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3rd FIFA 11 Championship for Youth Clubs

Inspiration from Golf TV

by Niels Thornberg

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On April 31th eSport Danmark is hosting the 3rd annual national championship in FIFA 11 for Youth Clubs in Denmark. Like last year, 256 players from all over Denmark will travel to Odense to play in the tournament. The Tournament will begin at 10am with 64 groups of 4 players competing against each other. The two best players from each group will proceed into the playoffs and finishing with the final at 5pm. The winner will receive a PlayStation 3 for his or hers local youth club. “The tournament is an important part of eSport Danmark. It is important for us, that we support the local youth clubs and inspire them to compete and embrace eSport.” Says Jens Christian Ringdal, President of eSport Danmark. EA Denmark is one of the main contributors behind the tournament along with the youth organization Ungdomsringen (Youth circle). Ungdomsringen has

140.000 members divided between 1040 clubs in Denmark.


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eSport Soccer Cup 11

Member Nations‟ News Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC People of the month

by Almud Auner

On March 25 and 26, the fourth annual eSport Soccer Cup took place in Vienna, Austria. Hosted by „Power Generation“, a youth initiative of Vienna‟s municipal utilities for the first time, it attracted a record number of around 500 young visitors. All tournaments were supervised by certified ESVOE (Austrian eSport association) referees.


Two FIFA 11 single tourneys were held on Xbox 360, one of which included four qualifying rounds on Friday and the finals on Saturday as scheduled, the other was organized spontaneously without a qualifying to accommodate the unexpectedly high number of interested players who missed the deadline of the former. The winners‟ podium of the scheduled 1-on-1 contest: 1st place: Daniel 2nd place: Typisch Andi 3rd place: Mr. Coll Saturday‟s FIFA 11 2-on-2 tourney on PlayStation 3 yielded this result: 1st place: Glatze & Poco 2nd place: Selfman & Gamie 3rd place: Gimli & N3CO A Gran Turismo 5 contest in racing seats also took place, the fastest time over both days secured GTRaser a repeat victory in the Cup‟s annually alternating racing game. The supporting program included a Kinect station, public Xbox stations and a “Power Bike” setup, where two contestants ride real bikes on a virtual track.


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Romania Nat‟l Counter-Strike League Season 28

Member Nations‟ News

by Silviu Stroie

Inspiration from Golf TV

The 28th Season of the Romanian National Trend in the World Today

Counter-Strike League will kick-off on April The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC

2nd. We estimate around 200 teams will People of the month Notice

compete in this new season, for prizes and qualifying slots for the WCG 2011 Romania National Final. The prizes for the 28 Season are : 2000 EURO cash + 2000 EURO as hardware prizes offered by the official sponsor - Raptor Gaming. There will be also side events during this season, Steel Series Romanian Cup - 1500 EURO hardware prizes and also Cooler Master Player of the Week, handing out 1000 EURO in

hardware prizes. Best 32 teams in this season will also obtain a direct slot in this year WCG Romania National Final, which will take place somewhere in July/August. For the 10th year in a row, Romania will send a Counter-Strike team to the World Cyber Games Grand Final.

Inspiration from Golf TV edited by Alex Lim

As reading golf journal from the Wall Street Journal, an article just captivated my eyes and gave me „Ah-ha‟ moment. So, I hereby share the idea with our members. As you may see from the article below, Golf has been successfully emerged on broadcasting. Although current status of e-Sports on broadcasting is not quite satisfying the viewers demands, it still has opportunities, as inspired by what golf has achieved, since we cannot underestimate the hanger that e-sports fans have for e-sports on television. Please take a moment to think about it and note that the article below is extracted from “ Golf on television gets supersized” by John Paul on Wall Street Journal Asia Edition on 5th of March 2011.

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In this Issue: Member Nations‟ News Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC People of the month Notice

“ Golf on television gets supersized” by John Paul It is hazardous to underestimate the hunger that golf fans have for golf on television. This goes back to at least 1953, when promoter George S. May offered a preposterously high $25,000 to the winner of the first nationally televised golf tournament at his country club outside Chicago. Critics scoffed that golf on television wouldn’t even be watchable. But cameramen proved quite adept at capturing the tiny ball in the sky. Then along came Arnold Palmer and color TV. In 1995, they scoffed again that a 24-hour golf cable channel had no chance of succeeding. The Golf Channel, founded that year by Palmer and Alabama entrepreneur Joe Gibbs, now reaches 82 million households in the US Comcast acquired control in 2001 and last year the channel enjoyed a cash-flow margin of 36% on $291 million in revenue, according to SNL Kagan Media. Now Golf Channel is merging with NBC Sports as part of Comcast’s deal to buy control of NBC Universal, which closed Jan 28. The viewing public might well scoff again at the notion that Golf Channel can drill any deeper. It already offers live coverage if the PGA, LPGA, Champions, Nationwide and European PGA tours, plus umpteen hours of instruction and punditry and series that cater to every taste, from Rush Limbaugh suffering instruction at the hands of coach Hank Haney to “Golf’s Amazing Videos.” But we mock at our peril. Ratings for mostly early-round PGA Tour coverage on the newly designated “Golf Channel powered by NBC Sports” are up 59% this year, even without much help from Tiger Woods. Weekend ratings for NBC’s first Tour event of 2011 were up 71% over 2010. NBC, which will also broadcast the next five Tour events, has deployed a dual Golf Channel-NBC logo. Golf Channel is a kind of demonstration project, hinting at how the newly created sports juggernaut may aggressively cross-pollinate and colonize Comcast’s other properties, including the NHL, Ultimate Fighting and college sports on the Versus channel. Not the NFL, maybe, but a potential all-sports rivalry with ESPN/ABC could be in the making. One thing seems likely: NBC Universal’s hunger to fill the maw of its combined golf property won’t hurt the PGA Tour’s negotiating position later this year when it begins talks with the broadcast networks about new contracts for 2013 and beyond. The Tour’s current 15-year deal with the Golf Channel ends in 2021.


