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Plan for 1st International Referee Training Program [ Member Nation Reports ]

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Many meetings

The Hope

by President of Svenska Esportföreningen, Magnus Jonsson

Won-suk Oh, Secretary General of IeSF IeSF Notice for Members

Israeli eSport Championship 2012 by Nitzan Dikshtein

Russian eSport overview by RESF Secretary General, Constantine Surkont [ IeSF Global Data]

Total games spend 2010 - US Newzoo 2010

Dear all members! ar all members, We would like to remind you that the due for following documentations. Please note that the due for participation application was 30th of June which has already passed. If you have not submitted the form, ‘Estimated Number of Participation’, please submit it at your earliest convenience. Also, if you have any change for submitted information, please let us know immediately. [ ZOOM IN] [Gwacheon National Science Museum] Finding a new possibility of functional game through experience.

IeSF Newsletter - vol29

2012. 7. 10

IeSF Headline

Plan for 1st International Referee Training Program <Outline> IeSF has just finished the first draft of “Initial International e-Sports Referee Training Program”. This Program, as a part of global standardization project, has been designed to cultivate specialized referee resource for various global e-sports tournaments including IeSF World Championship for the future. This training curriculum has been designed with collaboration between IeSF Secretariat and Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA). It will commence in first half of 2013 as confirming it with our members at Euro / Asia Conferences and IeSF 2012 General Meeting. <Plan for 1st international referee training program > The initial referee training program will be operated with the trainees selected from each member nation, who are experienced with related occupation or used to be e-sports player, and have English language skill. These selected trainees will take classes for basic curriculums such as ‘introduction to e-sports’, ‘Refinement of referee’, ‘Analysis of sample tournaments’, ‘Role Playing, and etc. Also, they will have filed activities through observing ‘Professional League’ hosted by KeSPA. Those who completed course as passing the written test and Role Playing test will obtain the license for initial IeSF international referee through the certification system. <Vision> These international referees being cultivated initially, beyond the realm of national e-sports referee representing own country, will take a role as instructor who can cultivate official referees in each country. Initially, these qualified referees will operate IeSF 2013 World Championship and its national qualifiers, and will take the central role for the Global Online League in the future. Also, through the curriculum of IeSF international referee training program, they will assume full charge of referee training program at the national level as well as supervising national referees with each National Association. IeSF is planning to maximize utilization of these initial international referees as partnering with other e-sports parties in the future. Global Data

IeSF Notice for Members Dear all members, We would like to remind you that the due for following documentations. Please note that the due for participation application was 30th of June which has already passed. If you have not submitted the form, ‘Estimated Number of Participation’, please submit it at your earliest convenience. Also, if you have any change for submitted information, please let us know immediately. This is very important for us to arrange number of necessary accommodations. So, please note that negligence of submitting this document may result any disadvantage for accommodation at the World Championship. Also, the due for ‘Pre-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier’ is on 31st of July. Please note the due and do not miss it. Missing the due date shall be led to the disadvantage or obligation on scoring the invitational status. If you have further question on the invitation regulation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We expect you all to prepare well and cooperate in active manner. *Due dates: 1. Estimated Number of Participants: 30th of June 2012 2. Pre-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier : 31st July 2012 3. 2012 National Event Schedule: 2nd September 2012 4. Media Exposure Clipping for 2011 World Championship: 2nd September 2012 5. Post-Report for IeSF 2012 National Qualifier: 2nd September 2012 6. Media Exposure Clipping for National Qualifier: 8th September 2012 Please note the due dates stated above, and do not miss the due.

