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Word from the board - Life at Verbs - P ass it on! Wall of - Bar Rev shame iew Queen of Romance Drinking G - The Bu ame Repo ffalo Club rt - Awar ds of the month Excursions Upcoming in and aro events und Tilbur g - A boar d year? And Much More!

The Editorial Committee

The Editorial committee consists of the following students: Mentor Paul Deckers, who is responsible for all the editing and the wonderful design. Two Norwegian girls, named Helle Einstabland and Ingrid Sletten, are responsible for quite some interesting articles in the magazine! Then we have Henri-Martin Schoonakker, an ex-mentor who made the great decision to become active again, luckily as a writer in the Editorial committee. Finally there is Janneke Janssen, the coordinator of the committee who is in the board of I*ESN. Enjoy the magazine!

Editorial writers: Janneke Janssen, Henri-Martin Schoonakker, Helle Einstabland, and Ingrid Sunde Sletten Design/Technical Support: Paul Deckers Photography: I*ESN Tilburg Special thanks to: Alex von G端ntert, Subihn Won, Anna Suksi, Alex von G端ntert and Joyce Adriaensen


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Table of Con tents

The Editor

A word fro

ial Commi


m the boar d...



in and aro

3 und Tilbur g Pass It On! 4 Bar Review Drinking G


ame Repor



Queen of R omance 8-10 (1) Wall of Sha me 12 Awards of the month 13/14 Queen of R omance (2 15 ) A board ye ar? 17 The Buffal o Club 18-20 Life at Ver bs... 21 Upcoming events Apr 22 il Upcoming events Ma 23 y 24

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


A word from the board... Dear Students, Monday morning, ??, 08:30. I remember it like the day of yesterday. All your curious, anxious, nervous faces, looking around and wondering what will happen the upcoming hours, days, weeks and months. The Arrival Days had just passed by and already the introduction week started. Looking back, I think you all agree with me if I say: “This is where the friendships started.” During the Introduction Week, you have all seen the I*ESN Tilburg board members walking around in their yellow clothes. But who are these people? Through this piece in our magazine, I have the opportunity to show a different side of myself, namely the “non-I*ESN-side”. Let me start off with a short introduction. I’m Robert Broers, 23 years young and the current Vice President of I*ESN Tilburg. I study Business at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends, go to the movies, do some fitness and visit some festivals. Of course, travelling is one of my biggest passions. Inevitable, looking at my past. My travelling experience all started when I was 10 weeks old. About a month after I was born, my dad had gotten a job offer in Mexico. My parents talked about this opportunity, and both agreed that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just six weeks later, we were sitting in the plane, on our way to get this first family adventure started. Even though I was fairly young, I have quite some memories about Mexico. Three things that I love about Mexico are: food, weather, people. Still on my age of 23, I at least think once of my time in Mexico. Funny fact: my little brother was born in Mexico! After 6 years in Mexico and 2 more years in France, it was time for our family to go back to the Netherlands. Once I was back, I started to explore the world on my own, starting with a visit to Portland, Oregon, USA. I was 14 years old and wanted to visit an old friend, from my time in Mexico. Since then, I’ve taken every chance I had to visit another country. After high school, I went travelling through Australia and Indonesia for three months. During my studies, I will have two internships of 6 months, which I want to spend abroad. What fascinates me most about travelling, are the huge differences between people and countries. It’s great to see how diverse the world is, making it a great place to live, with new adventures everywhere. Some last words of wisdom: use the extreme freedom you have now. Before you know, work, family, etc will take priority in life. I hope that I’ve given you an insight in another side of me. Enjoy your last months here in Tilburg and see you around! Cheers, Robert


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Excursions in and around Tilburg Go on a bike tour and get some refreshment after! The weather is getting nicer and nicer, time to get out and enjoy it! The Netherlands is the land of bikes, so why not go for a bike ride? There is a wonderful national park very close to Tilburg which is worth going to. It is named the “Loonse and Drunense Duinen” and has been a national park since 2002. The park is 35km2 (14mile2). It’s a versatile park. It is known for drifts-sands which are unique in North-Western Europe on such a large scale. South of the dry dunes, there is the moist brook and swamp landscape. There are also extensive forests, with characteristic farms. As a bicyclist you are very welcome to enjoy the nature in this national park. Numerous bike routes go through and next to the area. You can choose your own route, and discover the most beautiful sites. The area is year-round accessible for everyone, between sunrise and sunset.

