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Spin City


o bikes, no crowded classes, no bulky thighs. The new way to spin is with your upper body. Say hello to The SpinGym®. The SpinGym is a serious workout designed to tone, strengthen and sculpt your arms, chest, back and shoulders. Who thought to marry three pieces of aluminum alloy and a heavy duty cord? None other than Forbes Riley (yes, that’s her real name). You’ve seen her face all over your television and felt her energy blast through the screen. She’s the forty-something wife and mother of twins, who’s business savvy is as strong as her grip. After birthing her twins (who each weighed 7 pounds), Forbes needed a way to kick the baby weight and so this Gyrotronic Resistance Training piece was born. Thanks to this lady, you can plan to look lavish in tank tops this season. According to Forbes SpinGym, unlike weights and machines, which target one muscle group at a time, “Activates and fires multiple muscle groups simultaneously--working both major and minor muscle groups in addition to stabilizing muscles.” Here’s your chance to lose the arm flab. SpinGym means no weight or bands and you control the resistance (based on how fast and how hard you pull). Expect anywhere from 4 to 23 pounds per pull. Forbes gladly teaches you over a dozen exercises and ways to use your new found friend. You’re going to love your toned upper body, but you’re really going to love the commitment. SpinGym doesn’t need thirty minutes of your day--give that to the shoe department at Nordstrom. Give it a 5 minute go round (2 to 3 times a day) and you’re done. If you’re bored at your desk, waiting at the DMV, waiting on your latte, waiting on your date, you can bust out the handy and compact little gym. You can save the excuses this season.

ieStyle Jun/Jul 2010


ieStyle Mag Jun/July Issue  

ieStyle Magazine June/July 2010 Issue

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