Member Nation Reports

2012. 7. 10

Sweden Reports

Many meetings by President of Svenska E-sportfรถreningen, Magnus Jonsson

Yes, I stole that headline from the book The Fellowship of the Ring. You remember? When Frodo and the other hobbits reach Rivendell? Sometimes I feel I am in a fantasy novel myself. Last weekend I attended DreamHack, the world's largest computer festival. To be able to just travel down to Jรถnkรถping and for a couple of days experience all the best that e-sports has to deliver, that is a fantasy come true. When I attend DreamHack it is not purely for fun, I always make sure to have a few meetings as well, although most meetings are entertaining as well. This event I was not alone as the chairman of a national e-sport organisation: Silviu Stroie from Romaina, Dario Salice from Switzerland and Teemu Hiilinen from Finland also attended. The four of us sat down for dinner one night and had a long discussion covering topics like the IeSF, our national organisations, DreamHack and recent news in the world of e-sports. It is always great to meet other people doing the same thing you do, specially since we all do it in different ways. We all have different priorities and different views on events, but in the end we all aim for the same goal: A world where e-sports is recognized as a real sport, with tournaments everywhere following the same rules, all with educated referees and in collaboration with each other.

This might sound a bit like the fantasy world again, but every year, every event, I feel that fantasy world getting closer and closer, more and more real. We may not be a council deciding on how to destroy evil and save the world, but whether we like it or not we are all part of a council trying to make e-sports better. And that council is not made up of just me, Silviu, Dario and Teemu. It's not even restricted to the IeSF and its members. This council includes everyone of us. Every player, every referee and every writer on an e-sport website. As a side note: The day after DreamHack Swedish Radio called me up to do an interview. I talked about e-sports and how it's not recognized as an official sport in Sweden. Swedish Radio then called up the president of the Swedish national federation of sports and asked for her opinion on e-sports. Now, she did not invite e-sports to become a member tomorrow, but she did not say that could never become one either. Who knows, maybe that fantasy can come true as well? In any case, the fellowship of e-sport marches on, growing bigger and bigger. And some day we will reach that horizon. Together.

Israel Reports

Israeli e-Sport Championship 2012 by Nitzan Dikshtein The IeSA is happy to announce the "Israeli e-Sport Championship" that will take place in Hod-Hasharon City at the 22/8/2012. The event will be the biggest Gaming & e-Sports event ever made in Israel, and we at the IeSA team estimate about 7,000 players and spectators will attend. The event will host the IeSF qualifiers in Israel and over 10 e-Sports and casual titles tournaments in the most popular games (CS 1.6, SC2, COD, BF, PES, FIFA etc). Intel Israel has already signed a contract as the main sponsor for the event, and we are currently in touch with many more commercial companies that wish to contribute to the event. The championship event site will be a Facebook application in order to maximize the exposure among the youth. The IeSA is in the final stages of completing our main website, which will be launched in the beginning of July. The site will be a facebook application, and will include all the information regarding the IeSA, The IeSF, its members and general information regarding the eSport around the world and in Israel. Summer IeSA tournaments The summer has come, and with it the summer vacation. Due to that, the IeSA will host dozens of e-Sport tournaments at Game-Freak Electronic Sports and Gaming Club for children and teenagers including popular titles and brands such as CS, CS2, COD, FIFA, Tekken, BF and more.

Member Nation Reports

2012. 7. 10

Russia Reports

Russian e-Sport overview by RESF Secretary General, Constantine Surkont

In the second quarter of the year 2012, there took place a few events in different cities. On 8 April Astrakhan filiation of RESF held Caspian Cup on Counter Strike 1.6. The strongest teams from Astrakhan, Dagestan, Saratov, Kalmykia and Chechnya participated. The first place was taken by the Akatsuki crew consisted of players from Astrakhan and Kalmykia. The guys from Grozny (Chechnya) took the second place. Here’s a small movie made by an enthusiast: DU9VJ_4xXyM On April 21 and May 12 Kursk filiation of RESF carried out two open tournaments: DotA 5x5 and Counter Strike 1.6. 5x5. About 70 teams from Kursk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Orel and other smaller cities played. The first place in DotA was taken by the Belgorod team. All the prizes in CS stayed in Kursk. The competitions took place in the sport facility of South-Western State University. One of the tournaments video that shows the place and participants is also placed at the Youtube service: 26-27 April in Moscow State Technological University “Stankin“ for the fourth time there was held a regular e-sport festival. The “Stankin” University has a strong partnership with RESF. It’s the place where we have e-Sport Laboratory, based on 40 PCs that meant to carry out both e-sport contests and e-sportsmen researches (physical and psycholoic). And it is the place where already the fourth e-sport festival took place. As well somehow it helps the University to attract new enrollees. Previous festivals were: – December 2010, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the University; – April 2011, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the firs manned flight into space; – November 2011, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Moscow battle. Each time festival consists of competitions, show-matches, game devices promotion and symposium where people from various institutions and organizations have reports and discussions on issues related to the e-sport and videogaming. This time the festival was just named “New World” and contained competitions on CS1.6 5x5, SC2 1x1, Dirt3, WoT 5x5 and QL 1x1. Also usual symposium took place where were made a few reports by specialists from the following institutions and organizations: Moscow State Technical University “Stankin”, Russian State University of Physical Education (IT Department), Russian e-Sports Federation, Moscow State University (Faculty of Psychology). Two special guests of the symposium were Oleg Maddox – creator of IL-2 Sturmovik and Aleksey Kylasov advisor of IMSA President.