Maps You want to have a map or follow a bike route? Go to one of the following locations close to the Loonse and Drunense Duinen, or to the VVV in Tilburg (visitors centre). De Roestelberg (closed on Wednesday) Roestelbergseweg 2 5171 BL Kaatsheuvel De Rustende Jager (closed on Friday) Oude Bosschebaan 11 5074 RC Biezenmortel Landgoed Bosch en Duin (open every day) Oude Bosschebaan 1 5071 RP Udenhout Herberg De Drie Linden (closed on Tuesday) Giersbergen 8 5151 RG Drunen Blue lake (Blauwe meer): get some refreshment! When the weather is nice, get some refreshment on the way back! The Blue lake (Experience Island) is a lake in between the Loonse and Drunense Duinen and Tilburg. It has two clean beaches and lawns where you can lay down for some serious tanning, there is clear water to swim and there is a small bar. There is a small entrance fee, which includes a ticket for a free drink or an ice cream. The beaches are not open every day, therefore check their website beforehand whether it’s open.

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Ladies and men’s hair


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I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

1- Pass it on!

Name: Anna Linnéa Suksi Place of birth: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (I grew up in Finland though) Three things I cannot live without: My family, books, berries My biggest wish when I was a kid: I really wanted to be one of the Von Trapp kids in “The Sound of Music” Three things I have to do every day: Have a huge cup of coffee, check the websites of my favorite newspapers, take a powernap If tomorrow the earth is going to explode, today I will: Shop and gamble. My biggest wish: I really want to have a dog. I am going to pass it on to: Eren Sürücü

2- Pass it on!

Name: Suhbihn Won Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea Three things i cannot live without Dream, My family, Philosophy of life My biggest wish when i was a kid? To be an actor of Hollywood. Three things i have to do every day: Eating delicious food, To talk with somebody and … checking the facebook?haha. If tomorrow the earth is going to explode, today I will? Go to see my love. My biggest wish? Now? To get an admission from Seoul National University Law School. I am going to pass it on to: Andreas Karsten

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Bar Review

Some bars in Tilburg, Ok. So know where the party is on a Tuesday night you know by now. If you don’t, than you clearly haven’t been to Carpe Diem yet, and if that’s the case, you’re not reading this! So, where do you go in Tilburg on other nights? Here’s a list with some suggestions: Polly Magoo: The best night to go to this bar is on the Wednesday. “De Jongens van Je Weet Wel” (The guys of you know what) play the live music you want to hear in their own way. You can hand in a coaster with you favorite songs. They play requests all night! Address: Heuvel 10 Café Bolle: Ok this might be blasphemy, but the best night to go to this bar is the Tuesday! It’s the dice night, if you roll even your drinks are free, you roll uneven you have to pay, easy as that! Address: Piusplein 8 Boekanier: Best night to go is the Thursday, you will pay only €1,10 for a beer between 23.00 and 1:30. Plus they have a pole, and with all that cheap beer I can guarantee you girls (or boys whatever you like) are going to use it. Address: Stadhuisstraat 11 By Henri-Martin Schoonakker


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Drinking Game Report

Again, on a promising Tuesday night, the Editorial committee met with another committee to test a drinking game. This time the Pub Quiz committee was invited, to test the well known drinking game: Kings(card)! Present: Aga, Moritz, Paul, Kars, Henri-Martin, Martijn and Janneke. Kings is a drinking game for which you need: a deck of cards and.. drinks of course! Shuffle the cards and lay them face down on the table in a circle. One person starts the game by picking a card, and he carries out the task that belongs to the card (see Rules on page ...). Then the next player is up.. etc., and that’s how simple it is. If you break the circle by removing a card, you need to drink.

