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FESTIVITIES Publiczne Gimnazjum, Poland Comenius Project 2011-2012

The Teacher’s Day The Teacher’s Day is the common name of the fete called The Day of National Education.It is celebrated on 14th of Octoberand in this day students give teachers flowers, chocolates etc., and they thank the teachers for learning them. There are more official celebrations in this day , for example Minister of Education gives the teachers gold, silver, brown Crosses of Merit and the Medals of National Education Comission. In the ages 1972-1982 this fete was called Teacher’s Day but after that the name that is now, stayed. It commemorates the anniversary of the formation the National Education Comission formed from the initiative of king Stanisław August Poniatowski on 14th October 1773 .

Christmas Christmas commemorates the Jesus birth. This is the time of special celebrations in the church. Christians celebrate Christmas on 25th of December and the Orthodox on the 7th of Jenuary . Every family have got the different traditions relative Christmas. In most families before the eating there is read the Bible , people are divided the wafer, on the table must be 12 dishes and there is one blank tableware. Many people are dressing up the christmas tree and children belive that on the Christmas Eve the Santa Claus is comming to leave the presents for the well-behaved children.

Easter Easter is the oldest Christian fete commemorate the Jesus death. The dates of this fete are different in each year but it can be from the 22nd of March till the 25th of April .Before the Easter there is the Holy Week consist of Great Thursday, Great Friday, Great Saturday and Resurrection Sunday In this time people are painting eggs and baking cake called Mazuek . There is official breakfast on Sunday and before eating there is read the Bible. Next day is Cast Monday and people are making water wars .

All Saint’s Day It celebrated on 1st of November. The celebration All Saint’s Day id derived from the memorials donatyd martyrs. In Poland the day 1st of November is the free day. People are visiting groves of death people from their families and praying them. When people visit the groves they put torches on them and light another ones when they will end.

Publiczne Gimnazjum, Poland 2012

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