2012. 7. 10

Markus Oster, a vice president of Koelnmesse GmbH

Gamescom 2012 jumping up to be a world famous game show

- The Republic of Korea in 2012, an official partner country selected by Gamescom - Free registration for 10 companies through Kocca (Korea Creative Content Agency) The reason why gamers pay attention to the international game show is to have the opportunity to see and experience next new titles in advance developed by world-famous companies. However, in the middle of 2000s, world famous game shows like E3 and TGS began to focus on business riffle effect, paying much attention to B2B focused business and downsizing B2C sharply. Gamescom to be held in Cologne, Germany is the biggest game show in Europe with over 250,000 visitors all over the world. What’s notable is that Gamescom concentrates more on B2C compared to E3 or TGS, users can enjoy the interactive exhibits. Due to this, the largest number of visitors has always been high. Gamescom 2011 was held for 4days from Thursday, 18thof August, 2011 to Sunday, 21st of August, 2011 and the highest ever number of visitors was recorded. About 20,000 more people joined Gamescom 2011(275,000 people) compared with the figures in 2010(254,000 people). The number of exhibitors was also highest ever with 557 companies from 39 countries exhibiting their games at the Gamescom 2011. Gamescom has been highly successful that the number of media officials has grown by 13 percent from 4400 to 5000 and the number of company officials was increased with 21,400 people from 70 countries. [South Korea, a partner country with win-win strategy] "'Gamescom 2012" goes into the partnership with Korea following Canada, the United Kingdom in partnership and they have been able to set up the base in Asia. We’re going to grow as a competitive game show in the field of mobile and online game through a partnership with South Korea. Gamescom 2012 will be held in upcoming August and they are planning to represent an increasing share of mobile and online games.

A game show held in Europe, which used to focus on console traditionally, is changing their interest into mobile and online game market. As smart-phone penetration in Europe is expanding rapidly and awareness of online games are changed, these two lead to the growth in the stagnant Europe market. To keep up with this trend, Gamescom is concentrating on online and mobile game in partnership with South Korea. Markus Oster, a vice president of Koelnmesse GmbH, said that especially Gamescom 2012 will draw global attention as the largest ever event this year. Korea in partnership will be given various benefits. To increase participation of smart-phone and online game companies, we have had actually increased the spaces about 15 to 20 percent more compared with last year. There is an special offer such as special exhibition space for Kocca(Korea Creative Content Agency), small Korean companies and no registration fee. [Maximizing B2B business] Oster said, "Until now, Gamescom has been famous for user-oriented game show, but we have made lot of accomplishment comparable with E3 and TGS. It seems that Gamescom has basically valued the interaction with users by operating a large B2C zone. But, in fact, it’ll be a great opportunity to take over emerging European market with business matching at the 2 big B2B zone. Markus Oster, a vice president of Koelnmesse GmbH, said that Gamescom is operating a variety of plans to expand assistance programs for B2B business matching. This is a perfect opportunity to let users and local publishers inform your company. He is traveling around the world to inform Gamescom to media all over the world. Thus, as game companies make a quick decision to participate in Gamescom, more opportunities will be given to the company during his media tour. In addition, performance could be maximized according to its booth concept. He said “we do hope Gamescom takes a step forward with South Korea, a partner country and it’ll be a great chance to discover the potential of Korean games in Europe.

zoom in

2012. 7. 10

[Gwacheon National Science Museum]

The 3rd Online Math Game Contest Finding a new possibility of functional game through experience.