Editorial committee member Paul did some research about rules for this game. There appeared to be many rules, so he picked out the finest ones, of which one is definitely not going to miss out on the next opportunity to play this game: Gecko! The game appeared to be very successful in keeping people hydrated. Especially Aga got enough drinks thanks to her new best friend and drinking buddy Henri-Martin, who kept swearing although this was clearly forbidden according to the rule that was set earlier in the game. Most players were a buffalo, which did not really make the game any easier, because the more you drink the harder it gets to stay alert! Testing this game was not a punishment, on Fun it scored a 9 and on drunkenness rate an 8, what else do you need? By Janneke Janssen


Fun: Durabilit y: 9.0 Replay V 8.3 alu Difficulty e: : 9,1 Drunken 3.1 ne Compet ss rate: 8,0 itio Graphic n Value: s: 5.4 Expertis 4.3 e Buildin g: 5.9

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Drinking Game Report (2)

The rules 2 Most likely to Point at the person who is most likely to (i.e. become pornstar, get drunk this evening), the one with the most fingers pointed at him/her has to drink 3 Three musketeers

The one who draws this card can pick 2 other people who should drink with him/her. The other 2 musketeers can only stop drinking when the person who drew the card stops.


All girls drink!

Four is for whores

5 Thumb master

When the person who drew this card puts his thumb on the table, everyone has to do this. The one who is last gets punished, and drinks! This card stays active until a new five is drawn. The thumb master can apply the rule as often as s/he likes.


All guys drink!

Six is for dicks

7 Juffen The person who draws this cards starts by saying 1, the next says 2, next 3, and so on, and so forth. Seems easy, but you can not say any number that is a multiple of 7 or that contains a 7! I Instead say something else. Once this happens the direction of the game changes. 8 Eight your mate Choose a drinking buddy! When you have to drink, he/she has to drink too.. all game long! 9 Bust a Rhyme The first person starts with saying a short sentence, the next has to say a sentence which rhymes, and so on. Until someone messes up! 10 The Viking


The player makes “wiggly viking horns,� with his fingers and then points them at any other player. This player then does the viking horns, but the player on each side of the viking� must row. Right of the Viking rows right, left rows the boat left. The remaining people playing are the sea, and make wavy movements. The Viking then designates another Viking, until someone messes up.

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Drinking Game Report (3)

Jack Create a rule

Come up with a new rule, such as: no more pointing, no swearing, no more saying yes or no, no more saying players names, etc.

Queen Question master

If you answer a question this person asks, you drink! You are the question master until someone else pulls the Queen card.

King Rise for the king One person is the King and can stand up anytime during the game, putting his right hand on his heart and saying ‘Rise for the King’. everyone must then quickly follow.The one who manages to do this last, drinks! Ace Waterfall Everyone starts drinking at the same time, when the person who drew the card stops, the next person is allowed to stop, and so on. Joker Gecko Once someone draws this card, every player should get all 4 limbs stuck to a flat surface (i.e. table, floor, window, wall). The last one drinks.

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Ladies and men’s hair


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I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

There have been many busy nights since you last heard from me, including two wonderfully themed Tuesdays, and the scandal is overflowing. Both the Toga party and Pimps and Hookers gave the opportunity for two things the Queen loves; lots of nudity and lots of people making out. So let’s get started with my personal favourite Casanova of the last few weeks, the red sparkly hat and green boa wearing Pimp who kissed with multiple lovely ladies at the Pimps and Hookerss party as well as finding the time to play some limbo. What a genuine trooper. And here we must take a little visit back to two previous participants in this column, the German Pub Quiz committee member and his bride for the night, our much loved Turkish soup lady whose ho outfit left little to the imagination ;) She wasn’t the only Turkish girl to find love that evening, there was a rather public display of affection between a Turk wearing a gold sparkly top and a native Dutch man who seemed not to care about the interest that their tryst was generating. The Toga party resembled more of a Roman orgy than a civilised feast. Again the mentors showed their romantic skills, most notably within the very affectionate embrace between two previously unmentioned mentors, the curly haired female board member who’s never far from Carpe Diem and the tall cheeky Power Ranger. We really hope that developed into more later on in the night because that would be a match to remember. There was another wonderful development from the toga party; the knocking down of the, until now, unbreakable FrenchCanadian fortress, the tall brunette beauty who is not short of admirers but had until now not given back any of the admiration she’d received. Until the toga party that is, when the DutchTurkish I*ESN sweetheart finally went where no man had gone before. We hope this leads to far more involvement from both of these people in the kissing webs of Carpe Diem in the future. Last but not least, there was an unexpected union at the toga party of an until now ‘attached’ Canadian who road-tested her new found freedom on the sweetest of I*ESN mentors, the tall Helmond native with the big smile. Whata match! The scandals continue on page 17...

