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Additional Official Title of IeSF 2012 World Championship [ Member Nation Reports ]

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Changes in BFES

The most crucial thing to be changed within our perceptions

by Bulgarian Federation of Electronic Sports

Aren4 to Launch new, Free to Use, Anti-Cheat by Portugal Federation

Ural Steel 2012 by RESF Secretary General, Constantine Surkont

Jay Shin International e-Sports Federation

IeSF Notice for Members Dear all members, We would like to remind you that the due for following documentations. Please note that the due for “Pre-Report” for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier was 31st of July, which has already passed. If you have not submitted the form, ‘Pre-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier’, please submit it at your earliest convenience. [ ZOOM IN]

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[Byeong-chan Lee, a lawyer]

Online Game marketplace comparison

“Mandatory Shutdown system, a bill that ignores the dignity of adolescents.”



‘Smart Revolution’

IeSF Newsletter - vol30

2012. 8. 10

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Cooperation with OCA As everyone knows, International e-Sports Federation is endeavoring to uplift the public confidence of e-sports globally as general sports, and to expand its realm. As part of this project, we have been preparing affiliation to Sport Accord, and we are close to the goal as we are done most of documentations. Since one of the requirements for application is having more than 40 member nations under the federation’s authority, however, we still have one big obstacle to jump over. In order to accomplish this mission, we have dedicated to develop new member nations. Then, it is entering new state as we have met Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). To explain background information, OCA had selected e-sports as demonstration discipline within the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in 2007, which is pre-event of Asian Games that is such Olympic-wise event among Asian nations. In 2009, at the 3rd Asian Indoor Games held in Vietnam, as e-sports had been raised as official title of the event, e-sports have been drawing attention of OCA. The 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games, Asian Indoor Games being integrated with formal Asian Martial Arts Games, is being held in Inceon Korea in 2013, and here e-sport is also included as official discipline. OCA, as hosting these events, has experienced sort of trouble in operation and technical manner within past events due to absence of international governing body for e-sports. Thus, OCA perceived IeSF as the official international governing body for e-sports, and requested support and advice for technical issues. There, we have provisionally made agreement between IeSF and OCA to cooperate in long term manner for e-sports in Asia as well as taking part in 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games as Technical Delegate for e-sports discipline. In accordance with this situation, many of National Olympic Committees from different Asian countries also increase their interest on e-sports, and spur to establish e-sports associations and federations in each country. Therefore, it commands to find prospect for IeSF to expand its membership in Asia region. This phenomenon and attention of international sports governing bodies toward e-sports is one good example reflecting future potential of e-sports. It is expected that e-sports may be able to establish solid foothold as formal sports in the near future. Global Data Online Game marketplace comparison

IeSF Notice for Members Dear all members, We would like to remind you that the due for following documentations. Please note that the due for “Pre-Report” for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier was 31st of July, which has already passed. If you have not submitted the form, ‘Pre-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier’, please submit it at your earliest convenience. Also, if you have any change for submitted information, please let us know immediately. Missing the due date shall be led to the disadvantage or obligation on scoring the invitational status. If you have further question on the invitation regulation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We expect you all to prepare well and cooperate in active manner. *Due dates: 1. Pre-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier : 31st July 2012 2. 2012 National Event Schedule: 2nd September 2012 3. Media Exposure Clipping for 2011 World Championship: 2nd September 2012 4. Post-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier: 2nd September 2012 5. Media Exposure Clipping for National Qualifier: 8th September 2012 Please note the due dates stated above, and do not miss the due.

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2012. 8. 10

IeSF Headline

Additional Official Title of IeSF 2012 World Championship (A.V.A) We, International e-Sports Federation (IeSF), hereby pleasurably announce the additional official titles for IeSF 2012 World Championship. A.V.A (Alliance of Variant Arms), which was one of official titles last year, has been added as one of official titles for IeSF 2012 World Championship for taking cover of FPS genre. A.V. A is the first exclusive online FPS Game developed by Red duck inc. and published by Neowiz Games Inc. As using Unreal 3.0 engine produced by Epic Games, it shows differentiated and realistic graphics that bring reality of battlefield and new concept of combat system. The “Match Rules” for A.V.A will be added to the IeSF 2012 World Championship “Rules of Tournament”, and sent to each member national associations via group e-mail. Also, there will be several more announcements regarding A.V.A European Online League and Asian Continental preliminary. Please stay tuned for additional announcement, and please note for the crucial items to prepare for participation.