“The 3rd Online Math Game Contest” hosted by Gwacheon National Science Museum and sponsored by Ministry of Education, science and technology is held at central hall, a special stage of Gwacheon National Science Museum. For Gwacheon National Science Museum to make mathematics easier to study, the tournament was prepared to drive. By order of online registry of 20,000 students per grade(3rd~6th), a total of 80,000 students participated in the contest and 50 people per grade, the finals with a total of 200 students were carried out through the preliminaries online on 23th of June. Winners of “The 3rd math games online contest” will get various benefits. International Science experiential learning opportunities for 4 students are provided with the winners who get the grand prize called Ministry Science and Technology. Prizes and souvenirs including a laptop are also offered for winners. Parents of Soo-yeon Lee, Elementary school student in Pohang, attended this tournament and said "I’m so pleased to find out there would be alternatives like functional games because I have been so worried that my children always play the computer games a lot. I’m happy to know my children can enjoy the difficult math through this contest as well." A teacher in Kyeongkido, South Korea, said "It’s definitely true that study materials for after-school learning were insufficient. Through the tournament, I can make the students be motivated to learn and there would be no doubt that it could an important learning experience. Sun-ok Lee hosting this event, a general manger of Gwacheon National Science Museum, said “This event could be successfully finished thanks to everybody’s participation including the public, organizations and schools."We are going to continue to hold this kind of competitions regularly to change public recognition of functional games. Gwacheon National Science Museum has a plan to hold Functional Game Contest continuously in the field of science and mathematics, encouraging students to experience science and mathematics to promote easy approaches. Interview - [Eun-chul Choi, the head of Gwacheon National Science Museum] Eun-chul Choi said "Game is a part of our life. But lots of parents are worried about negative recognition in this society. We, Gwacheon National Science Museum, are putting great emphasizes on positive effects good for not only improving study ability but contributing to education and culture. The most noticeable changes while doing this project are a viewpoint of school parents on games.” The only thing parents have in their mind was the video arcade. They used to think there were many juvenile delinquents and teen wrecks in the video arcade. However, they start to know their son and daughter can feel a sense of achievement through functional games when functional game competition begins. The functional game competition would enhance student’s academic achievements and change negative recognition on games of parents. As parents change their negative recognition on games, it makes more chances and time to talk with their son and daughter. It could be another great medium to draw a dialogue between children and parents besides educational effects of functional game. National Science Museum is going to come up with the valuable idea about the future of functional game by analyzing educational course and by adding interesting factors. As it can increase the possibility to have a conversation between children and parents more often and freely, a lot of problems based on a lack of communication could be solved well. He is expecting unexpected results that have never happened before. He said “We’ll offer a great place for studying smart science online and offline by making people experience and apply the latest technology, not only for displaying it passively. He’s aiming at making children’s dream come true easier by functional games.