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Wall of ttempts a e n o , o a bar t n i k l history a w n a s k m e r e e r Two G ntury G e c h t 0 in 2 to expla

Dennis: Later I feed my grapes

Martijn: I never got my gym membership

ve you met a h ey H “ , y rk a h S the president yet?”


Credits for captions to Alex von Güntert

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Shame Michiel: What do you mean by Greeks didn’t do leopa rd print?

Mark: Never buy your titty tape from Blokker.


Someone dist ra while I sneak ct Dennis up behind him

I’ve al , e d u d her one careful t o y e e h H t y: age up d Shark n a b ad to ready h

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Awards of the month Ultimate PIMP Award

This fully dressed up American showed his true side during the Pimp and Hookers party. Fully dressed with stick, hat, glasses and even a boa, he suprised friend and foe with his knowledge of real pimp (Kentucky) slang. That is why we present this award to Adam!

oyer Best Bike Dest ious bike.

prec therlands without your Ne e th in or rg bu Til when u can´t get around e master of destruction th is l gir is Th s! As everybody know yo rb Ve ed on off. She has you are kinda landlock e or something will fall tir t fla a s ha If you broke your bike is it d an Best looks at a bike junkies! This month’s e th r fo d Go k it comes to bikes. She an Th s! onth Vanessa! ree bikes in under 3 m Bike Destroyer goes to managed to use up th

Safety Ribbon

Safety come first is an expression most try to life with. If you ask him your bike he with gladly to fix do it. “Nothing is like a good and safe bike!” Bu takes it out to the extre t this guy mes. During the crazy hat party, he had a ve and innovative “safety ry creative hat”. So, girls if you en joy safety he is your go month’s Safety Ribbon -to guy! This goes to Tulin!

The Anti-Pandary

a ve rial Committee about ito Ed e th th wi e m ga ing , no matter how plaining during the drink llect any Panda-Points co to This mentor was com em se ot his nn ca s that is Dutchman along and robs him of es em m se co It l . ct gir e bje m su so e e, ng on ra st llected we present he thinks he almost co ubt must experience, do a t ou th wi hard he tries. Just as on rs ! pe soften the pain this The Anti-Panda to Kars To ! int po ed rn ea t os alm

Becoming A

Mentor Aga Guess to wh in Award ich mentor this prize will her leaving u go? Since I* s, quickly a ta ESN and its sk-force was event adequ members c formed to m ately puts it) ould not bare ake sure tha stays a men the thought t this blond tor. This aw of with the sex ard will of co y smile (as th urse go to L e isa! By & Helle Einstabland Paul Deckers 15

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


But just as I thought the excitement might settle down just a bit, it seems that the week long Easter break had given time for the hormones and sexual tension to build up and at the next Tuesday party after the break everybody seemed to have two things in common; extreme drunkenness and a desire to make out with just about anyone. I must say I really enjoyed the unabashed public smooching in the DJ box between the Woody Allen lookalike Dutch Mentor/ DJ and the Turkish Little Red Riding Hood (I’m referring to Carnaval costumes of course). Little Red Riding Hood’s friend Snow White, also Turkish, also made out with a Carpe Diem ‘employee,’ this time the man in charge of the wardrobe who, it may or may not be well known, lives above Carpe Diem. I wonder where they ended up after the party ... Always the troublemaker, the cross dressing rugby player was indirectly responsible for lots of hook ups, as he brought some friends who decided to take the opportunity to experience a bit of international lovin’ (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want that). ‘Goed bezig’ as the Dutch might say. Someone who we haven’t heard from in quite some time but who is always a welcome addition is the very tall Schijndel-native mentor who found it in his heart to bestow his generous loving on an unsuspecting international student. What a fine pair. Last but not least I want to quickly mention I*ESN’s newest match made in heaven, the Canadian of Russian origin (you know, the one who broke the cabinet in the Willem II stadium) who took his fellow Canadian (she’s a French one though, previously mentioned above) to a romantic dinner in Carpe Diem after winning the Valentine’s Day rose competition. The wedding is planned for August and children are to follow soon after... Yours in scandal as always,