For A.V.A European Online League, we are collecting participation application by 5th of August. So, for European members, please note the due date and submit the application in time. Hereby, we finalize selection of official titles for IeSF 2012 World Championship as StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ (BLIZZARD), TEKKEN (NAMCO BANDAI), and A.V.A (NEOWIZ GAMES).

Russia reports

Ural Steel 2012 by RESF Secretary General, Constantine Surkont

It's been the second time that Russian e-Sports Federation presents the Ural Steel international tournament in the World of Tanks videogame. 2011 saw the introduction of the Ural Steel tournament, a mighty eSport affair in which the best teams in the world, selected at online preliminaries, competed in Moscow for worship and good prizes. In 2011 the contest gathered more than 40000 players from 30 countries. This year, Ural Steel is bigger and better. Sixteen teams will be going to Moscow: four from North America, four from Europe, four from ex-USSR countries and this time four teams are from Asia.

The final battles will be held in Moscow 15-16 of September. Of course the question on each tankman's mind will surely be `Which teams have been chosen?' Well, that's still to be decided, and the method of selection is through huge tournaments on each WoT server! Registration is already opened and regulations are available at all the servers. Competitions are organized by the Wargaming company, Russian e-Sports Federation under the sponsorship of UralVagonZavod, one of the World biggest battle tanks producer.

Member Nation Reports

2012. 8. 10

Bulgaria reports

Changes in BFES by Bulgarian Federation of Electronic Sports

Bulgarian Federation for Electronic Sport held a general meeting at which were discussed and approved changes to the overall organization of e-sports competitions. The main point is that from now on the activities will be consistent with the established rules of sports qualifications and ranking. To participate in a game tournament, players must be members of sports clubs, which in turn have to be members of the federation. There will be a grace period in which new rules can be explored by players and their managers, which will allow registrations of individual players. The Bulgarian Federation of Electronic Sports will send invitations for national qualifications for international competitions in which BFES sents representatives to the players with most adequate statistics from the ranking system, formed on the regular competitions organized by BFES during the year. The detailed rules will be released in the coming days.

Portugal reports

Aren4 to Launch new, Free to Use, Anti-Cheat

The has released information about the upcoming Aren4 anti-cheat software featuring several games, including Call of Duty 4, one of the most popular eSports games. This software is being developed by a Dutch company in exclusivity for, using several patent technologies; this software has been in research for 4 years and has been tested by over 2.000 gamers, making this new software to be state-of-theart, with a detection rate over 95%. The most important about this software is that it will be free to use by anyone and by any competition or LAN event, requiring only a registration in Protecting the gamers and the games themselves is the main goal of this software, which will run independently in the gamer computer, streaming random screenshots to Aren4 servers after each match, and tracking any cheat software the user may attempt to run, automatically blocking the gamer from using the software again, for good. Yes, the bans will be permanent and will affect all games, not only the game where the cheater was caught using the cheats. The administration of Aren4 has informed us that they wish all events, external competitions and of course, their own competitions, that choose to use Aren4 Anti-Cheat as mandatory, to respect the bans for all games for the caught cheaters, excluding them completely from all eSports competitions worldwide, Online and LAN.

By doing this, it’s expected the attempts to cheat to be reduced dramatically, as it will be too risky for any gamer to attempt to bypass the software, as the simple attempt may immediately terminate his\her participation in any Competition, regardless the game. The public Beta of the software, which is going to be updated regularly by a dedicated and experienced Developers team, is set to be released this summer. Will this start a new era for cheaters-free eSports competitions? No one knows, but the collaboration from all eSports organizations is required to be a successful attempt.


