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Associate Outlook

The monthly e-newsletter for IEUA-QNT associate members

December 2010

Ensure you are supported by our union in your graduate year

Welcome Welcome to the December issue of the Associate Outlook, the e-newsletter for associate members. This will be the last Associate Outlook for 2010. The first Associate Outlook for 2011 will be sent in February.

Send us your details Have you recently graduated from university or changed your personal details or workplace? Please send an email to so we can update your membership record. Do you know an education student who would like to become an associate member of IEUA-QNT? It’s simple to join and best of all it’s free. Go to to download a copy of the IEUA-QNT Associate Membership Form.

If you are about to complete your education degree and will be teaching in the non-government education sector in 2011, you should have received a 2011 graduate membership form. The majority of graduates who come into the non-government education sector become graduate members and understand the importance of IEUA-QNT support and assistance in their graduate year. During your graduate year you will face many new and exciting challenges and it is important that you have ongoing access to professional, industrial and legal support and advice from your union. Members who secure graduate employment in the non-government sector also have access to a discounted graduate rate which offers significant savings off the rate paid by members on a similar salary. If you are doing supply work, you can join on our lowest schedule (schedule one) and you will be covered for supply work both in the non-government and state sectors. If you are finishing university at the end of this year and have not yet received a 2011 membership form, you can download one from or by clicking here. All other associate members do not need to complete a membership renewal to continue their associate membership in 2011.

Associate and graduate website section

Looking for a JOB?

Associate and graduate members have a designated area on our website where they can go for information relating to their membership sector and employment in non-government schools.

At this time of the year securing ongoing graduate employment will be very important. Newspapers are still a favourite forum for employers to advertise their vacant positions; however, advertisements for employment opportunities are found in a variety of places.

If you are looking for quick answers to some common questions, a copy of the latest associate or graduate publication, or even a list of all non-government schools in Queensland, this page will give you access to all this information and more.

There are a range of resources available on our website to help you find employment in the non-government education sector. Information links ranging from job search success through to resumé writing tips are also available for download from our website. To access information and tips for associate and graduate members go to

Numerous websites offer employment services; you just need to search the web to find one that will provide the career opportunities you require. Some excellent generic sites are:

If you have identified a specific non-government education sector you would like to work in, the following websites might be a helpful starting point (Catholic) (Anglican) (Lutheran) (Christian) (Independent Schools) (Early Childhood)

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