ce n a m o R ueen of



I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

A board year?

Are you sick of studying all day? Are you internationally orientated, social, and enterprising? Do you want to experience new cultures, have international adventures, and travel around the world all from the comfort of your own city? I*ESN Tilburg is for you, but are you for I*ESN Tilburg?

We are currently looking for 7 full-time members, who are willing to have the time of their lives, and form the board of I*ESN 2012/2013. “An unforgettable stay for all international students in Tilburg”, this is I*ESN’s ambition. In order to achieve this, I*ESN organizes various social and cultural activities throughout the year; many of which take place in our very own student bar, Carpe Diem. There is a broad range of activities including: City Trips, Weekly Dinners, Excursions in Tilburg, International (Theme) Parties, Poker Nights, Volunteering Projects, Movie Nights, Galas, Introduction Camp and the I*ESN Top Week Program. I*ESN is part of a large network of ESN sections throughout Europe (almost 400 ESN sections, in 36 countries), offering services to over 150.000 students. Within this network, I*ESN Tilburg is one of the most active and innovative sections and the first one to run its own bar. Why a board year at I*ESN Tilburg?

- Personal skill development - Outstanding contribution to your CV and career prospects - Useful network and travel opportunities on a national and international level - Helping international students during their stay in Tilburg - Hands-on experience in running an organization and organizing activities for up to 3000 students - Improving English proficiency - Flexible work schedule, including the ability to choose where you complete your tasks - Responsible for managing and developing your own student bar

Why does I*ESN want you? - You are looking for a new challenge and have innovative ideas - You are internationally orientated and like to be around a diverse range of nationalities - You would like to be involved in cultural and social activities - You would like flexible and rewarding work experience - You are open-minded, responsible, committed, and reliable - You are a great team player. Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to For more information: or