2012. 8. 10

Seunghoon Lee, a president of Korean Game Developers Association

the main theme of KGC2012 is a ‘Smart Revolution’

How could Korea become a leader in the online game industry? In the 1980s~1990s, Korea is only a small country having no good developers. However, Korea has begun to take the initiative in the online game market in the 2000s. There has been a strong passion of Korean developers who stay up late to study the foreign books to make up for incapacity behind such a big success in a small country with no resources and much interests KGDA is a representative association of developers to protect their right and share useful information. It’s been a 10 years since KGDA founded officially in 2002, KGDA let the entire world know our great technical skills by holding KGC(Korea Games Conference) 2012 which is well known for the biggest conference for developers in Asia.

The new theme of this KGC having each theme every year is ‘Smart Revolution’: the reason why he chooses the theme is to both share the advancing future, new experience by smart phones and analyze the changes in the society and culture.

In an effort of KGC, KGC draws a huge international following with lots of participants all over the world comparable to traditional IT powerhouse’s conferences held in USA, Europe and Japan.

This KGC 2012, he is inviting world famous developers such as DICE (developers of Battle Field 3), Riot Games( developers of League of Legend), Valve, Bioshock, Infinity, planner and graphic developers, etc…

[‘Smart Revolution’, We lead the future] Seunghoon Lee, a president of Korean Game Developers Association (KGDA), says “I’m strongly sure KGC’s motto can be come true by worldfamous keynote speakers and best professionals suggesting a new definition toward the future of game. KGC 2012 will show the latest revolutionary technologies.

[A vision of ours is ‘Education’] Looking back to the beginning, we’d like to prepare a next 10 year for the bright future. We’ve been growing continuously since it was founded with an online community. KGDA is planning to suggest a new vision of education and interaction. We are going to let developers share information and interact each other like the beginning of KGDA, at the same time we’re trying to build a foundation to be a professional developer for students dreaming of being a developer.

It’s been 12 years since it started. It could be the best conference based on successful achievements over 11 years; KGC is always trying to do its best to step forward for the future, not for present. Seunghoon Lee, a president of KGDA, is ready to try not only basic duty casting highly skilled professionals as speakers but do various trials to meet participant needs such as an audience participation program, a special lecture and in-depth study dealing with a certain field. We’ll discuss what the role of games is and which way to go in the future and shed new light on the smart phone revolution taking games and culture step forward in 2012.

He said that It’s not only for the smart-phones and KGC don’t pay little attention to online games. We need to react current trends quickly, of course, it’s true that we tend to mainly focus on smart-phone issues but we’re going to balance with smart-phone and online games.” Because major engine developers are supposed to introduce their new technologies and we prepare professional speeches, I believe you can see lots of speeches about online games more than ever.

For this, KGDA makes a variety of educational programs. One of the educational programs is Using GameOven of NHN. Game Oven developed by NHN is an engine to develop online games: It helps everyone make the game easier once tje learner is educated. Although the engine was highly utilized and adopted as an event for competition, game development competition, it didn’t obtain a good result since enough education about how to use developer’s tool wasn’t done. He said that we are going to utilize GameOven in the public services, expand game’s reputation and it could a great first step to acquire highly qualified developers.

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2012. 8. 10

[Byeong-chan Lee, a lawyer]

