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Member Nations’ News

Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today

ESB establishes Media Board by Thomas von Treichel

Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’

In the process of restructuring the German eSports association these days the People of the month Notice

Media Board was announced. As Media is an important part in the development of eSports, it is great to hear their opinions and thoughts as well. The Board contains the Special interest media like the biggest Community pages “Readmore” and “Fragster” and the TV Stations “Gamesports” and “ESL TV”. Additional we are very proud to have one member of the traditional TV stations “ZDF”. This board should discuss things like the actual Blizzard / License issue but as well what has to be done to open the eSport to a broader audience and make it attractive.

BFES organizes the celebration of the European day of Safer Internet by Nicky Slavchev

8th of February is the European day of Safer Internet. The topic for 2011 is "our

virtual lives" around the slogan "It's more than a game, it's your life". The main idea is to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. BFES which is a member of the Bulgarian National Council of Safer Internet will organizes a special event which will be attended by the mayor of the capital city, Mrs. Yordanka Fanducova, and members of the government. The federation will give a special web site in which children, teachers and parents will be able to get useful information, share their problems and find the solutions. The pilot project will be presented before the media at a special press conference in one of the big capital schools. In 2010 Safer Internet Day was celebrated through over 500 events in 65 countries all over the world.


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Final event for National Starcraft2 league

Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ People of the month

by Silviu Stroie

On february 19-20, PGL will organize the final event for first National Starcraft 2 League in Romania. The season started with over 250 registered players that got into serious battle for 2 months. The best 32 players of them will attend the final event, a LAN Party, hosted in Bucharest. The total prizes that will be awarded at


this event will be around 4000 EURO. Also, in the weekend of February 12-13, the 27th National Counter-Strike Season will come to an end. Out of 130 teams, the best 4 teams will fight for the prizes of over 6000 EURO in cash and hardware.

City of Cape Town eSports event by Colin Webster

The MSSA entered into talks in 2009 with the City of Cape Town in connection with providing the City with an eSports signature event to equal the stature of the Athletics and Cycling events already hosted by the City. At last, through lengthy deliberations and commitment on both sides, the date for the City of Cape Town eSports event has been set. The date for the event is 20 and 21 August 2011. The venue for the event shall be the Good Hope Centre. The event will be aimed at both Mass Participation as well as High Performance events. Mobile gaming, console gaming and PC gaming shall all be included in this spectacular event. As the details are finalized, gamers shall be notified accordingly.

Liga de Videojuegos Professional ( opens its doors in Spain by Victor Martin

LVP is born to embody the whole Spanish gaming community: from the casual gamers that only want to compete for fun with their friends to hardcore ones that need the thrill of professional tournaments.

LVP will cover all the fronts in gaming: online and live events, different platforms (Xbox, PS3 and PC), three official games (Halo Reach, FIFA 11 and Starcraft II) and five exhibition games (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Forza Motorsports 3, Gran Turismo 5, PES 2011 and Super Street Fighter IV). LVP starts with a very busy schedule in 2011: 50 online tournaments and cups, 4 live events and a total prize money of 100.000€


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The Trend in the World Today

Member Nations’ News

LG Mobile World Cup

The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’

by Colin Webster

At the spectacular South African Championships for Mobile Gaming which

People of the month

were held at the Red Pepper Studio in Linden in October 2010, Olivia Burton


(top left corner of the photograph) and Wilbur Hough, both of Cape Town, powered through to finish in first and second place respectively. Both gamers were also selected by the MSSA to represent South Africa at the LG Mobile World Championships which are being held this week and will finish on the 28th of January 2011. Building on the successes of the 2010 team, the MSSA has been allowed to award the team Protea Colours – a first for the South African Mobile Team. The Protea kit for the team going to the LG Mobile World Cup in New York was handed over on Saturday, 22 January 2011, and the team departed for New York on Sunday, 23 January 2011. The team consists of: Olivia Burton, Wilbur

Hough, and Virginia Daly (Manager). There are thirteen countries taking part in the LG Mobile World Championships, being; USA, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Indonesia, South Africa, Australia, Panama, Chile, Thailand, Morocco. and Central America. The competition is obviously going to be fierce, especially with the presence of South Korea and the United States of America. As soon as the MSSA has the results of the championships, the membership shall be informed.


