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Deagu city, the host city of IeSF 2010 Grand Final

In this Issue: Host city is set General Meeting of esvoe

By Hei-Eun, Kim

New Sponsor of MSSA Student championship in eSport Touching story from TESL What’s new People of this month

IeSF 2010 Grand Final will be open in Daegu city, the third largest city in Korea. To make Iesf 2010 Grand Final safe and successful, IeSF and Daegu city signed agreement at Daegu city hall on May 11. Secretary-General of IeSF, the president of Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA), mayor of Daegu city, press, and other people attended the event. The IeSF 2010 Grand Final will be held from October 28 to November 1. E-Sports Festival (E-fun) that Daegu city has organized for 10 years also opens together with IeSF Grand Final assuring varied programs and events. IeSF expects that 300 participants from 30 countries attend the Grand Final and compete with each other in the official titles, WarCraft 3 and FIFA Online 2 this year. Not only IeSF organizes grand tournament but also manages General Meeting and Symposium to discuss current state of members and affiliate Committees. Still several issues such as announcement of demonstration titles and itinerary of Grand Final have not been revealed yet but IeSF will make them known as soon as possible. * Please stay tuned for the coming up notice of IeSF 2010 Grand Final!

General meeting 2010 Austria

By Elisabeth Haider It is glad to announce the annual general meeting of the Austrian eSport association ESVOE on the 17th of June 2010. The main topics will be the quorum and the record of the chairman for the year 2009. Finally the appointments for 2010 will be fixed and further plans will be discussed during the enjoyment of coffee and sweets. The general meeting takes place in the club house of the ESVOE, located in the 21 district in Vienna.


In this Issue: Host city is set

New Sponsor of MSSA South Africa

General Meeting of esvoe

By Colin Webster

New Sponsor of MSSA Student championship in eSport Touching story from TESL What’s new People of this month

ASUS and Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) have just finalized a sponsorship agreement that is hoped. It will take eSports gaming in South Africa to new heights. ASUS is a leading company in the new digital era, with a broad product portfolio that includes notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, desktop PCs, servers, wireless solutions, mobile phones and networking devices. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s home and office users. ASUS won 3,268 awards in 2009, and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with the Eee PC™. With a global staff of more than 10,000 and a world-class R&D design team, the company’s revenue for 2009 was US$7.5 billion. ASUS ranks among BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100, and has been on the listing for 12 consecutive years. The MSSA, is an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee. And is the National Federation of eSports. The sponsorship ensures that ASUS is recognized as the headline sponsor of all of MSSA’s Provincial and National Championships for 2010, as well as being the headline sponsor of the MSSA’s 2010 Interschool league. Through the sponsorship, the MSSA is able to roll-out its provincial LAN championships to more provinces, as well as to initiate the first ever of ficial eSports interschool league in South Africa. The School League is an exciting development which aims at the creation of new talent and the improvement of the awareness of eSports as an officially recognized sport.


Student Championship in eSport By Elisabeth Haider

At the moment the ESVOE team is working on a new eSport event called Students Championship in eSports. At the championship, students from Vienna are playing computer games in a sporty way. The best players of the soccer game FIFA 10 (sports, simulation) and Trackmania Nations Forever (racing, arcade) are competing. The purpose of the event is to provide a good atmosphere for playing computer games, in w hich players experience fair rules. Important skills like communication, creativity and capacity of teamwork will be improved. Because of the organization of this event and the integration in the “normal” school routine, the accepting and sympathy of this young and modern sport will be increased. 2

In this Issue: Host city is set

Chinese Taipei

Something You Might Miss in Tt eSports 2010 Amateur League

General Meeting of esvoe New Sponsor of MSSA Student championship in eSport Touching story from TESL What’s new People of this month