“Mandatory Shutdown system, a bill that ignores the dignity of adolescents.” File a constitutional appeal in 2011… needs to allow teenager’s independence. “Needs to expand a chance to choose, not to restrict teenagers.” As of 1st of July, ‘Time selection system for game’ of Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism has gone into effect. ‘Time selection system for game’ called selective shutdown system comparable to mandatory shutdown system of Ministry of Gender Equality&Family is a bill that parents can choose their children’s time to play online games as they want and it’s for teenagers under 18. Some game officials appear to frown on the ‘Time selection system for game’ act because mandatory shutdown system based on revised Juvenile Protection is being implemented at the same time as of 20th of Nov, 2011. For months, Byeong-chan Lee, a lawyer, has sued adjudication on a constitutional complaint on mandatory shut down system of Ministry of Gender Equality&Family. He said, a mandatory shut down system is violation of constitution infringing upon the dignity of teenagers and the regulation of the bill is not matched with the purpose of the bill. Especially, he refutes all suggestions of the bill that games would cause violence and the game is the only source that teenagers can relieve their conflict in the society and suppressed feelings. He said that we should spread various entertainment cultures with appropriate regulation, not owe the game to the only cause of the game addiction. It’s been 8 months since the mandatory shut down system took effect and game companies didn’t express their opinions actively any more. He is still struggling to try to repeal the legislation in the indifference of the people toward the mandatory shut down system. Reporter: You are issued for suing adjudication on a constitutional complaint of the mandatory shut down system. It’s been exceptional for lawyer to lead this kind of case, not for game officials to lead this. Byeong-Chan Lee(Lawyer Lee): Social pressure on game industry has gotten stronger since last year. As a lawyer, I think I can help users and game developers who don’t know the law. I actively started to not only work for game related bills but for writing a column about the problem of current constitution. When I look back upon the time when the 18th national assembly decides whether they would pass the Juvenile Protection Act or not, I think we need to take a practical action. On 28th of Oct, 2011, I sued adjudication on a constitutional complaint on behalf of 2 parents and 1 teenager with helps from People’s Solitary for Culture. Although adjudication on a constitutional complaint is being conducted for months, it’s not easy for the bill to be changed. But I believe we can get right results through enough examination. Reporter: What is claimed about your case? Lawyer Lee: It’s about the mandatory shut down system infringing teenagers’ right. We have lots of proofs that there is no relation between a bill about game addiction and regulation on that. According to government’s definition, a game addiction means that it causes mental and physical damages by playing the games for a long time and people can’t keep everyday life. Playing games for a long time means both keeping playing games from midnight and playing games at any time in a day. However, a mandatory shut down system is a bill prohibiting users from playing computer games during a certain time. According to Ministry of Gender Equality&Family, it is possible to limit the time per day, but limiting a certain time zone from midnight to six is not matched with the original purpose of the bill. Additionally, a mandatory shut down system is repeating the strict restrictions even after the game is allowed for teenagers to play the game by Game Rating Board. If the content is harmful to teenagers, we should ban all. After allowing the game to release, it is irrational to prevent allowed games during a certain time zone.

Reporter: Some people say that the bill limiting the time for teenagers to play games lacks effectiveness. Lawyer Lee: Experts would take a different stance on whether the bill can prevent the game addiction or not. However, the availability of effectiveness itself is not important in terms of legislation. If necessary, it is right to legalize the bill despite of lots of loss compared to costs. It is true that teenagers who do like to play games can play the game using parent’s ID even the time limit for teenagers from midnight to six. I suggest that it doesn’t mean making the bill is unnecessary, but the bill itself is irrational and violation of the constitution. Reporter: A bill that parents can choose their children’s time to play online games as they want has conducted as of 1st of July Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. What do you think of that? Lawyer Lee: The big difference between a mandatory shut down system and time selection system for game is who takes the initiative to decide. Both bills are to lead teenagers to a better way. Even though each effect of game on teenagers is different, Ministry of Gender Equality&Family only judges results and then they block the access to games. It is a unilateral decision that ignores a right for teenagers to speak and infringes the dignity of human. Conversely, time selection system for game is positive in terms of parents and teenagers can come to an agreement about the time to play. For teenagers under 18, a legal representative can analyze the taste to play and take a proper action. This bill can also protect the dignity of human based on his or her right to select. It is natural that there have been lots of complaints and systemic problems in a transition period, because there is no bill like this kind and try to make a brand new system. Reporter: Adjudication on a constitutional complaint is still being conducted. Could you tell me your future plan? Lawyer Lee: I think my role is to try to change the negative bias on games in this society until I can get the positive result from the court. We had to face new challenges and had a hard time working with 3 bills including Cooling-off system by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. If the original purpose of the bill is to prevent teenagers from playing the games at night, we need to come up with various ideas and cultures for teenagers to entertain. We all should try to help teenagers spread their wings higher, relieving their stresses from the tough study.


