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David Copperfield

María Garrido BT1 IES Cristo del Rosario – Zafra (Badajoz) 12/1/2013


Title: David Copperfield Author: By Charles Dickens Publishing House: Burlington Book

1. Main Characters:

                     

David: is a young boy and very friendly. Clara Copperfield : David's mother was young and pretty thin Aunt Betsey: David's aunt, old and in the end it adopts. Mr Dick : Lodger david's aunt, who always asks for advice. Clara Peggotty: Clara Copperfield maid, was fat, had dark eyes and bright red cheeks. Mr Murdstone : david stepfather, handsome man with black hair and whiskers. Dan Peggotty: Peggotty's brother, was a fisherman, who was a very big, and a happy man and single. Mr Ham: He is the nephew of Peggotty. Emily: she is beautiful, and Peggotty's niece. Miss Murdstone: david sister stepfather, Mr. Murdstone, dark woman, serious and with a big nose. Mr barkis: is coachman , and Peggotty husband. J . Steerforth : the best school friend of david , was six years older than David, was handsome and a good student. Mr Mell: a master of the school of David, Salem House, a tall , thin young man dressed in black clothes. Mr Creakle: director of Salem House, fat man with a bald head, small eyes, a small nose and a pointed chin. Tommy Traddles: companion the David in Salem House. Mr Micawber: Landlord David in London , poor and old man . Uriah Heep: man with bright red hair. Mr. Wickfield : gray haired gentleman with black eyebrows and gray hair. Agnes: Daughter of Mr. Wickfield. Mr. Strong: salem house manager, a very kind and intelligent man. Mr Spenlow: lawyer and head of david in London. Dora: daughter of Mr. Spenlow, pretty and rich.


2. Summary by chapters: Chaper 1 David's mother is pregnant by him. David's father died six months before birth. The day had a face David ,born and the window of his house and was Aunt Betsey, she told my mother that I expected was a call girl and Clara Copperfield, birth and see that this was a child went of the house. David grew up and went with her servant Peggotty famila visiting this, Peggotty David asked by his family.

Chaper 2 David came home from vacation with Peggotty. Had changed the house, in the house lived his stepfather Mr. Murdstone and his sister. They decided no go to class and I thrive on the give me the house. One day he was nervous about the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Murdstone in classes, he said that if he answered the question correctly would give the cane. The stepfather hit him and decided to send him to a school in London.

Chaper 3

That night David traveled to London to the new school. Mr. Mell went to look at the bus station. Arrived to school and put a sign that read: "Be careful with him, he bites." One day Mr. Creakle returned from vacation and wanted to meet him. The following days Steerforth and Tommy arrived, this was six years older than him. Steerforth became a good friend of his. Vacation arrived, Mr. Barkis went by and asked him his name Peggotty and pointed at the car. He came to home and hear the voice of his mother singing a song that her sang to he when he was a baby. She sat with a baby in her arms and said: look this is your brother David. The next morning David apologized to Mr. Murdstone. He had to return to Salem House.

Chaper 4


David's birthday came, he was convinced that Peggotty had sent him a gift, went to the office of Mr. Creakles, and Mrs. Creakles and was told that his mother had died. David Peggotty went home and told her that her brother had also died. Mr. Murdstone never liked Peggotty and fired her after the death of Clara Copperfield, David Peggotty invited to spend a few days in Yarmouth with her and Mr. Murdstone agreed. When David came to Yarmouth asked where was Emily? And Peggotty said she was at school, when Emily arrived, was changed she had grown up and pretended not to know David. Mr. Peggotty and Ham asked David about his friend from Salem House, Steerforth. Emily, listened attentively to the conversation about Steerforth and wanted to meet him, David was disappointed with a visit to Yarmouth because Emily was too busy, one day Mr. Barkis and Peggotty David and Emily invited to spend a day with them. David had to go home, Mr. Murdstone decided to put it to work in a factory in London washing bottles.