2012. 7. 10

The Hope For those who have been carrying on one area, they have a unique aura of their own. Even if they do not show off themselves, we can strongly feel their presence. I wish there were more of such people in this e-sports field. When I just jumped in this field, action was used to come before thought. Within the experiences of noisy farce, it was somehow wearing out, but could be overcome with youthfulness. Since I decided this journey with irresistible impulse, a tiny possibility came to me as a hope. Now, as becoming mature, it sometimes comes as scare of blazing a trail Won-suk Oh Secretary General of IeSF not taken. When there is nothing to benchmark, sometimes I fall into anxiety whether it may turn to be an irrevocable regret. Even if the direction was right, but if the result does not meet the expectation, it is my retribution that I should feel sorry for my colleagues who has supported me with no condition. Anyhow, the reason why I still stay in this field no matter how it is apprehensive is that I love this work and continuously have a hope regardless of success or fail. Since I have been inured to sales of tangible productions for 17 years before I started working in e-sports field, I took it easy to demonstrate my specialty in sales in this field as well. However, it was tough from the very beginning. Initially, e-sports may not be the production which can make business relation in normal manner within general market. Thus, I sometimes fell into despair. By the way, even in this desperate situation, my conviction oddly has become sounder, and I have continuously endeavored to give shape to the conviction. It may be impertinent, but I grape for the aura mentioned above since I have never given up for the hope. e-Sports have had a lot of change as compared to end of 90’s. However, for the past 10 years, there was no remarkable change compared to normal productions in genera market. Perhaps, the reason is one of following two: (a) low demands in the market, (b) or there still are demands, but making wrong productions. We need to diagnose precisely, but the specialist in this field seems that they do not even know their feet have fallen into a swamp. Therefore, the evaluation from external side rather than internal side is necessary for assessing how the status is, how to resolve if it has gone wrong, how much time and expense are necessary, or how fast we need to change if it is simply matter of speed. Anyways, there should be a remedy taken. Recently, I met personnel from Olympic Council of Asia for the issue of Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games which is sort of pre-event of Asian Games. I introduced us, and they showed intense interest. There, I came up with an idea that we may be able to create one fine model as cooperating with existing sports bodies.

We agreed on the continuous future cooperation. However, although all these ideas fly further as advanced to the future, I still feel that we are yet little too weak to start conversation with them on the advanced issue. In my opinion, it would be effective to utilize structure and network of the sports bodies within the relation with them since our resource and infrastructure are not yet sufficient. Fortunately, I have a hope that we may be able to derive their support more easily as 2014 Asian Games is being held in Korea. The opportunity should be seized when it comes, but it is pity that our action and though are not yet fully following the mission. Some tragic news that we hear recently makes us enervated. General game industry including e-sports market is appealing thirst for the vision. It seems that we are stuck in the philosophical issue where we should be heading to in the future. Now, I think that we need to prepare for the protracted war. Rather than a short term remedy or one depended on fortune, it is time to consolidate the sound foundation based on validity. The structure of the IeSF, also, needs to be systemized for our members to receive substantial support and recognition from their governments. Once we systemize it as planned, it will allow more detailed growth with long term autogenous ability. I assume that we can derive support of international sports bodies to establish this structure if necessary. In this perspective, recent cooperation with Olympic Council of Asia is very encouraging incident. The market of e-sports is now having a hard time. However, due to the hardness, it derives self-purification and restructuring. One of the main issues in this field is that fine human resources who have accumulated experiences in this field are moving to other industries. Since they have know-how accumulated within the long period, this phenomena will impact this market hugely in the future. Thus, in this maelstrom of sudden changes, we should make them remain in this field. If we seize the opportunity to collaborate with the institutionalized international sports bodies, it surely will be the fine breakthrough for them. If there is anything that IeSF can take part, we will certainly take the role actively. Recently, I sometimes think that there is no eternal blue ocean. Some blue ocean shortly turns to be red, and some red turns to be blue again. There seems no eternal blue or red. It is hard time now, but I have no doubt with this field to become shinny someday. I run again to change the earnest wish to hope, and to change the hope to the reality.

Traditional games were changed into the game ‘Domino’ is the game falling hundreds of blocks in a row. Originally, there are various ways to play the game by arranging numbers such as ‘Draw’, ‘Block’, ‘Metadors’. It’s not so long that a way of play like falling blocks has been made in 1970s. In the 14th century, the Chinese pass the Domino Game to Persians: this is how ‘L Traft’ is made among them. After meaning ‘know each other’s cards’, its name was changed into ‘All Kirate’, people called it ‘Okey’ as passed on by word of mouth by combining it with foreign languages, not sure when it was called. ‘Okey’ was handed down to Turks, ‘Okey’ becomes a traditional game in Turkey by spreading its popularity from the palace of the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century to the public. ‘Okey’ is a common game that everyone can enjoy playing like our Hwatu(a common game in South Korea). The third top-selling board game in the world is ‘Rummikub’ like a son of ‘Okey’. Eparaim Hereujjano, a Jew from Romania in the early 1930s', made ‘Rummikub’ by mixing Mahjong, Dominoes and Chess based on ‘Okey’. It has very similar way with ‘Okey’ that someone can win if someone finds a series of rules at first. In Europe, It becomes so popular that the world championship is held every three years. 'Peak Games' located in Istanbul, Turkey, a social game publishers, announced they are now the third biggest social game company with 30 million monthly active users and 9.7 million daily active users.

