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In this Issue: IeSF 2010 Qualifications e-Sports workshop for university Qualification with international referee The Dutch e-Sport Association got Metro’s attention Michelle makes History People of this month

IeSF 2010 Qualifications IeSF 2010 Grand Final is just around the corner. Most of participating countries have already finished their national qualifications and prepared for the decisive match on October. Here are results~! No. 1 2 3 4 5

Country Vietnam China Malaysia Chinese Taipei Singapore

Qualification 9/13~14 5/20~23 10/ 9~10 9/15~16 9/26




7 8 9 10 11 12

India Korea Japan Greece Germany Austria

8/13~14 TBA 10/2~3 10/10 8/11, 8/18, 9/14, 9/28









8/8, 8/15, 9/5, 9/12

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Denmark England Bulgaria Spain Romania Norway Italy Portugal Sweden

9/11 TBA 8/30, 9/12, 9/18 9/16~19 9/18 9/15~30 10/9 7/30~8/2, TBA 9/1~10

25 26 27

Russia Israel South Africa

9/12 9/5~23, 9/26 4/14~9/5

28 29

Brazil U.S.A

9/25 9/10~12

The Dutch NK Finals Netherlands

By Misha Krug The Dutch NK Finals are done and the we are proud to represent that Gruby one of the best warcraft 3 players in the world will be joining the IeSF 2010 Grand Final this year. The Dutch e-Sports association is looking forward to the event and wishes everybody a great time! Other news that we would like to share is that the Dutch e-Sports association is also working on building up a relationship with one of the biggest universities in the Netherlands to stimulate our e-Sports event in the future. 1

In this Issue: IeSF 2010 Qualifications


IeSF Vietnam Qualification Tournament

e-Sports workshop for university Qualification with international referee The Dutch e-Sport Association got Metro’s attention Michelle makes History

By Phuong FIFA Online 2 qualification in Vietnam has finished. Online and offline qualifications were held all parts of country. On September 13 to 14, over 4870 people flocked at the Final and watched the heated qualification . The two national players who got the golden ticket to IeSF 2010 Grand Final are ‘Nguyen Tan Toan’ and ‘Tran Minh Khoi’ .

People of this month

IeSF Taiwan Pre-Final Chinese Taipei

By Gordon IeSF Taiwan Pre-Final opened on September. With great participation of Taiwan spectators , the pre-final was in a success. Here are pictures of IeSF Taiwan pre-final.


eSport workshop for University By Elisabeth Haider

(Esvoe in Danube University)

The Danube University Krems offers learners a compact study in the subject “Game Studies”. The eSport specialist Gerhard Hauser from the ESVÖ held a workshop for the students, which was intended to supplement an introduction of national and international eSport. The program offered a theoretically grounded education in history and youth culture. This workshop also contained a practical part, in which the students could give games a try under professional help. 2

In this Issue: IeSF 2010 Qualifications


Qualification with International Referee

e-Sports workshop for university

By Heieun

Qualification with international referee The Dutch e-Sport Association got Metro’s attention

At the IeSF 2010 Grand Final qualification in Romania, international referee appeared. International e-Sports Federation studying International referee system dispatched a provisional referee to Romania and examined the possibility of referee system.

Michelle makes History People of this month


The Dutch e-Sport Association got Metro’s attention By Misha Krug

The Dutch e-Sports association got in this the spotlight on Wednesday the 22th of September, we got interviewed by Metro ( ) which gave us free publicitiy for our event that we held on the 26th of September. For those who don't know the newspaper Metro: Metro is the trading name of a free daily newspaper . As of October 2009, there were 56 daily editions in 18 countries in 15 languages across Europe, North and South America and Asia, for an audience of more than 17 million daily readers and 37 million weekly readers. We expect two more articles coming up on the 27th of October and after the IeSF finals are done.

Michelle makes History South Africa

By Colin Webster

On a clear Monday afternoon, Michelle Marder of Bedfordview smashed the record books as she boldly broke into yet another “bastion “of male “privilege”.