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The Trend in the World Today “Brainwaves” substitute hands for games

Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC People of the month Notice

edited by Alex Lim

The technology which supports playing games with mind instead of using keyboard or joystick has been successfully deployed on a commercial scale.

“Brainwaves actuator for Games” has been successfully developed by So-So Games (Korea) and Bandai Namco (Japan) as a joint force. Brainwaves actuator for Games, as a device supports to play game only with brainwaves, is a type of „Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)‟ technologies which control electronic device with analyzing electric signals from brain when people think. So-So Games has launched a PC game applying BCI, „World Trip‟. This game is to get to destination in limited time through obstacles with navigating a plane by quantity of SRM wave. Since this game is expected to have positive effect on development of intelligence such as BCI PC Game “World Trip” by So-So Games

concentration, the related market shows

huge interest on it. , the company is preparing expansion to development of functional games for intelligence development and dementia prevention. Also, using BCI technologies, the day for the paralyzed controlling electronic

devices by brainwaves is getting closer. Research team at Geio University in Japan has achieved to make movement of character in virtual reality game, “Second Life”, only with brainwaves.

“Second Life” Operation Test by Geio Univ.

The testee wears brainwave detecting headgear connected to PC and command movement to the game character. Then, the game character moves and turns left and right by transmitted signal of brainwaves. This type of experiment has been conducted in the past, but it was up to level of moving cursor on PC monitor. Since this is first time ever to move the game character, the result is quite inspiring. The man in charge of this research at Geio University commented that many of paralyzed people may be able to communicate or do shopping in the real life with long term development of this technology. Quote:


In this Issue: Member Nations‟ News Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today

Mobile Games equipped with trendy game engines edited by Alex Lim

Currently, some of Mobile games are drawing attentions in the game market as showing off the quality as fine as games for console or portable devices. Such that even developers are astonished, excellence of quality is very impressing. The

The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC

common point of these games is precisely the adoption of game engine optimized

People of the month

to mobile environment. This shows the phenomenon which game engine is


permeating to the mobile market beyond PC and console market. “Infinity




Entertainment Group has launched last September




Engine”. This is counted as hot issued piece as much as “Angry birds”

regarding its sound graphic and stability of direction which have never “Infinity Blade” with „Mobile Unreal Engine‟

been shown among mobile games.

The most inspiring aspect is evolution of the mobile game since it cross the line of console and portable games which was expected unable to overcome the line of naive level of graphic. Despite the slight difference of specifications, degree of perfection has inclined in wide range. There is no doubt to name it the true “next generation”. This obviously became the example enlightening mobile game developers to realize the importance of the game engine. For some petty mobile game developers who has environment unfamiliar with game engines, the mobile game engine might be considered as just “expensive device”. Even considering online game business, adoption of game engine has been just 5 years. However, for the mobile game market recently spotlighted as Blue Ocean, expert‟s eyes expect that utilization of game engine will be the representative tool for upgrading level of developers and games. Jeremy Mustard, the director of Chair Entertainment Group, said “revolutionary attempt required to be taken to challenge the limitations of mobile games. Finally, the application of the mobile game engine has become one fine decision satisfying users and improvement of game quality.” In other words, application of the mobile game engine is very attractive in the aspect to improve environment of game development and level of mobile games. Quote:


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The Host city of IeSF 2011World Championship

Member Nations‟ News Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC

by Alex Lim

As the host city of IeSF 2011 World Championship has finally been selected, we would like to share the information with all of our members. So, we hereby announce that IeSF 2011 World Championship will be held at Andong City, Korea. For your information, we would like to introduce the host city, Andong, to

