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Publiczne Gimnazjum nr.5 Białystok Poland


PARK CATEGORIES In Podlasie there are four categories of natural spaces:

National Park It’s the most important form of the nature protection. It's not allowed to get flowers or anything else out of there, because everything is protected. Usually it has the area of dozens square kilometers.

Nature Reserve Form of nature protection with smaller area and less restrictions than National park. Some economic activities are allowed unless they are not harmful to the environment.

Landscape Park Territory with small restrictions, there are education pathways.

Protected Landscape Areas This form of the nature protection has the biggest area in total. They are assigned to recreation. People can do most of activities there.

Biebrzański National Park

NATURE PARKS IN PODLASIE: National Parks: • • • •

Białowieski National Park Biebrzański National Park Narwiański National Park Wigierski National Park

Nature Reserves: • • • • •

Nature Reserve of Hańcza Lake Nature Reserve of Zwierzyniecki Forest Nature Reserve Cmentarzysko Jaćwingów Nature Reserve Głazowisko Bachanowo Nature Reserve Jesionowe Góry and 93 others

Landscape Parks: • Łomżyński Landscape Park of Narew Valley • Landscape Park of Puszcza Knyszyńska • Suwalski Landscape Park

Protected Landscape Areas: • • • • •

Protected Landscape Area Rajgrodzkie Lakes Protected Landscape Area Rospuda Valley Protected Landscape Area Białowieska Forest Protected Landscape Area Sejneńskie Lakeland Protected Landscape Area Biebrza Valley and 9 others

Nature Reserve Cmentarzysko Jaćwingów


Białowieski National Park LOCATION: Białowieski National Park is located on the south-east of Podlasie, near the border with Belarus. CHARACTERISTICS: The symbol of the park is bison – the biggest land mammal in Europe. The park is on UNESCO World Heritage List, as the only polish natural complex. LOGO:



Pathway through the swamp

Biebrzański National Park LOCATION: Biebrzański National Park spread from centre to north-east of Podlasie, on the north from Białystok. CHARACTERISTICS: It is the biggest National Park in Poland. It has about 600 square kilometres. The symbol of Biebrzański national park is bird called ‘batalion’. LOGO:


River Biebrza

Wolf in Biebrzański National Park

Narwiański National Park LOCATION: Narwiański National Park is located in the middle of Podlasie, near Białystok. CHARACTERISTICS: Most of the surface take up swamps and valley of Narew. The park is quite small – it has 68 square kilometres. The symbol of Narwiański National Park is bird – błotniak stawowy. LOGO:


Flood waters of Narew.


Wigierski National Park LOCATION: Wigierski National Park is located on the north of Podlasie, , near the border with Lithuania. CHARACTERISTICS: It’s one of the biggest national parks in Poland. It has 150 square kilometres. Here is big lake – Wigry. In the park are many beavers, so beaver is symbol of Wigierski National Park. LOGO:


Lake Wigry

Swamps in Wigierski National Park

Our trip to Białowieski National Park

Natural Parcks in Poland  
Natural Parcks in Poland  

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