In this Issue: IeSF 2010 Qualifications e-Sports workshop for university Qualification with international referee The Dutch e-Sport Association got Metro’s attention Michelle makes History

eSports (or better known as computer gaming) has long been considered to be a male preserve. All the top gamers are predominately male and women are few in number in this sport. Even though eSports are growing in leaps and bounds , with membership growing monthly, and sales of eSports paraphenalia outstripping the combined sales of all other traditional sports, women still are under represented in all levels of the sport. The MSSA has taken the call of ensuring that all are given equal opportunity, but it is thanks to the exceptional that real change can be effected in a real and sustainable manner.

People of this month

Michelle is one such person, Michelle's dedication to eSports ensured that the game of GUITAR HERO™ was played at every single MSSA provincial and national LAN championship. Such dedication ensured that the sponsor (SAMSUNG) received ample nationwide coverage and enabled gamers from around the country to participate, Thus in gratitude to Michelle's sterling efforts, the MSSA rewarded Michelle by granting her the title of Team Manager of the team that is to represent South Africa at the 2010 World Cyber Games to be held in Los Angeles, USA from 29 September 2010 to 3 October 2010. Michelle is thus the first women to rise to the position of being a National Team Manager for a Protea eSports team. There is no doubt, that under Michelle's care, that the South African team will perform well.

People of this month Uruguay

By Heieun Kim The IeSF Ambassador Charity-Screen golf tournament, held on June was an opportunity to let the representatives from 15 European countries know the potential of e-Sports as future leisure activity. In particular, Gustavo Schiavo, the Deputy head of mission from Uruguay, showed his interest in e-Sports and IeSF.

International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) had an interview with him and discussed the possibility to promote e-Sports in Uruguay and ways to (Gustavo Schiavo, deputy head of mission) establish Uruguayan e-Sport association. Q. Can you tell us who you are and what exactly you do? My name is Gustavo Schiavo. I am in charge of Uruguay embassy. My job is basically to promote bilateral promotion between Korea and Uruguay. Q. What do Uruguayan people usually do for their entertainment? In Uruguay, soccer is the number one sport. Even in computer game, soccer is still preferred. Young people, they are all playing soccer in both real soccer and computer soccer game. Especially they enjoy playing FIFA game. 4

In this Issue: IeSF 2010 Qualifications Qualification with internation referee e-Sports workshop for university The Dutch e-Sport Association got Metro’s attention Michelle makes History People of this month

Q. How is the Uruguayan communication and technology Infrastructure? Uruguay started a project 4 years ago to become the first country in the world where every child has to have their own laptops. We called it ‘one laptop for one child project’. It has been developed several countries but other countries’ project were just small projects and some went down. After 3 years, nowadays every child in Uruguay has his own laptop already. This year, 2010 we started to give laptops to high school students. In 2 more years, every high school students will have also laptops given by government. Moreover, it is state promoted project, so many local governments put wireless for free in public area. Also it is good for them to study, communicate and it is useful at home to have leisure. So Uruguay is very good position in terms of infrastructure for computer, internet and e-Sports. Q. How do people think about playing computer game? Is it positive or negative? In general, when parent see their children playing game too long , parent think playing computer game is bad for their children. Thus finding balance between physical sports and computer games is needful to make positive perspective on computer game. And personally 2 or 3 hours are good for people to develop skills. Q. Is the Uruguayan government supportive to the Cultural and Leisure activities? Yes, Uruguay is traditionally democratic country with the very long tradition in human right. Leisure, of course is basic human right. We respect a lot free time out of work. We basically promote leisure, tourism and sports. Q. Do you think there are possibilities that e-Sport can receive favorable response from Uruguayan people and the government? In Uruguay, there are many companies developing software and many companies related to e-commerce and e-trade. Computers related activities have been always promoted by our government. So I think e-Sport ,of course, has very wide range of possibilities to be developed in Uruguay. Nowadays, we import game from US, Japan and etc and many people play them. However, nothing is very organized at this moment. So I think Uruguay can start and actually participate in e-Sport with the help of IeSF European members.

[Contact] Editor Heieun, Kim

General Manager Noha, Park

Deputy Manager Mibu, Kim