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Ieva Tamutyte COMPONENT 2

Brief Planet Organic in Tottenham court want to expand their franchise, due to the high amount of people visiting the shop. My assignment is to redesign the shop to suit the ethos of a healthy life style. For example – recyclable materials are used to adapt to the vegan lifestyle The minimalistic design of the shop, draws people in due to the effect that it gives.

Specification The function of the building is to allow people to shop and relax within the building. Thinking about what could must be added to the building.

Café – Seating and eating area. Shop – Grocery, health & body. Lavatory.

Location Kensington Gardens Within this space the vegan shop could be built, as it fits within it’s surroundings. I have chosen Kensington as it gives the ethos of a healthy life style.

Rehab cafĂŠ in London Thinking about the interior of the cafĂŠ and how it could be developed within the retro/ urban theme.

Zaha Hadid Arhitects Library and learning Centre The shape and form of the building reminded me of this Learning Centre.

Developments of models on the left, looking at different forms and how they could be developed to create a building.

Using plaster and making different forms out of nails and string. Looking at the models it reminded me of the O2 arena due to the nails piercing out.

Again using plaster to create a model. I have drawn over the different forms that could be seen.

Thinking about how space could be used. The image on the right shows how space would be used. The colour shows how the interior would look or how they would be spaced out.

Drawings from models on the right. Looking at how models could be formed into drawings.

Again doing the similar process as before. Using the models and creating forms to develop further more.

On this page I have made models out of plaster and acetate. From these models I have used the forms from the models. This will allow me to develop my ideas further.

Caring out the development from the previous page. Thinking about the forms from the models, then developing the forms into models.

Again using plaster models to create further developments.

Using models to create a final developments of the building thinking about the exterior and the interior of the building.

Editing images to create a final form for the final model.

Thinking about a final solution and how it could be it could be made. Thinking about how it could bend without breaking

Forming different forms to create a final solution for the model. Thinking about the organic form or the geometric shape of the model.

Designed by Henning Larsen Architects The Wave, Denmark : Vejle Architecture From looking at this structure it has given me ideas to create an organic form building that allows people to move within the given space.

Using the different forms of the structure to create a final solution, that would appeal to the environment, of the organic form.

Thinking about the different forms from the following models and how they could be developed to create a final solution.

Using the primary image to create different forms. This will allow me to create a final solution.

CafÊ – eating and seating area Shopping grocery area


Doing quick sketch up models from the previous experiments. This will help me form my final model.

Final model, thinking about the exterior and how it could fit within the given space. Thinking about the form and how it was made to fit within the healthy lifestyle.

Component 2 i&d  
Component 2 i&d