‘Okey’ is the most popular social game operated by the company. A majority of population in Turkey (approximately 3,750 million) is using the internet and most of them are into Facebook. Even though 'Okey' is serviced only in Turkish, monthly users are large enough to break through the 400 million. Their special strategy is to apply their traditional game to the game in advance. In addition, they’ve already achieved market dominance in the new emerging market like Middle East and North Africa since they provided social game service in advance. They specialized in researching and kim dong wook developing materials based on thorough analysis of local cultures and khgames director customs. They took over Saudi Arabia’s social game developers called 'Kalmana Games' last February and started to open game studios in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Germany and Spain etc. It is surprising that the first quarter of this year's revenue exceeded 10 times more than last year’s whole profits as a result of well-calculated strategy and rapid business development. As competition is getting tougher, lot of companies think that launching their business in the global market is the only way to achieve success like a breakthrough. However, ‘Peak Games’ proves that there is no need to be tied to the mainstream market. In addition, it seems that thorough understanding about local traditional games from unfamiliar foreign countries is the key factor of global success.


2012. 7. 10

Justification for e-sports to become a discipline of sports

Recently, one of the main goals of IeSF is sports-wise of e-sports through affiliation to Sport Accord. However, many parties related to game industry question on this project, whether esports can certainly become a discipline of sports. It is also often asked what benefits e-sports field may take from it. The trend of world e-sports in 2012 shows a phenomenon that the tournaments directly hosted by game developers are increasing compared to past years the tournaments hosted by organizers including IeSF were ruling. Blizzard and Riot Games who are global major e-sports publishers announced that they are hosting world championships of their main titles, ‘Starcraft II’ and ‘League of Legends’. It seems that these publishers made decision that it would more beneficial to host tournament for their titles. This may reflect that the organizers of e-sports tournament have not providing benefits sufficiently. What if these publishers successfully settle down their own events as new paradigm of e-sports tournament? It will narrow down the position of organizers, and derive questions about the needs of organizers. Then, what are the benefits that each national e-sports associations or IeSF can provide publishers? We may be able to find it in sports-wise of e-sports. The most controversial issue of publishers is perhaps negative perception toward games. Currently, many countries recognize the industrial value of games and attempt to raise the game industry. On the other hand, it is still fact that negative perception toward games is prevalent in our society. Publishers have been continuously endeavoring to seek for solution through e-sports. Publishers and organizers have been hosting massive e-sports event, and professional teams are raised with sponsorship of huge companies as a part of sports-wise project in Korea.

These were attempts to show the positive aspect of games; however, it doubts the negative perception would diminish in spite of these attempts. There is no such person who blame on kids who wants to be players of popular sports such as soccer or baseball, that they are wasting time instead of studying. The reason that there is somewhat dignity on these sports disciplines which may be able to be perceived as simple ball playing is authority of sports, and affiliation to ‘ Sport Accord’ is the first step of ours to make esports recognized as a sports discipline. If IeSF enters the realm of established institutions for sports, IeSF and member national associations as well as related publishers can obtain positive effects to improve the perception of people toward games. This is vision for IeSF and all member national associations as well as answer for needs of publishers which attempt to make games recognized as a leisure culture at the same time. Publishers can secure the stable market based on sports-wised e-sports, and boost up their social actions which attempts to reduce negative perception toward games. There is no such way that a tournament or a national association can be operated without games. All e-sports activities are based on participation of fine game titles. However, the tournaments hosted by organizers in the past have been nothing but aid for promotion of publishers, and now these publishers are trying to host the tournaments on their own. The associations and federations for e-sports should no longer be the organizer of the tournaments. They should conduct things that publishers cannot do or they wants to resolve, and it is only feasible when IeSF secure the authority as an official sports body through affiliation to Sport Accord.

IeSF Deputy Manager, Jay Shin

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