Chaper 5

David began working for Murdstone washing bottles. He was introduced to his new home Mr. Micawber. When he got home of Mr. Micawber introduced his family and Mrs. Micawber will speak about the little money that he have. Over time they became good friends. Mr. Micawber had a lot of liabilities and was in jail and David had to move to another house. After a while Micawber was released from prison. The lords Micawber moved to Plymouth to work. David decided to go look for his Aunt Betsey, but a man stole his clothes and money and all he had were the clothes he was wearing. Continuing the journey on foot. David came home from his aunt, he was dirty and the maid told him that if he came begging. Saw his aunt in the garden was told that his was her nephew and his mother had died and who had escaped to search. His aunt went inside of house. His aunt told Mr. Dick who he was. They gave a wash to David. In the morning his aunt said had sent a letter to Murdstone saying he was there, and he said he would go to the next day. Murdstone said David would take and would take care of him. The aunt and told Mr. and Mrs. Murdstone that the child would stay with them. David and his new life began, his new name was David Trotwood Copperfield.


Chaper 6

David's aunt decided that David had to complete their education. When he entered office saw Mr. Uriah Heep and Aunt Betsey asked about Wickfield. His aunt told Wickfield she wanted to find a school in Canterbury for David. David's aunt decided to stay home from Wickfield and met the daughter of Mr. Wickfield, Agnes. That night was very nice for David, Agnes played the piano. The next morning, David went to his new school and met Mr. Strong and seemed very friendly, that night David Agnes told all about his first day of school. When David went to his bed Mr.Uriah Heep still working. David asked him if he was a lawyer and Mr Uriah replied that he was a very humble person and one day become a partner in Mr. Wickfield. David Uriah invited to tea at his house and saw Mr. Micawber was the London home of David and Mr. Micawber was asked if the wine business. David and left home Micawber Uriah. The next day David saw Micawber and Uriah walking together.

Chaper 7

Years at school with Mr. Strong was quickly passed to David and had to return to Aunt Betsey in Canterbury to choose a career. Aunt told him to make a decision that it was not going to Yarmouth was there Peggotty and Mr. Barkis. David began the road to Yarmouth, but stopped in Canterbury to say goodbye to Mr. Wickfields and Agnes, she became a good friend of David and he would miss. Agnes asked David if he had seen any change in his father, David replied yes, she said it was because of Mr. Uriah who encouraged him to drink Mr. Wickfield and Uriah then deals with the business of my father, she said. David continuous walking to Yarmouth, decided to spend the night in a hotel in London, and it so happened that Steerforth was there, David's best friend at school, and decided before going to spend a few days in Yarmouth house Steerforth. Steerforth lived with his widowed mother in a large house and was very rich. David told Steerforth that if I wanted to go to Yarmouth to visit Peggotty, He replied that he would love to go. They arrived in Yarmouth and Peggotty said she could not have picked a better time to go, because Emily had just announced that


she married David Ham. Steerforth told that Emily was beautiful, and if Ham was a good husband to her. One day Seerforth said he had bought a boat. One night Martha, a young woman who was pregnant and had been abandoned, Emily asked for help, and Martha traveled to London.

Chaper 8

After a few days David received a letter from his aunt saying he had gone to Yarmouth to make a decision, she suggested that he can study for supervisor, she said that in London there was a vacancy, and David accepted the work. When they arrived in London in the official met with Spenlow and Jorkins. Mr. Spenlow had told him not to pay and the next day practices began. Few days after last Mr. Wickfield and Agnes arrived in London and invited David to lunch and also was the Mr Uriah, but David managed to speak alone with Agnes. Agnes said they were in London because his father, Mr. Wickfield partner would do to Uriah Heep, during lunch David realized that Traddles was there, his friend from Salem House. David said he was doing in London and working Traddles answered. Mr. Uriah Heep told David I was going to ask her to marry Agnes her.

Chaper 9 One day the head of David, Mr. Spenlow, invited him to his home and introduced him to his daughter Dora and David loved her. Dora had a companion, as young women used to have rich, David and his face looked familiar and was Miss Murdstone. One day David went to see Traddles, and said he was going home, he had cast friendship with another family and wanted to meet with them, and when the door was opened and the lady Mr. Micawber, their economic was not good and Mr. Traddles had left money. Steerforth was presented in accommodating David and Peggotty carrying a letter that read: "Barkis is dead." David traveled to Yarmouth and when he came to the house was Mr. Dan Peggotty, Peggotty, Ham and Emily. David invited Mr. Peggotty to spend a few days in London, he replied that no, Emily and Ham were planning to get married in a fortnight.


