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IeSF 2011 Business Plan

In this Issue: IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization

In 2010, 25 members over the world are affiliated in IeSF starting from 9 members since 2008 as we have had successful IeSF 2009 Challenge, IeSF 2010

Global Ranking System People of the Month Thoughts in 2011 Notice

Grand Final, International e-Sports Symposium and Continental Conference. It will be expected to more advance IeSF up at all aspects in 2011. As we have had a discussion with IeSF 2011 Business Plan during last general

meeting, IeSF will conduct the projects such as Euro Conference, Asia Conference, Symposium, World Championships (Grand Final) and General Meeting with members in 2011. The project is working as below 1) IeSF 2011 Conference Event

IeSF 2011 Euro Conference

IeSF Asia Conference

Host City

Copenhagen, Denmark (tentative)

Tae-Baek city, Korea


12th ~13th of May

Beginning of July (TBD)

Subjects Participants

Issues recommended and decided by members Europe & Associate members & Countries recommended

Asia & Associate members & Countries recommended

2) IeSF 2011 World Championships Event

IeSF 2011 World Championships

International e-sports Symposium

Host City


Same place as World Championships


Around Oct (TBD)

Same period as World Championships

Subjects & Titles

It will take a process to select titles.

Global e-sports issues


All members, press, guests from related e-sports industry

Approx 40 countries including all members


In this Issue:

Global Standardization

IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization Global Ranking System People of the Month Thoughts in 2011 Notice

In order to establish infrastructure of global e-sports and to set the criteria for selection of official titles, international players and referees, IeSF has been pushing ahead researches on global standardization with five core tasks of e-sports which are referee, player (started research since 2009), competition, certification and title (started research since 2010). With all these effort for e-sports global standardization, we are aiming to propel the advance of world e-sports field and to operate competitions efficiently. 1. Referee / e-Sports Players Committee With all academic and practical efforts, we have operated the temporary committees for categories of referee and e-sports player. The result had been shared with all members at the IeSF 2010 General Meeting. As noticed at the IeSF 2010 General Meeting, We have been collecting proposals for formal committee operation from member countries, and Romania and Germany have proposed contents below as operation plan for referee and e-sports players committee. Proposal-Referee Committee (Romania) According to the proposal suggested by Romania, the operation plan for the referee committee is as follows. First, the committee select the referees from the member nations with regard to statute of referee committee. Once the committee has selected the international referees, it has an on-going training with them in order to update them on IeSF Regulations, IeSF Official titles, etc. Then, in order to decide events which referees dispatched to, the committee searches and selects the plans of each member nation. After the event selection, referees starts being dispatched. After each event, the referees will submit a clear and comprehensive report about their activities during the national events, including any problems they encountered and how they were able to solve them, and their recommendations. Finally, The first international event where the referees will be active will be the IeSF 2011World Championship. They will be involved in all activities and will report all the problems or disputes directly to the Referee Committee. The schedule for the operation plan is as follows: Period


Jan ~ Mar, 2011

Referee Selection

Apr ~ Jul, 2011

Referee Training

Apr ~ Jul, 2011

Event Selection

Jul ~ Oct, 2011

Dispatch Referees

Oct, 2011

Referee Reporting

Around Oct (TBD)

Referees involved in the IeSF 2011 World Championship


In this Issue: IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization Global Ranking System People of the Month Thoughts in 2011 Notice

Proposal-e-Sports Players Committee (Germany) According to the proposal suggested by Germany, the operation plan for the referee committee is as follows. This proposal is composed with 5 categories: Player registration, National player selection, Player protection / management / education, Arbitration, and Contract preparation. The category of player registration stipulates that e-Sports Players committee will evaluate the plan and overview the development of a useful and usable player registration and ranking system which is just ready to be tested. In the category of national player selection, it states the committee has to decide and clarify which player fulfill the requirements after the registration. Especially, this proposal has explored the player protection/management/education part more in depth, which clarifies all the supports for players which supplies including workshops and legal documents. In category of arbitration, it includes the authority of the player committee selecting and mediating parties in serious issues. Also, it emphasis contract preparation in order to ensure all obligations and duties for both sides of the parties. The schedule for the operation plan is as follows: Due


