. Let's create an unforgettable conference which will make a great impact on our summer peak! Looking forward to receive your motivated and inspiring applications, Ieva

ABOUT ACHIEVE'17 Achieve is a National Conference which unites newly elected members and old members of AIESEC in Lithuania. This conference aims to boost summer peak results with ownership, empowerment while understanding why, how and what leadership we develop in both AIESEC in Lithuania and AIESEC globally.

IMPORTANT DATES FACI virtual meet:Â 22nd of February Pre-meeting: 16th of March Conference date: 17th-19th of March


TMP 86%

Application guidlines



Preferred EB or MC experience;

pages+ session outline+ video.

Preferred: iTtT experience as a


delegate or previous FACI experience;

February 9:00 PM.

Good presentation skills;


English proficiency;


Understanding of the current stage in

VIRTUAL MEET: 22nd of February.

the organization: structure, LDM, A2020, general knowledge of the functional areas.

GENERAL QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Name and Surname 2. Email 3. List of the AIESEC roles you held 4. List of the conferences you attended and the role in it (FACI, delegate) 5. Most powerful conference you was as a delegate and reasons behind 6. Reasons why did you join AIESEC in the first place

SPECIFIC QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Why are you applying to be a facilitator in Achieve'17 conference? 2. What do you want to get out of this experience being a FACI? 3. What are your biggest strength and biggest weakness? How are you working with them? 4. What do you want to FACI: general TMP knowledge/ FA knowledge (iGV, iGT, OGX B2C, OGX CXP)/ both? 5. Why are you unique? How it is important in your daily life in AIESEC? 6. In your opinion what is the definition of a good session? Give an example of one of your favorite sessions you attended. What made it special? 2nd round special: 7. Explain what is AIESEC about (idea, vision, activities) to the 5 year old kid.

SESSION OUTLINE 1. OGX B2C knowledge 2. OGX CXP knowledge 3. iGV knowledge 4. iGT B2B knowledge 5. iGT CXPÂ knowledge 6. LDM Choose one of the topics above then choose specific knowledge from the topic and design a session outline for 1 hour session for new members in AIESEC in Lithuania (don't forget that they will be after MXP!). The framework you should use: s/d/1fAakpT8k7HFFrpv2Jt7usyGBMz7XP9E8lfpuF9BuhU/edit?usp=sharing

VIDEO Make a video where you present how are we, as AIESEC in Lithuania, going to reach 296X during this half a year. Motivate and empower everyone in the entity to reach it.

If you have any questions:

CONTACT INFORMATION Agenda manager for Achieve'17 Ieva Teodora KuzaitÄ— MCVP OGX and F&L Email: Mobile.: 861135651

Achieve'17 FACI booklet 2nd round  

AIESEC in Lithuania national conference Achieve'17 is searching for FACIs!

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