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


President: Are you looking for a management experience in which every day is different? As a president you are the ultimately responsible and your focus will be on the determination and implementation of policy and strategy. You will improve your management, negotiation, presentation, networking skills, and gain experience in chairing various meetings. As president you represent the association and all international students in meetings with the University, municipality and other institutions throughout Tilburg. You are a leader, a hard worker, and you are required to have a wide general knowledge since you have to deal with every aspect within the organization. Are you capable of leading an organization of over 500 members? Then apply for the position of I*ESN President! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to Secretary: As a Secretary you are responsible for a number of administrative tasks such as the membership system, minuting, organizing incoming and outgoing email, as well as the valuable communication tool that is the weekly newsletter. In addition to these ‘secretarial’ functions the I*ESN Secretary is responsible for the Mentor and Buddy System. This is the backbone of I*ESN, which requires an exceptional balance of organizational and social skills. The establishment and growth of the Alumni network will also fall under the responsibilities of Secretary. Are you structured, sociable and do you have excellent organizational skills. Then apply for the position of Secretary! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to Building Manager: As a Building Manager you are responsible for Carpe Diem, the ‘International Meeting Point’, and everything related. This means you are required to keep the building up to standard and make sure everything is in working order. All aspects of running a bar, including event set-up and stock levels, are your responsibility. In addition to this, the Building Manager must support the chair of the Bar committee and the Maintenance committee. Communication skills are crucial as you will have close contact with the brewery, contractors, and the foundation of I*ESN. Are you organized, a creative problem-solver and do you have good communication skills? Then apply for the position of Building Manager! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to Treasurer & Sponsoring: As Treasurer & Sponsoring your main goal is to make sure the association stays financially healthy. The role can be defined by two main functions. On one hand, you are responsible for keeping track of finances, making sure your fellow board members keep to the budgets you assign them, and the association itself is generating enough income. On the other hand, you have to find new funds through attracting sponsors and maintaining and building sponsor relations. Treasurer & Sponsoring is a diverse job with responsibilities including working with an accounting system, calculating taxes, negotiating deals, and setting up contracts. Are you accurate, a negotiator and confident enough to say ‘No’? Then apply for the position of Treasurer & Sponsoring! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Activities Coordinator: As the Activities Coordinator you are responsible for almost all the activities organized by I*ESN Tilburg. Your main tasks are coordinating the Activities Committee and organizing (theme) parties, excursions, T-days, poker nights, pub quizzes, movie nights and other events which enhance and can define the experiences of international and internationally minded students in Tilburg. The Activities Coordinator can freely customize the activities calendar to ensure a contribution to the experience that international students will have during their time abroad. Are you enthusiastic, outgoing and flexible? Then apply for the position of Activities Coordinator! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to Integration Manager: As the Integration Manager of I*ESN Tilburg, your main goal is to get the international students integrated into Dutch society. Integration here, is used in the broadest definition. From organizing more practical things like the Arrival Days, to the more theoretical side of the story; what is the best way to let integration between Dutch and International Students take place? The three main aspects of integration between students are social, academic and cultural. It is your job to ensure that all three aspects are thoroughly addressed. Some of the portfolios you will be dealing with include: Introduction Time, Social Projects Committee, Research Committee, Cross-Cultural Psychology Project and Sports. Do you have excellent organizational skills, are you outgoing and engaged? Then apply for the position of Integration Manager! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to Marketing & Communication Manager: As the Marketing & Communication Manager you are responsible for all the promotion towards students. You are also responsible for all external communication channels such as the website, the partners, the I*ESN Network, and the media. Components of this function include maintaining the website, social media, creating graphics and promotional texts, actively promoting events, and coordinating the Book of Faces and Editorial Committee. Are you accurate, creative, and sociable? Then apply for the position of Marketing & Communication Manager! Send your motivation letter and CV before April 15th to Although these board functions can differ quite a lot from each other, they have one important thing in common; you will help to improve student life for all international and internationally minded students in Tilburg. Dutch or international, member or non-member, anyone can apply! The only question you need to answer first is‌�Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime?�

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


The history and origin of The Buffalo Club are obscure, and nobody knows for certain where it all started. A wide accepted belief is that The Buffalo Club stems from the gunslinging days of the Wild West where the use of one’s dominant hand (the shooting hand) could be a matter of life or death. Thus, recreational activities such as drinking were done with the non-dominant hand to avoid severe consequences.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Jiska (Righty) Janneke (Righty) Hannah (Righty) Nese (Righty) Renan (Righty) Merle (Righty) Estefi (Righty) Mark (Righty) Robert (Lefty) Dennis (Righty) Alina (Righty) Thijs (Righty) Ruud (Righty) Maartje (Righty) Eva (Righty) Kars (Righty) Lisa (Righty) Helen (Righty) Natalie (Righty) Jesse (Righty) Santiago (Righty) Tulin (Righty) Ludovico (Lefty) Moritz (Righty) PĂ­a (Righty) Cormac (Righty) Marinte (Righty) Mariken (Righty) Paul (Lefty) Max (Righty)

The Buffalo List: 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.

Nigel (Righty) Duncan (Righty) Wessel (Lefty) Laura (Righty) Aga (Righty) Jen (Lefty) Igor (Lefty) Ander (Righty) Rene (Lefty) Daniel (Righty Bart (Lefty) Joep (Righty) Alex (Righty) Frank (Righty) Klara (Righty) Laurence (Lefty) Henri-Martin (Lefty) Elke (Righty) Vanessa (Righty)

*Dominant hand displayed* *Members in order of induction*

By Paul Deckers 21

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Life at Verbs

There was not much life at Verbs this time, seems like everybody was searching for easter eggs outside of Tilburg. The end of the semester is slowly but surely on its way, but life at verbs will always continue, or will it?

