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Report Spanish Week Last week we had Spanish week. Miss Lucía came to our school to teach us Spanish. Every day, except for Friday, we had an activity. Monday we had drama. We first had a game-like-exercise, after that we got a Spanish fairy tale which we had to perform in groups. Tuesday we had a quiz. It was an English-like pub quiz about Spain. The plan was to have 10 rounds but because of a lack of time we only could do 7 rounds. There were questions about history, geography and Spanish expressions. There was also a ‘lemonade round’ in this round we did some other games and of course we got some lemonade. Wednesday we had a music lesson. We first listened to some typical Spanish songs and learned about the Spanish music instruments. After that we had an hour to practice a song, which everybody performed at the end of the lesson. Wednesday evening there was a Spanish party. Some people brought Spanish food and it all tasted very well.

At the end of the evening we even learned a dance. Thursday we had a sport lesson. We did tug of war and we played fives. All these activities were really nice. Every day we had Spanish lessons. We learned Spanish words and sentences that are related to time, food and feelings. Friday we did a game about everything we learned. We really liked the Spanish week and are looking forward to our trip to Spain! Greetings Zefrin and Naomï

Drama Activity For the Spanish week we, Carsten, Wytze, Bente, Lysbeth, Jorn and Evelien helped organising the drama activity on Monday afternoon together with one of our art teachers miss Brouwer. We had this idea of dividing a Spanish fairy tale into parts and play this in groups. We found a Catalan tale called the tale of the eternal water. Monday we brought some Spain related props to school and started the activity at 2 p.m. Miss Díaz didn’t know the story but it was fun anyway. We had to incorporate Spanish words into our plays and that was very funny. Monday we had only 2 hours of Spanish so we didn’t know that many things in Spanish. However Lucia was very willing to help us translating things. It was overall a very fun and active experience, and we liked all the other activities in the Spanish week, it was a peek into a different culture and language. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

From Carsten, Wytze, Bente, Lysbeth, Jorn and Evelien. (the drama group)

The Spanish week- Music activity Last week Miss Lucía came to our school to teach us Spanish, that was really nice! Of course a full week of Spanish lessons would be a bit too much so after two lessons of Spanish we had an activity. On Wednesday this was music and we ( Joyce, Marijke, Bente and Nynke) had to prepare this activity. We had already searched for some Spanish songs which we could practice during the lesson. A few examples of songs we picked are: •

Tengo la camisa negra

Vamos a la playa

Cada dos minutos

We had two hours to practice one of these songs with a small group. This was quite difficult because the Spanish was really fast, and believe us, if you have never spoken Spanish and you have no idea where it’s about it is almost impossible to sing along! Though, after a lot of practicing we guess we did it quite alright. At the end of the two hours we had to perform our songs. It was really nice to hear what everybody practiced. The performances were very different. You could tell everybody did their best and for only two hours of practicing it sounded quite alright. Different instruments were used and of course singing was a big part of the performances. It was really nice to learn about Spanish music and especially to sing and play it yourself. The Spanish week was a big success! Joyce: ‘I really loved the Spanish week, I learned a lot from the lessons and activities and I definitely look forward to going to Spain and meeting everybody!’ Marijke: ‘ I really enjoyed the Spanish music lesson! Although it was difficult to sing in Spanish, I think everybody prepared a beautiful song and did an nice performance.’ Bente: ‘I liked the Spanish week a lot. The Spanish lessons were really nice and the activities were great too. The party was very nice and I really liked it to taste all kind of Spanish food my classmates made. This week really made me more exited for our trip to Spain!’ Nynke: ‘I think the Spanish week was great! It’s nice to learn about the Spanish language and culture in so many different ways. From Spanish lessons to a party and everything in between.’ We want to thank miss Lucía for this great week and everybody else who helped to make this week possible. Thank you a lot, we had a great time!

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Sport Activity We, Rik, Anne-Rixt, Markus and Johannes organised a sports activity. In this activity we did a typical Spanish sport and a typical Frisian sport. As a Spanish sport, we planned on doing skittle and tug-of-war. As a Frisian sport, we chose “kaatsen”, because all four of us do this. We asked the local kaats-club whether we could borrow their field and materials and fortunately, we could! On Thursday 27th of March, the activity took place. Unfortunately, there was too much wind to play skittle. The tug-of-war could go on, and we had a lot of fun. We could get the materials from school. The “kaatsen” was also really fun, a lot of our class-mates had a lot of fun! Even miss Díaz participated. She’s a real kaats-talent! We now know more about the typical Spanish sports, and we enjoyed it! Greetings, Markus Zijlstra, Anne-Rixt Cnossen, Johannes Idsinga and Rik van der Gaast (from left to right on photo)

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