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Without Prejudice

13 May 2010

PRINCIPALS Catholic Diocesan Schools Queensland


“Valuing our Profession” WITHOUT PREJUDICE



Without Prejudice


13 May 2010


The content of this paper reflects the opinions and concerns of principals in each of the Dioceses in Queensland. 2




In the absence of an agreement regarding wages in the ‘schools’ agreement, principals reserve their position until this is known. However, in arriving at their position employees will undertake comparisons with both interstate Catholic principals and Qld sector state principals. Further, principals understand that some form of review has been undertaken by the employer of the comparison between Qld Catholic principals and Qld state sector principals by a consultant. Employees request a copy of the results of that review. 2.2

Recognition of prior service

Employees seek clarification of recognition of previous service as a Principal with other employing authorities, including interstate. 2.3 Qualifications Employees seek clarification of the employer requirements/expectations for formal qualifications to be possessed by a Principal. Further to this, they request clarification regarding the recognition of religious education qualifications. Greater flexibility regarding the qualifications which are recognised is also sought. 2.4

Position of Added Responsibility

Employees request that a Principal be paid a margin of 20% in excess of the highest rate applicable to a Deputy Principal or AP position. 3


3.1 Work Impact 3.1.1 Recognition of additional Characteristics An amendment is sought to the list of characteristics recognised for additional pay (allowance) as follows: (a)

OSHC – 2 points



Without Prejudice

13 May 2010


Supervision of building projects, including BER, - 3 points (such projects would be fixed term in nature.)


Kindergarten or Pre-Prep – 2 Points

3.1.2 The 24/7/52 Requirement A 24 (hours)/ 7 (days)/ 52 (week) availability expectation has developed for Principals. The impact of this development needs to be recognised and addressed. Initially employees are of the view that an additional two weeks paid leave, which may be taken in 1 or 2 day blocks, be provided as compensation. However, measures which remove the expectation should be identified and implemented. 3.2. Position Description Employees seek the removal of the teaching component for the ‘teaching principal’. This is justified by the recognition of the demands of the position of principal. 3.3 Job Share Investigate and introduce provisions which would facilitate ‘job share’ for Principals




Classification Levels

Employees note the proposed relocation of Year 7 to secondary schools. Employees recognise that this will be a matter of greater substance for the next Agreement. However, consideration and a commitment that negotiations start during the life of this agreement to manage any impact of such a relocation is sought. 4.2


Employees seek a review of the current Sabbatical provisions. Principals seek two weeks leave for each year of service. Employees seek that untaken sabbatical allowance will be paid out at the end of each contract period unless agreed otherwise by the employee. Further. untaken sabbatical leave will be allowed as paid leave to be taken by the principal (subject to application). 4.3

Professional Development

Employees do not believe that all PD should be considered under the heading of sabbatical leave. Employees request that additional leave be provided (on application) for professional development activities. In addition, where employees are enrolled in formal study, the employer should provide payment for the following: a) 50% of tuition fees; Ref:F:\DATA\EBARG\Principals\Catholic\Princ14js.doc


Without Prejudice

13 May 2010

b) cost of accommodation for resident schools; and c) and travel and incidental costs associated with such courses. 4.4


Employees seek negotiations on the current appraisal structure. In particular, an experienced principal should not be subject to the same appraisal structure as a first contract principal. The structure and process of the current appraisal also needs review to ensure it aligns with both individual and organisational goals and considerations. 4.5

Support mechanisms for Principals

Consultation should occur with Principals to determine the most appropriate mechanisms to support Principals in their leadership roles. This may include additional support from Assistant Principal or Deputy Principal positions, or additional administrative support and will need to address the specific issue of the provision of Assistant Principal positions in schools of less than 400 students.




Long Service Leave

Employees seek negotiations on more flexibility in accessing Long Service Leave, so that period of leave less than four week can be accessed. 5.2

Salary packaging

Employees seek a review of the companies available to administer the salary packaging arrangements. 5.3 Tenure Employees seek tenure as principal, as opposed to tenure as a teacher at the conclusion of a contract. 5.5 Motor Vehicle Employees seek the provision of centrally funded motor vehicles for Principals. Such vehicles would be available for school and private use.



6.1 Travel Allowance Employees seek enhanced incentives for remote locations. In particular, a review of the availability of travel days. Ref:F:\DATA\EBARG\Principals\Catholic\Princ14js.doc


Without Prejudice




Outcomes from Working Parties

13 May 2010

The subject matter of working parties or reviews identified in the preceding agreement to be revisited to determine if the issue is still relevant, and if so, what steps can now be taken. 7.2

Incorporation of pre-existing Award/Agreement and NES Provisions

All existing Award/Agreement conditions as at 31 December 2009 should be agreement.

included in the

The National Employment Standards should be included, by reference, in the agreement. 7.3


It is proposed that the collective agreement applies to all principals. 7.4


It is proposed that the collective agreement to be negotiated shall operate until 30 June 2013.




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