In 2009 Wonen Breburg had the great idea to demolish the flats at the Professor Verbernelaan, or ‘Verbs’ as we call it. Breburg apparently did some research and came to the conclusion that students in this time and age don’t wanna life with 17 people on 1 floor sharing a kitchen and bathroom, this kind of living was said to be old fashioned according to them. Well the students at verbs did not agree and they united to save Verbs. Inspired by the local Socialist party they did an inquiry of their own and had great response, 50% of the Verbians answered. They found out that students still want to life in dorms, share party stories in the kitchen and wait for the shower in the morning. So why is this story being told? Because next time you think about the next generation of exchangees at Verbs, remember that they or even you might be the last! As it stands now two of the flats are going down within the next five years. So next time you doing something at Verbs remember that nothing lasts forever, not even life at Verbs!! By Henri-Martin Schoonakker

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


Upcoming Events April

Wednesday 25th of April: Ladies Night It is Ladies Night and the feeling’s right! This evening Carpe Diem is for girls only! And girls just wanna have fun. What we’ll going to do is a secret to the guys, so ladies: watch the Facebook event. Thursday 26th of April: Men’s Night And of course the guys would like to have a men’s night for them as well. No girls aloud. Of course it is obvious what they will do: drinking beer and talk about girls, cars and football (so just what they normally do). Have fun guys! Friday 27th of April: TGIF Thank God It’s Friday! Time to start the weekend. We will sell special beers for €2,-. The evening will start at 18.00 hrs. Come and celebrate the weekend with us! Saturday 28th of April: T-Day: Safari Park De Beekse Bergen This Safari Park close to Tilburg is awesome! It is now also nominated ‘Best day out in the Netherlands’. You can see the animals by foot or by boat. There is also a possibility to go by bus and drive between the giraffes, lions and zebra’s. More information will follow through Facebook.


I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume1 - Issue 7

Upcoming Events May

Thursday 3th of May: International Party The international party will start at 22:00h in Carpe Diem.

Sunday 6th of May: T-Day: Cycle Tour to Brewery La Trappe Brewery de Koningshoeven (the royal farms) is the only Trappist brewery in the Netherlands. Here, in cooperation with monks of the Abbey of O.L.V. van Koningshoeven all the La Trappe beers are being developed and brewed. We are going to have a cycle tour to the brewery, which is just outside of Tilburg. At the brewery we have a guided tour and everyone gets one consumption, there is a nice terrace where you can chill out and enjoy some more locally brewed La Trappe beers if you want. Watch the Facebook event for more information. Sunday 6th of May: Movie Night From 20:30h of on we’ll show a movie again on the big screen in Carpe Diem. This could be either a Dutch movie or an international cult movie. Wednesday 9th of May: I*ESN Pub Quiz IV Check how good you are in quizzes at the last quiz of I*ESN Tilburg of this semester. The monthly pub quiz is organized by the Pub Quiz Committee of I*ESN Tilburg and is always a lot of fun! It is free, for members only and your team can win awesome prizes. Sign up with your team of 6 students on the Facebook event wall. Thursday 10th of May: International Dinner and Thirsty Thursday Join the international dinner in Verbs 10 and sign up through an online form which is going to be online about 1 week before. The nationality this time will be China. Also Thirsty Thursday in Carpe Diem to have some cheap drinks before you hit the city center. Friday 11th of May: TGIF Thank God It’s Friday! Time to start the weekend. We will sell special beers for €2,-. It starts at 18.00! Friday 18th of May: Final Gala Celebrate the end of the semester together at the Final Gala in Villa Philharmonie in Tilburg. This is an awesome villa where we will close the semester in style. More information will follow soon. See you all soon! Cheers, Joyce Adriaensen Activities Coordinator I*ESN Tilburg

I*ESN Tilburg Magazine - Volume 1 - Issue 7


I*ESN Magazine Volume 1 Issue 7  

The April-edition of the I*ESN magazine Spring 2012

I*ESN Magazine Volume 1 Issue 7  

The April-edition of the I*ESN magazine Spring 2012