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Trends on mobile gaming in Netherlands by Misha Krug

Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’

Mobile gaming Poll

One of the most famous Technews blogs in the Netherlands ( recently setup a poll which is running till the 18 of march this year with the

People of the month Notice

question: “A lot of new hardware for the mobile gamer will show up this year. How do you game when you are travelling in 2011?” T hese are the current results: 41,9% says “I don’t play games on handhelds or smartphones” 30,0% says “On my current smartphone” 7,1% says “On a Tablet” 5,1% says “On the NGP of Sony when it will come out this year” 5,1% says “I keep it on my current Mobile Console” 4,9% says “Something different…” 4,4% says “On the Nintendo 3DS” 1,4% says “On the Xperia Play” The total votes are now on 15.490 candidates. Based on SummaryReport the Netherlands counts 9,3 million gamers according to the National Gamers Survey 2009 (

is 70% of all Dutch people. Men versus Women On mobile phones and game portals women play more than men. Puzzles are the most popular genre for female and even when looking at the average preference for the complete population. Especially in the younger age groups men spent a lot more hours than women. Players in the Netherlands spend little money paying for mobile games; 12% NL versus 63% in the USA.


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The Trend posted on ‘The Wall Street Journal’

Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’

We found a noteworthy news article from „The Wall Street Journal”, which informs the very new trend in videogame market. The article below is the posting of the news article that we want to share with you all.

People of the month Notice

We beg to inform you that the Article below is quoted out of Asia edition of „ The Wall Street Journal‟ on March 9th, 2011.


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The Trend posted on ‘The Wall Street Journal’ Cont.

Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ People of the month Notice


In this Issue: Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ People of the month Notice

Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ Currently, IeSF is knocking on the door of Sport Accord (previously known as GAISF, the General Association of International Sports Federations) which is the umbrella organization for both Olympic and non-Olympic sports as well as organizers of sporting events and sport-related international federations. The main objective of this project is to promote e-sports field with support of Sport Accord and to prove public confidence and prestige of IeSF in the world. Currently, Sport Accord counts 104 members. - 89 international sports federations governing specific sports (Full members) - 15 organizations which conduct activities closely related to the international sports federations (Associate members) 1. Benefits of the project As affiliating to Sport Accord, various benefits are expected such as access to: - Services concerning Digital Media, Anti-Doping, Sports Integrity, and Social Responsibility and the representation in international political bodies - Multi-sports gaming - An extended network of organizations and officials in worldwide sports field Also, Since Sports Accord represents its members in various international commissions and councils, IeSF may benefit from its position as an umbrella organization within the international community to promote IeSF‟s interests, to facilitate partnerships and to voice our concerns as a member. 2. Criteria for full membership of Sport Accord Sport Accord has defined conditions for membership which focus on three principles: good governance, universality, and ethics/social responsibility. The main criteria of full membership condition are: 1) Governance - International non-profit organization - Apply principles of good governance such as transparency, accountability, gender equity, non-discrimination, fairness etc. - Have general assembly as the supreme authority of the organization 2) Universality - 40 or more national member federations from a minimum of 3 continents. - A significant number of the candidate‟s members recognized by the respective national authorities or National Olympic Committees as the sole national body governing the candidate‟s sports.


In this Issue: Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ People of the month Notice

Project ‘Affiliation to Sport Accord’ Cont. 3) Ethics and Responsibility - Takes measures to promote the participation of women and persons with disabilities, sport for all, fair play, athletes‟ health and safety, high standard arbitration and clear competition rules. - Must be a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Code - Takes measures to protect the athletes and their entourage from corruption, illegal and irregular betting, fraud, and other harmful practices linked to sport. 3. Project plans & process

Regarding this issue, IeSF is planning to obtain full membership of Sport Accord by the year of 2013. We are willing to prepare all the necessary study, activities and diplomatic/political things during 2011. Then, we will collect all the necessary documents and proof of activities, and activate the project plan in 2012. The process of the project plan is as follows:


• Conduct necessary study • Expand IeSF member nations • Prepare necessary activity


• Expand IeSF member nations • Prepare Application • Conduct and collect necessary Activities


• Submit Application • Obtain membership of Sport Accord

4. Cooperation from IeSF members In order to make this project done, effort of all members are required. Regarding this issue, IeSF requests cooperation of our members in order to prepare and complete the application to Sport Accord in the future. The list below is the request that our members need to provide for Sport Accord application. It will be greatly appreciated if you send listed things via e-mail. 1) Current address of your association 2) Current number of registered e-Sports player 3) Copy of official document for organization’s registration 4) Copy of official document for governmental approval ※ If you have further question, Please contact