15 Jan 11

Setting up the committee

10 Feb 11

Feedback regarding registration

31 Mar11

Contract draft for participating player

Middle of May

Presentation of Interim Report at IeSF European Conference

30 Jun

Setting up the Arbitral court

31 Aug 11

Review of the Player information for World Championship


Presentation of activities at the IeSF General Meeting


Overview the further development

3. Competition/Certification Committee The research for competition/certification committee has been progressed by Research Institute for Digital and Happiness at Myongji University in 2010. The final draft of research result had been presented to our member nations at the IeSF general meeting 2010. It is scheduled to design the operation plan for the temporary competition / certification committee from February 2011, and to collect the operation plan from member nation interested on upcoming Mach. 4. e-Sports Title Committee The research for e-sports title committee has been propelled by cooperation between Kyunghee University and UC Berkeley. The 1st draft of research result had been reported to our members at the IeSF general meeting 2010. It is planned to conclude the research by January 2011 and to modify in accordance with the feedbacks from member nations in the future.


Global Ranking System

In this Issue: IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization Global Ranking System People of the Month

IeSF started building the player registration management system on July 2010 in regard to effective control of players and balanced growth of global e-sports, and the first draft of the work so far has been presented it at the IeSF general meeting 2010. The brief summary of it is as the feature below shows.

Thoughts in 2011

Distribution of standard plan


Notice of the result

Administrator for Federation

Request for approval

Administrator for each country

Distribution of standard plan Distribution of standard plan Request for approval Notice of the result

Request for approval Notice of the result

Player Registration Management System

Game manufacturing company

Individual Player (General)

Besides, it is planned to apply global ranking system in wide range through collaboration with partner publishers of IeSF. The player registration management system will provide the reliable global ranking through IeSF homepage under consultation of publishers. The procedure for provision of global ranking system is as the feature below shows.

Title Registration

e-sports player registration

Competition registration/ operation

Competition result registration

Ranking provision

The global ranking system will have the grand open before we have preliminary through test operation with all of members. This raking system will be applied from preliminaries. Then, feedbacks from members at the Euro and Asia conference. It will be utilized at the championships as well, and modified and upgraded in accordance with the feedbacks collected at the general meeting. Henceforth, it may be possible to have online match under global server and automated calculation of ranking. Besides, it may possibly be modified and upgraded by the range of designing list of matched automatically, title evaluation

and management program, and sorting accommodation/flight automatically.


In this Issue:

People of the Month

IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization

Alex Lim

Global Ranking System People of the Month Thoughts in 2011 Notice

As starting the new year of 2011, IeSF welcome a young and ambitious man as a new member of staff. We introduce him to let you know who he is. So, we would like you all to welcome this fresh member of ours, Alex Lim. 1. Please introduce yourself briefly to other e-sports family in the world. Hi. My name is Alex Lim, the very new member of staff at IeSF. It is truly honor to become a member of global e-sports family. Iâ€&#x;ve always admired to work globally with the mission to empower the level of leisure and life satisfaction for the people in the world. As I am allowed to be a member of IeSF, I am very excited that I can finally perform the mission that Iâ€&#x;ve been dreaming. 2. Please describe little bit about you. I majored Physical Education back in the collage and went to graduate school in U.S. as the leisure service major. In accordance with my major, I always attempt to color my life with fun stuffs. My main concern of my life is filled with sports and leisure stuffs. I still play volleyball on weekends which I was used to play in the collage team. When winter comes, I become a little bit of snowboard mania, and I scuba-dive in summer. Besides, the most interesting field of e-sports to me is FPS games. As I think back my history of my life, it is because I am used to the military things since I have done my military service at the UNCSB-JSA (United Nations Command Security Battalion-Joint Security Area) which is one of great landmark for Korean history of division. 3. Please tell us about your Mission and Goal in your life? Since I graduate collage, my primary goal has been to maximize level of life satisfaction and happiness by promoting leisure contents for communities from local to global and offering people in all class opportunities to participate in the various leisure activities as one of the leisure professionals. Now, I have my vision with IeSF as delivering life satisfaction and happiness to people and empowering them as maximum by using e-sports as the device. 4. Please tell us about your resolution to start working at IeSF. Since the contents of E-sports is pretty new to me, I might be little too ignorance to my duty for right now. However, I give my word to you all that I will put my best effort to set the good standard of communication for all members of IeSF and to spread our mission to potential members to join the family