People of the month

all of you. Notice

Andong City, from the very ancient time in Korea, has been the centrality of administration, education, transportation and economy in Southeastern part of Korea. This city possesses the largest area in Gyeongsangbuk-Do as 2.5 times of Seoul, the capital city of Korea. As its slogan, “The Capital of Spirit and Culture in Korea”, Andong is one of the most well-known cities of Tour and Culture which possesses lots of tourism resources, such as uncontaminated natural environment, innumerable culture and literature museums, all types of traditional culture resources related to Confucianism, Buddhism and folklore. Due to beautiful surroundings, numerous old lecture halls and temples are spread throughout this area concentrically. Also, there is Hahoe folk Village located in this city, which keeps various folk materials. Likewise, with preservation of many of historical architectural structures, it shows the history of Korea as it is and provides opportunities to meet Korea‟s finest national treasures and cultural assets as well. As having venerable history, there are opportunities to look around ancient life style of Korea and taste delicious traditional food while you are visiting. That is not “it”. When you feel tired of schedule of tour, you just can get little tipsy with Andong Soju, one of traditional liquor. Since many of folk plays and intangible cultural assets are handed down in this area, moreover, there are lots of festivals and cultural events are being held in this city. As one of them, Andong International

Mask Dance Festival will be held along with IeSF 2011 World Championship. Thus, it is assumed to present lots of attractions to both of participants and tourists at the same time.

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The Host City of IeSF 2011 World Championship The pictures below are venues of competitions, events and accommodation. 1. At the Grand theatre of Andong Art Center, Opening Ceremony, The Final,

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Award & Closing Ceremony, will be held. The Symposium and IeSF General Meeting will be held at International Conference room of Andong Art Center.

The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC People of the month Notice

2. At the Andong Stadium, Preliminaries and Main tournaments for each title will be laid.

3. Andong Kookak Culture Hall and some other places are prepared to be provided as accommodation for players and other participants.


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People of the month

Member Nationsâ€&#x; News Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC People of the month Notice

edited by Sungchul Byun

Name: Jun, Kyung Hoon Career: e-Sports Team Manager at Neowiz Games Inc. In charge of e-Sports Project & Partnership 1. Please introduce little bit of your company, Neowiz Games. Neowiz Games is a game publishing company which developed on the basis of game portal and game studios, and is leading game publishing company in Korea. We are on the mission to expand to the global range with satisfying worldwide

demands, and achieved about 400 million of sales in 2010. 2. What do you think the cause of success of FIFA Online 2, A.V.A and Cross Fire in global market? FIFA Online 2, currently, is on service in 7 countries in Asia, and is expecting positive prospect with its rapid growth. With World Cup, it is jumping on the stage of global range service based on the worldwide sports issue, and we attempt to be ready for expected general affairs. Besides, Neowiz Games, with the title of hip company for FPS games, has never given up on the passion for FPS games. I think know-how accumulated over the years and coordination with users have substantially effected on success of A.V.A and Cross Fire. 3. What relation do you think should be made between publishers and IeSF or its member associations? Online games, unlikely with package games, require close cooperation with publishers. With e-Sports events, publishers take continuous promotion of product and expansion of market, and IeSF can have necessary support from publishers. I assume that we can make better league if we make decisions with

discussion from the beginning. Just one thing which leaves much to be desired is that there is not much time for exchange and discussion with associations and IeSF since there is only one global event annually. Each of IeSF members knows best about condition of their countries. If we could catch this demand and condition better, I believe it surely will be one good opportunity to expand the synergy of global league. 4. If there is anything that you would like to advice on IeSF 2011 World Championship?

I would like the league to grow continuously unlikely with simply one-time event. Also, if there is something publishers like us can work as a joint force, I would love to do so to establish sound and stable league.



In this Issue: Member Nations‟ News Inspiration from Golf TV Trend in the World Today The Host City of IeSF 2011 WC

1. Forum board on IeSF Web Page is now opened. As we promised last time, Forum board which is online space where you can share ideas and discuss issues with other members is just set for usage. You can find it on the IeSF web page under the „media center‟ Section as the item at the bottom. Let me explain how to use the forum board.

People of the month Notice

1) Click the “Forum” bar from the Web page 2) Click a Subject you would like to see. (then, the page moves to “admin” page) 3) Log-in with ID and PW which will be given to you privately via e-mail. 4) Click Forum bar, select subject and write what you think about the subject Since the forum board is part-classified , you cannot write or read the contents without admin logging in. Please note that the ID and PW will be sent one by one for all members. The visitors who are not members can only see the subjects from the webpage. We hope that this forum board may contribute to development of communication among members to share ideas and opinions. 2. IeSF Membership Expansion Project. As we are preparing for the affiliation to Sport Accord, IeSF comes up with the mission for membership expansion. Therefore, we would like to ask all of our respectful members to recommend candidates if there is any of new associations established recently in your marginal countries. Especially, the target countries

that IeSF is eager to search are „France‟, „Canada‟, „Australia‟, „Iceland‟, „Czech‟, „Hungary‟, „Ireland‟, „Thailand‟, „Indonesia‟, „Philippines‟. If you have worked or known any POC from these countries or any other nations, please let us know. With cooperation of you all, we can step forward to make better global e-sports world.

[Contact] General Manager Noha Park

Deputy Manager Sungchul Byun

Editor Alex Lim