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IT@school Erasmus+ (KA219) Project 3rd mobility: Mol (Belgium)

January-February 2017


First of all, I’m going to say that I couldn't choose only one photo because there were a lot of great moments and great friends. I chose the first one because some of my friends are in it and the second one because it was taken on bowling day, and it was the best moment for me and there are a lot of people that they aren’t coming to Spain so I wanted to say goodbye with this photo. Thanks for this amazing week, with a lot of new experiences and new friends. I hope that in Spain it will be an amazing week too. I want to say thank you to the teachers for giving me the possibility of taking part in this amazing project and for making all this activities in a week. All the best Álvaro

When they told me that I had to summarize such an amazing experience in just one photo I almost went crazy because summarizing all the incredible things that happened and all the great people I met in one photo is almost impossible. I can't do this text without thanking all the people that made this possible and to the hosts families that took care perfectly well about us. Well, I think that everybody should pass through this experience at least once in their lives because of all the things you learn, the amazing experience you go through and all the great people you meet. After thinking it a lot I decided that this is the image that best describe all this project. It is almost perfect, the bad thing is that we have to go.

Antonio GarcĂ­a

I like this picture because it has most of the group of friends we made in Belgium and the amazing people we met there. I had a busy but great week with lots of activities and funny memories that will stay forever. I enjoyed all the activities but I would stand out the day the hosts decided to take us ice skating and we invented a game where I still don't know how only a few people got hurt. I would also stand out the trip to Bruges as it's such a beautiful city.

Carmen CastaĂąo

I’ve selected this photo because it is the one where all my friends from the trip are and, besides, it was taken in Bruges, the city that I liked the most during the mobility. My experience in Belgium was incredible because I met a lot of new people, I made new friends and I learned a lot of things of the country and new English and Dutch words. The works and the games that we did inside and outside the school were very interesting, like the archery and the presentation of a topic related to the Internet. The only bad thing of this trip is that I had to say goodbye to a lot of good people that now I want to see and I miss a lot.

Diego SuĂĄrez


First of all, I have to say that this week in Belgium was such an amazing and incredible experience that you only live once in life. So, thanks for giving me the opportunity of meeting new people, of traveling to this amazing country and visiting such fascinating cities as Antwerp or Bruges, of learning how other people live and of improving my English. Thanks for letting me participate in this project!! I have chosen this two photos because I just couldn’t decide one of the two. In them I am with extraordinary people who ended up becoming my friends. We have had so much fun that I want to go back to Belgium! I think a week was too little because the last days were when we started knowing each other deeply. Now, I miss them so, so much!! That day was one of the bests, we went to Antwerp and it was sunny. First we visited the Red Star Line Museum and later we entered in a elevated building where we could see the awesome views. Next, teachers gave us free time, so I went eating with some friends. After going to several shops, we played the spy game. It was really nice although we didn’t win! Finally, we ate in an Italian restaurant and returned home by bus where we said goodbye to the Dutch people and exchanged our notebooks for everyone to write dedications on them. In conclusion, this was a unique experience that you can’t miss, so I recommend everybody to try something like this because it was so good that I don’t even know how to describe it. The only thing I hated and I still hate about this project is saying goodbye to all those marvelous people!

Elisa Cañedo

I’ve chosen this picture because the main thing on it is the people and that’s what I think this Erasmus was really about. My teacher Fran and friends from others mobilities had told me that this was going to be a life-changing experience, I thought that it was an exaggeration but indeed it changed me. In this picture, my Spanish and Belgian friends (there is some people left) were on one of the bridges in Brugge, we were very tired of walking all day long and waking up very early but in spite of this all of us managed to have an amazing day. We had walked on this bridge before when we were with the entire group of Erasmus and we thought it could be a perfect place for taking some pictures and so we looked for it until we found it. This day was full of fun moments, laughs and memories that I will remember the rest of my life. And so it was the entire week, it went incredibly fast. The last day we couldn’t believe everything was going to end as it looked like we had met the day before. But something had changed from that first day, the bonds we had made in that short amount of time were indescribable. This could have only been possible because of the incredible people I met on the trip. Each one of them has contributed to it. From the very first moment I saw them they have made me feel welcomed and have worried to make that this was a memorable trip. This photo makes me feel sad that now it is over but at the same time it makes me happy that I got the opportunity to live it. This has not only made my English to improve or learn new things but also to change me as an individual and make me realize the extraordinary people that can be found around the world. I hope to see them very soon, as Erasmus slogan says ‘Changing lives, opening minds’.

Paula Prieto Suárez

3rd Mobility: Belgium First of all, I would like to point out what a difficult task is to choose just one picture from the whole journey. I chose two because I think they are the ones that remind me the most of the amazing experience I had. The whole project was very interesting: working with other students through internet, listening to others that had travelled before us, preparing ourselves for the mobility and finally, the best part of all, travelling to another country. It was an incredible, but short, adventure. I loved every single detail (except that my suitcase was lost). I loved meeting new people and hanging out with students from all over Europe and I made really good friends. I am sure that I will keep contact with these friends for a very long time. I know that this project is one of the things I will remember the most and with more affection from all my high school years. For me, everything was perfect: organisation, activities and most of all, people (including teachers). It is true that some things could have been improved, but all the great times we had make up for it. Back to the pictures: in both of them I am with whom I consider my “best friends” from the mobility. We bonded really well from the beginning and by the end of the journey we knew each other as if we had known us all our lives. It was very sad to have to say good bye to them, for me it was the worst moment. But I now realise that when I think about the journey and all the friends and experiences I made, that moment doesn’t come to my mind, only all the times we spent together. In summary, I would describe this experience as exceptional and amazing.

Silvia García

I have chosen this image because the day we were leaving my host gave it to me as a present. Moreover, Erasmus (and travelling in general) is about knowing new places and we took this picture in Bruges, a city which I fell in love with as soon as we arrived. It is also about meeting new people, and almost all the friends I made in our stay in Belgium appear in this photo. A funny anecdote that is behind is this picture is that we were looking for a specific bridge we had seen before but we got lost in the city so we took it there. The week we spend in Belgium was very tiring, but it worth it for sure. I wouldn’t change the experience we lived there for any other thing! I learnt more there in a week that here in a whole year, not only about IT skills but also about English, new ways of living and daily activities that seem very easy at home but not so much when you are out of your comfort zone. In Mol I tried typical food such as fli, waffles and french fries (which are actually Belgian). I visited new cities, Antwerp and Bruges. I did an espionage game, in which we were spies and had to find a boom avoiding meeting the terrorists. We did archery (which I am not good at). And the most important thing, I laughed a lot, met people I will never forget and I had one of the best weeks ever!

Vanessa Losas

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IT@school (3rd mobility, Mol)  

IES Emilio Alarcos students involved in the third mobility (Mol, Belgium) of the Erasmus+ (KA219) Project called IT@school share their impre...

IT@school (3rd mobility, Mol)  

IES Emilio Alarcos students involved in the third mobility (Mol, Belgium) of the Erasmus+ (KA219) Project called IT@school share their impre...


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