In this Issue:

Thoughts in 2011

IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization Global Ranking System People of the Month Thoughts in 2011 Notice

by Secretary of General, WS Oh 2011 has come. Through the vision and dream that I had perish in my heart is still vivid, the difficulties and responsibilities which I have to undertake choked me sometimes. What if I could not meet the expectation of other members? What if I fail to grab the necessary funds to invest in next year? Sometimes I feel lonely and even scared. As a secretary of general, I promised to make IeSF like IOC or FIFA by certain time period in near future. I really want to e-sports like sports „in real term‟. At this time, I would like to suggest all of you to have a chance to think about the meaning of e-sports in real term? The term e-sports stand for electronic sports. E-sports should be different from conventional physical sports. We do not necessarily have to follow their costly structure and procedure. If we define the esports as game competition that we can play, enjoy and learn in cyber space, it is enough for e-sports to play and enjoy if there is a playground in the cyber space. I think this is the definition of „real term‟ of e-sports. Then how can we make esports playground? Let‟s think about cyber stadium in the cyber space. Without any geographical movement, anybody, anywhere, anytime we could play and compete with each other in the cyber stadium where there are referees to judge and spectators to see. This is the reason the publishers and developers are the most important partners in e-sports with whom we can make cyber stadium possible, even much faster and easier. Though we could make it alone, however, it would cost a lot in time and money.

It is very difficult to find a perfect candidate to meet the all the requirement we need as a roper e-sports game title. There are huge of game title in the area or platform as well as genre. Therefore, it is more rational approach to search for the candidate of game publisher or developers with whom we could make e-sports together and could share the same vision as we have. I agree this is not an easy job. However, since we are the same family under the name of IeSF, who is the international body and supported by each government and we all have expertise in this field, I am optimistic we can make cyber stadium in cyber space with cooperation from proper publishers as sports stadium in physical world. At this juncture, I would like to suggest to all of our members to start to think about this issue. Since amazing clouding computing environment and related technology are available nowadays, we could dream the cyber stadium much more realistic than before and even we might realize it sooner than we expected. I know this is very difficult task to perform alone. However, if everybody in the IeSF as a team could share the same goal and willingly take this initiatives, this plan could be born successfully and will sustain with self-generating structure. Though it looks ambiguous at this moment since nobody actually tried this field before, I propose you to try this together since we are the best in this field in the world.



In this Issue: IeSF 2011 Business Plan Global Standardization Global Ranking System People of the Month

1. Polling for the game titles in 2011. (Due date: 10 Feb 2011) As we start the new season of 2011, we would like to collect your opinion and preference with regard to making decision for game title. What you need to do for the title polling is to list five game titles that you may prefer and to explain the reason for recommendation of each title. Once again, the polling is due on 10th of February. Please note that your polling does not miss the deadline.

Thoughts in 2011 Notice

2. Need feedbacks for our past works. (Due Date: 10 Feb 2011) As far as we know, we assume that you might have already been reported about our past works on global ranking system and statutes for competition/certification committee. In order to process next step of these projects, we would like to gather your opinion and recommendation by the end of January as well. Please be passionate to give us feedbacks that help us to set the nice and sharp standard for e-sports. Again, the due date is 10th of February.

3. Suggestions for conference agenda. We are planning to hold Europe and Asia conference as scheduled and listed above at the 2011 IeSF business plan. If you have any idea that you want to share with the members or any issue which need discussion indispensably, please let us know. We will take the most of your advices. When you send us recommendation, please list both issues and specific reason for the recommendation. We are always looking forward to your pointed opinions. 4. Noha’s Wedding (29th of Jan, 2011) Noha Park, the general Manager at IeSF is having a wedding. He commented about his big day: “I am preparing for a big day in my whole life for new start from 29th of Jan, 2011. I would like to start by thanking all for sharing my very special day with me and this is just beginning of lots of best days in the years. I have no doubt that you all will celebrate and support for my new life with kind words. I hope that my fiancé and I will have a chance to get together with all of you to have some time .”

[Contact] General Manager Noha Park

Deputy Manager Sungchul Byun

Editor Alex Lim