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25th of April 20:00 Irish Music&Pub Cluj-Napoca 2013

Rainis, 1910

“The Golden Horse”

The Golden Horse is a play based on a Baltic fairy tale. The play is written by the famous Latvian writer and poet Jānis Pliekšāns with a pseudonym Rainis.

The Golden Horse

Plot: One father has three sons, two of them are strong and avaricious, but the third one, the youngest is weak, but with a good heart. All the country has suffered for seven years as the princess has been lying in a glass coffin during all this time. If somebody reaches the top of the Glass Mountain and wakes the princess up the kingdom will be saved. When the father dies the older sons decide to leave the youngest one without anything and kick him out of the house. The king invites everyone to come to the banquet and compete for the princess, also the brothers decide to go to the king’s banquet, even Antiņš, the youngest son. Mother of happiness and destiny, dressed up as a poor woman, comes along and gives to everyone what they deserve.

Father – Old servant man: Alberto Scapini Bierns – His first son: Gary Delépine Lipsts – His second son: Zoltán Kruk Antiņš – His third son: Peter Abildgaard Jørgensen King: Bogdan Petru Pintican Princess Sunhope – King’s daughter: Angela Anton White mother – Mother of Happiness: Léa Orain Black mother – Death: Helene Nozon Lost kids: Barbara Straub, Helene Nozon Herald: Katharina Bauer People: Viktorija Kačane, Barbara Straub, Eszter Gyorfy, Ieva Lange Guard: Alberto Scapini Director: Ieva Galeniece Sound&Lights: Sebastian Bersecu

The Golden Horse


"The Golden Horse"  

This is a program for Latvian theatre play "The Golden Horse"

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