By Paul

「To play a part in this game, I hope to become Pro one day.」 CrazyRacing gamer from the south ar ea XiaoLong said at the Tt eSports 2010 Amateur L eague. When XiaoLong’s mom pushing him on a wheelchair earlier to reach game site, it caused slightly disturbance on-the-scene, astonished, scorned shown everywhere from the audience face. XiaoLong is suffering from a disease called Progeria. It caused by the variation of DNA, so the new born child will turn up to an aging appearance. Because of illness, even though Xiaolong is 19-year -old, but he looks lean, his voice becomes acute, his appearance look alike a seventy years old man, thus atrophied limbs and mobility. Although he was smiling, the way he cling to the keyboard, we can obviously feel that, he looks tension and anxiety. 「This is a way out too」 XiaoLong’s mom relieved. Actually this is the third time he participated in the field competition. He had a bad lifetime in his school time and his peers joked on him as an “Alien”. Thus, XiaoLong became pessimistic. However, he got involved in CrazyRacing, he started to smile again, and asked to join this game initiatively. There is no limitation within this game, Xiaolong and the other game rs fairly deal with each other by own skills. His mother was pleased to accepted this truth- his son can face this world positively. Game started. Everyone was focused on him and with an army of other gamers Surrounded. XiaoLong can’t hold on his shivering caused by panic, keep failure and he was eliminated through the competition, then he bent down to pick up the keyboard and hold it tight. He was depressed and said: “since the last time I joined this game was half year before, now I suddenly stayed in the crowd. It caused me nervous and scare.” Within this year, XiaoLong keep tracking to the “Professional eSport Super League” held by TeSL. He said that he hope to become a Pro one day. After the matches ended, both of them left the internet café and theirs shadows leads us a touching story. Looking to the participants who hold hope and move forwards positively, you will realized that, 「Tt eSports 2010 Amateur League」is not only the largest scale in Taiwan, but also the highest award prize in amateur gaming league, a place that the gamer able to built on their dreams. * If you want to read full story of the article, please visit

What’s New? Romania

Professional Gamers League(PGL) organizes the final event for ESWC 2010 Romania. The winning Counter-Strike team will represent Romania during ESWC final in Paris. Also Starting with June, PGL will start the preliminaries for WCG 2010 with over 8 regional qualifiers and the final event.


Electronic Sports Spain organizes national final for Electronic Sports World Cup 2010 (ESWC) held at Eurodisney in Paris. The games chosen to represent Spain are ‘FIFA 10’ , ‘GUITAR HERO’, ‘CS MALE’ and ‘TRACkMANIA NATIONS’. 3

In this Issue:

People of this month

Host city is set General Meeting of esvoe New Sponsor of MSSA Student championship in eSport Touching story from TESL What’s new People of this month

By Hei-Eun It has been almost 6 months that IeSF 2009 Challenge ended in a great success on mountainside O2 resort, in Taebaek city. IeSF once again visited Taebaek city to listen the story after the IeSF Challenge from Kim Beom Jin, an official of Taebaek city, who was in charge of overall management of IeSF Challenge. Q. What was the special policy for supporting IeSF 2009 Challenge? To put it briefly, Taebaek city specially took care of ‘centralization of all facilities’. For example, by holding IeSF Challenge in one big leisure complex, O2 resort , all participants could conveniently enjoy IeSF 2009 Challenge as well as other facilities such as accommodations, cafeterias and entertaining programs.

Q. What was the most impressive moment that you felt? On the first day of the tournament, we’re quite disappointed because we wanted to show participants the beautiful snowy scene of Taebaek but instead of snowing, it rained. Fortunately the next day, we were relieved by hearing exclamation from the participants seeing cloud which hung under their feet. And we felt that it was rewarding to open here. Q. How far is the progress to complete IeSF Torch? The completion date of IeSF Torch is scheduled at the end of May. And we expect to hold celebration day for the completion on July or August. Hopefully we coul d hold IeSF 2010 Asi an conference together with the celebration day under consultation with IeSF.

[Contact] Editor Hei-Eun, Kim

General Manager Noha, Park

Deputy Manager Mibu, Kim


<IeSF Torch> Q. What does e-Sport mean to Taebaek city? We have seen the enormous potential in e-Sport. In 2007 e-Sport had decisive effect to attract ‘Kangwon Land E-City’ project. In 2008, while holding IEF(International E-sports Festival), we worked with Dalian, Muan city in China and other 10 major cities experiencing that e-Sport is an advance guard for promoting cultural exchange beyond e-Sports tournaments. From these experience that e-Sports is one of driving force for the future, we want to support it. Q. Tell us more about ‘E-City’? E-City is a new type of business based on sustainable high return fields such as game and animation with industry-university-institute collaboration. To promote the E-City, Taebaek city plans to build necessary infrastructure including ‘game academy’ and ‘support center’. Grounded on the infrastructure, The city aims at creating theme park where all ages can enjoy just as the Universal Studios in Unites States. Currently it sets to hire workers and purchaseland to build theme park.

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