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2012. 8. 10

Seunghoon Lee, a president of Korean Game Developers Association

the main theme of KGC2012 is a ‘Smart Revolution’

How could Korea become a leader in the online game industry? In the 1980s~1990s, Korea is only a small country having no good developers. However, Korea has begun to take the initiative in the online game market in the 2000s. There has been a strong passion of Korean developers who stay up late to study the foreign books to make up for incapacity behind such a big success in a small country with no resources and much interests KGDA is a representative association of developers to protect their right and share useful information. It’s been a 10 years since KGDA founded officially in 2002, KGDA let the entire world know our great technical skills by holding KGC(Korea Games Conference) 2012 which is well known for the biggest conference for developers in Asia.

The new theme of this KGC having each theme every year is ‘Smart Revolution’: the reason why he chooses the theme is to both share the advancing future, new experience by smart phones and analyze the changes in the society and culture.

In an effort of KGC, KGC draws a huge international following with lots of participants all over the world comparable to traditional IT powerhouse’s conferences held in USA, Europe and Japan.

This KGC 2012, he is inviting world famous developers such as DICE (developers of Battle Field 3), Riot Games( developers of League of Legend), Valve, Bioshock, Infinity, planner and graphic developers, etc…

[‘Smart Revolution’, We lead the future] Seunghoon Lee, a president of Korean Game Developers Association (KGDA), says “I’m strongly sure KGC’s motto can be come true by worldfamous keynote speakers and best professionals suggesting a new definition toward the future of game. KGC 2012 will show the latest revolutionary technologies.

[A vision of ours is ‘Education’] Looking back to the beginning, we’d like to prepare a next 10 year for the bright future. We’ve been growing continuously since it was founded with an online community. KGDA is planning to suggest a new vision of education and interaction. We are going to let developers share information and interact each other like the beginning of KGDA, at the same time we’re trying to build a foundation to be a professional developer for students dreaming of being a developer.

It’s been 12 years since it started. It could be the best conference based on successful achievements over 11 years; KGC is always trying to do its best to step forward for the future, not for present. Seunghoon Lee, a president of KGDA, is ready to try not only basic duty casting highly skilled professionals as speakers but do various trials to meet participant needs such as an audience participation program, a special lecture and in-depth study dealing with a certain field. We’ll discuss what the role of games is and which way to go in the future and shed new light on the smart phone revolution taking games and culture step forward in 2012.

He said that It’s not only for the smart-phones and KGC don’t pay little attention to online games. We need to react current trends quickly, of course, it’s true that we tend to mainly focus on smart-phone issues but we’re going to balance with smart-phone and online games.” Because major engine developers are supposed to introduce their new technologies and we prepare professional speeches, I believe you can see lots of speeches about online games more than ever.

For this, KGDA makes a variety of educational programs. One of the educational programs is Using GameOven of NHN. Game Oven developed by NHN is an engine to develop online games: It helps everyone make the game easier once tje learner is educated. Although the engine was highly utilized and adopted as an event for competition, game development competition, it didn’t obtain a good result since enough education about how to use developer’s tool wasn’t done. He said that we are going to utilize GameOven in the public services, expand game’s reputation and it could a great first step to acquire highly qualified developers.