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Friday, 9 March 2012


CATHOLIC EXPERIENCED TEACHER 6 (ET6) CHAPTER BRIEFING 1-2012 ET6 Round 1 closes 16 April 2012 Eligible Members should apply Dear Colleagues The current Catholic collective agreement provides for the classification of Experienced Teacher 6 (ET6). A large number of eligible employees were successful in gaining that classification in 2010 and 2011. The current collective agreement stipulates that the closing date for ET6 applications is the first business day on or after 31 March. Given that this date falls at the beginning of the vacation period, your union sought and employers have agreed, to a closing date for ET6 applications of 16 April for the first round in 2012. ET6 classification The ET6 classification provides acknowledgement of teachers whose effectual teaching and learning in the school contributes to the effective implementation, development, provision and/or evaluation of the school’s educational program. This classification is available to all eligible employees in Catholic schools in Queensland including Diocesan schools, Religious Institute (RI) schools, and Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) schools. Applicant eligibility in 2012 All teachers who have held Experienced Teacher 4 (Band 3 Step 4) classification for a minimum of two years (i.e. are deemed to have been practising teachers for a minimum of eleven years) as at 30 June 2010 are eligible to apply and receive Experienced Teacher 6 status after a period of two years of classification at Experienced Teacher 5. PAR holders who have been on Experienced Teacher 4 (Band 3 Step 4) for four years are eligible to apply. Teachers who have held the classification Experienced Teacher 5 in a Queensland Catholic school for a minimum of three years are eligible to apply. As well, a teacher may make application for ET6 classification in the twelve (12) months before they are eligible to receive the ET6 allowance.

Any member who is unsure of their eligibility should consult the current collective agreement or their Union organiser. All members applying for ET6 should do so by the closing date of 16 April 2012. All applicants in Brisbane Catholic Education, Toowoomba Catholic Education and Religious Institute schools should lodge applications at . All applicants in other Diocesan schools should lodge their applications with their employer. Applicants should keep a copy of their application and a delivery receipt of application submission. Allowance An allowance is paid for ET6. Currently that allowance is $6016 p.a. and will increase to $6614 p.a. on 1 April 2012. While a teacher may hold both an ET6 classification and a PAR they will be paid only one allowance – the higher of the two allowances. The ET6 allowance is paid on a pro-rata basis for part-time employees. Union training Your union is running ET6 application training across the state to assist members in applying for ET6 in 2012. Attendance at this training is exceedingly helpful in the development of an effective application. Your union has as well an application booklet to assist members in compiling a successful application. You should contact your Organiser, or visit our website to see available ET6 training. Time line ET6 2012 and application packages All eligible members should have their fully completed applications submitted by close of business 16 April. For successful applicants in the first round this year the ET6 allowance is payable from 1 July 2012. Application packages are available from your Employer. Next steps Experienced Teacher 6 classification is a classification for which all eligible members should apply. Your union provides training for its members and we encourage you to undertake this training and seek this classification level. Kind regards