2012. 8. 10

The most crucial thing to be changed within our perceptions

Jay Shin (Deputy Manager / International e-Sports Federation)

In many countries, there are diverse e-sports events being hosted with various format and game titles. Also, in order to prove that e-sports is one fine discipline compared to other sports disciplines, different parties such as associations, publishers and related organizations are cooperating. However, what are the fundamental elements of e-sports? Perhaps, they are players and general users who would like to be a professionally occupied to e-sports field. When I was working at Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA), I had designed and operated Korean national amateur tournaments. Hundreds of amateur gamers participated from 16 cities, and winners of the tournaments were awarded with prize money and license to become semi-professional gamers. I assume the basic concept would be same in other nations. But in case of Korea, the participation rate for amateur tournaments was certainly low. Purpose of participation is mostly prize money. If they become a progamer and advance to higher class of tournament, it means that there will be less opportunity for winning prize money as they are competing with better skilled players. As the result, these players may give up participating in higher level of tournament, and it makes fewer players compete in the tournaments as well as declining the quality of the tournaments.

In other sports, prize money is subsidiary matter. What matter is the honor derived from the result of one’s constant exertions. However, there is barley a case that a player feel honored by winning in e-sports tournament. This, perhaps, comes from negative perception of e-sports. Sometimes winning at an e-sports tournament is interpreted as being addicted to a game. As the players cannot see any honor into winning tournament, they become obsessed to the prize money, which will hinder the development of e-sports in the future. This is not simple issue to us who need to prove e-sports is one fine leisure culture as other sports. Eventually, we need to grant significance of participation into e-sports tournament on our own. Also, related parties shall collaborate for this issue. For example, giving opportunity to work at the related company or organizations to the winners will definitely motivate players. Giving additional point to the winners when they attempt to enter related college or company would be a good idea. As summarizing, it is important that all necessary parties organically cooperate to improve perception of e-sports, but it is also crucial that we change system to perceive and recognize players who are main subjects of e-sports. Root of all sports is a player.

The boy who loves bugs A boy had been living a little out from downtown, Tokyo. Lush green vegetation still remained in his neighborhood although Japan achieved the fastest economic growth in 1970s. He enjoyed hiking and swimming in his neighborhood. In his hometown, the traces of old town and the ruins of shelters still existed even though the World War II ended long time ago. He really liked bugs in this place. He liked to observe, and collect insects which he had learned from his biology class. He also liked to raise bugs inside bottles. He was also known as Dr. Bugs among his classmates. When he became a middle school student, the nature had been destroyed gradually for the industrialization. Bugs he loved and played with disappeared as well. Around the same time, video arcades were newly opened in the neighborhood. Away from bugs which he really liked, he started to delve further into video arcade. He spent much time and money playing video games. He went by the alias of ‘arcade hooligan’ at that time. He issued a game magazine “The game freak” by himself. It was based on his experience in video arcade in 1983 when he was a high school student. His magazine was sold out because it was for tips of winning arcade games. He also added illustrations in his magazine after working with a cartoonist. He hired more people and won game development contests. Otaku is a Japanese word used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga or video games.

The term Otaku is most often equivalent to geek. Differently from ‘mania’, it has a negative connotation showing the lack of social relations. The boy, who spent most of time playing with bugs and video games, is stereotyped as Otaku literally. By the way, here is a surprising thing. The boy, Tajiri Satoshi, created one of the most famous characters, “Pocket Monster” in the world. The Pocket Monster was a game software for “Game Boy” which was Nintendo’s first portable game console. Unlike Nintendo’s megahits such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong and etc, outsourcing company, the Game Freak developed everything for the Pocket Monster and sold it kim dong wook to Nintendo. Tajiri Satoshi proposed the Pocket Monster to Nintendo khgames director after researching Game Boy thoroughly, and finally seized the chance of publishing Pocket Monster in 1996. The Pocket Monster also had been sold as OSMU (One Source Multi Use) products. The movie, “The Pocket Monster: the first movie”, earned 85,700,000 US dollars with the amazing box-office record. Pocket Monster game series were sold over 300 million copies worldwide. It was also adapted into an anime cartoon which has been aired over 70 countries. The Pocket Monster is a big success. A geek who loves bugs and video games, surprised the whole world. Some people say, “The father of Pocket Monster, Tajiri Satoshi, changed negatives of otaku into good ones which are creative and innovative.”

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