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School Officers Why it’s a smart move to join our union

ISSUE 1: WHAT’S IN IT FOR SCHOOL OFFICERS? 1. Professional advice on workplace matters Members can access free, confidential and professional advice on any workplace matter. Common inquiries can include:  reclassification;  Hours of Work;  Time off in lieu and other type of benefits;  Allowances and other duties;  professional development opportunities;  redundancy;  notice periods for resignation;  working hours/roster issues.

2. Legal assistance Legal assistance may sometimes be required by members on instances of redundancy; reclassification issues; discrimination and the like. It’s good to know you are covered in this eventuality.

3. Saving money on goods and services Great savings on goods and services can be had using Union Shopper. Union Shopper saves you money on everyday goods and services without the hassle and haggle, just telephone 1800 368 117 or visit the Union Shopper website at

4. Improving wages and conditions Campaigning and school-level organising is happening to improve working conditions and wages. In 2011, our union will campaign on reclassification for School Officers.

School Officer~Final Fact Sheet No 1

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5. Staying Connected Your union produces a newsletter entitled “ConneXions� which is dedicated to our School Officer members. Keep a lookout for this newsletter distributed three times a year. We also hold informal information sessions periodically, to enable a social networking opportunity for interested members. Please check our website for upcoming training sessions and forums. Go to and look for the updated training link on the home page. Of course, our regular Branch meetings are another opportunity for School Officers to share information with other members of their branch. Check out the branch meeting dates listed both on our website and in our journal, The Independent Voice.

6. What will it cost me? Your continued access to union services and advice is fully tax deductible. Fees operate on a sliding scale of what you earn. Just call our Membership Department on 1800 177 938 or (07) 3839 7020 and ask about our rates.



(07) 3839 7020


1800 177 937



School Officer~Final Fact Sheet No 1


(07) 3839 7021

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