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People of the month

Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ People of the month Notice

Name: Park, Yong Woon Career: 2005 ~ 2007 MBCGAME HERO Coach 2008 ~ Now SK telecom T1 Head Coach Award: 2009 Korea eSports Award Best Head Coach 2009 Pro-League Best Head Coach 1. How did you enter the field of e-Sports? My first exposure to game was in elementary school, and it has become most part of my life. Starting with 286 PC game, I‟ve come across various games, and been impacted especially by Warcraft2. Since then, I have indulged in RTS. 2. Please tell us the story of you joining e-Sports team.

Toward the start of my military service, Starcraft was published as follow-up for Warcraft2. With a feeling of expectancy, I used to play Starcraft all night long when I had off duty. At the same time with my ETS, I strived to concentrate on Starcraft, and reached the competence as professional gamer. But, for my little too old age, I joined the team „MBCGAME HERO‟ as a coach. 3. If there is certain reason for Korea reserving many famous players? There is no doubt to say it was Starcraft which allowed the development of Korean e-Sports. Plus, diffusion of high-speed internet and expansion of PC café feed the fire for development of e-Sports. Also, the Korean e-Sports market takes the player-concentrated system from media, association, broad cast, team and etc. This system provides contents and attraction by setting off performance of players, and is one fine model which Korea and world e-Sports market should keep up. 4. What is role of ‘Head Coach’ in a team? The role of a head coach fluctuates. While a coach analyze details of games and control and develop individual player, a head coach controls things a coach does not see. They also need to keep correcting wrong stubborn performance of players and encouraging the new challenge and passion of players at the same time. Also, a head coach supervises small and big things to manage teamwork.

5. Goal and Target for the future? I think a head coach requires continuous self-improvement. They should not be afraid of change and keep trying to grasp broad range of vision. As personal intention, I would like to achieve 5 time champion with team SK telecom T1. 6. If you have things to add for IeSF, please announce in conclusion. I wish IeSF, through global efforts such as building worldwide e-Sports infrastructure global standardization, to fulfill a role as IOC in e-Sports filed and lead world e-Sports as global leader.



In this Issue: Member Nations’ News The Trend in the World Today Project ‘Affiliate to Sport Accord’ People of the month Notice

1. IeSF collects News Articles for IeSF Newsletter! First of all, we appreciate members always share interesting ideas and news in their nations. Please remember that the idea your sharing surely will motivate other members and reduce the gap between them, and create new era of e-Sports. If you have trouble on coming up with ideas, please concern of topics such as Game Title (trends, hot issue, popularity, newly published of game titles and related technology), Policy (promotion, governmental and non-governmental support for e-sports business), Event (information of exhibition, competition, symposium, conference, and related), Issues needed to be share with members, and People (player, referee, coach, game developer, publisher, journalist, broadcaster, sponsor and etc.). Also, any little gossip things and happenings related to e-sports in your countries will surely be appreciated as new article. So, if you just had Ah-ha moment now, please share them with your friends and family. 2. 2011 Event Schedule of Member Nations As noticed before via e-mail, IeSF is collecting the 2011 business schedule of our members. With all these schedule, IeSF attempts to overlook what is going on with member nations. Then, we will look for something to tie up your events with IeSF business plan to make better performances and effective synergy. It would be really nice if you could send them by 18th.of March. 3. Sungchul’s Wedding (9th of April, 2011) Sungchul Byun, the deputy manager at IeSF is having a wedding. He added an announcement for our members: “With all of your bless, I am getting married. Now , as one for two, not one as alone, I am opening the 2nd page of my life. I believe this miraculous love will last forever as happiness and joy for two of us. I think „Love‟ is the best thing I‟ve ever done. Thank you.” 4. Feedbacks on Title Standardization (Due Date: 31st of March 2011) With respect to our members, the result of the research on title standardization will be sent via e-mail and shared with all members including the statue of Title Committee. Once we share the result, we will collect feedbacks and operation proposals from our member nations. Then, with modification by applying feedbacks, temporary Title Committee will be operated. Please send us feedbacks on this matter. So, we can make modification with regards to your opinion.

[Contact] General Manager Noha Park

Deputy Manager Sungchul Byun

Editor Alex Lim