David went home to Peggotty and Ham opened the door and said, Emily is to run away, I'm going to tell my uncle Dam?. Came Mr. Peggotty and Emily took the letter and read it. Mr. Peggotty was the man who said, Ham told David that he should not hear, but Ham said he was a man who had recently been in the city and named Steerforth. Mr. Peggotty said she would meet Emily, went to London with David and went to the house of Steerforth, but Steerforth's mother said she did not know where his son was.

Chaper 10 David could not stop thinking about Dora, when Mr. Spenlow called him to invite him to a picnic, the day David took flowers to Dora. Mrs. Mills told David that Dora would spend a few days in London, inviting him to visit her, David was left alone with Dora and confessed that she loved him. She said she felt the same for him, and pledged that evening. A few days later, Aunt Betsey and Mr. Dick were the property of David, David's aunt said he was ruined and had come to stay with him. Agnes heard the circumstances was happening David’s aunt and went to console her home, David spoke with Agnes and is said that Mr. Strong, the director of the school of David had retired. He would publish a dictionary and was looking for an assistant. David asked Uriah Heep Agnes on and she said she had too much influence over her father. The next day David went to find Mr. Strong and got the job he said Agnes. Mr. Micawber told me he was going to Canterbury to work as assistant Uriah Heep. Dora told David that he had too much money, and she began to mourn and David told him if he still loved her and she said yes. She would marry him. One day Mr. Spenlow call David to his office and told him that if those letters were his. The letters that were sent to David Dora Miss Murdstone secretly and said that one day he found those letters in the dog's mouth Dora . Mr. Spenlow told that this relationship had to end, because he knew the financial situation of David and Dora would send abroad. The next morning David went to work but a bit annoying that arrived at the office told him that Mr. Spenlow had died and David thought about Dora.


Chaper 11

David accompanied his aunt's home to Dover and back stopped at Canterbury to see Agnes, when he reached the office was Mr. Micawber and David asked if he was enjoying his work and told him and asked if by Mr. Wickfield and David said he did not see much by now Mr. Heep was in charge. David went to interview Agnes and later went to dinner at Mr. Wickfield and Uriah realized that filled the glass when it was empty, Uriah Heep announced, said he would provide for Agnes and hoped soon to be his wife, Mr. Wickfield was furious and shouted to Mr. Uriah an now ruined and I want as my daughter away from me and Agnes took his father to the room. The next day David went to Canterbury. One night in London, when David returned home from work he found a familiar face and was Martha, Emily's friend who was pregnant, and was also Mr. Peggotty and approached them, said Mr. Peggotty was still looking Emily and she was going to Germany in search of it. Dora went to live with her aunts because apparently Mr. Spenlow was not as rich as he said, and David visited her there. Agnes and Mr. Wickfield went to London to visit Mr. Strong, he submit to Agnes Dora, and became good friends and wrote letters when Agnes returned to Canterbury. At age 21, David had earned enough money to bought a house in London to live with Dora. Dora and David were married. The maids that David agreement to the new house took advantage of the innocence of Dora, but he could never be angry with her. Several months later, Dora discovered she was expecting a baby, and she lost soon after became very ill, was so weak that David had to lie. One day David walked through the neighborhood, step by Steerforth's house and spend the mother recognized him and called him she said that at first Steerforth and Emily were happy but one day disappeared Steerforth and Emily became angry and disappeared and he never seen.

Chaper 12 When David came home Micawber was a letter, the letter said: "Mr. Uriah Heep is a thief and criminate, cast and hurt innocent people and now have to do something to help these people and that


would be in the office of Canterbury in a week and to bring his friend Traddles.� A few days before traveled Canterbury, Martha went to seek David and took him to a dark room and dirty and when he entered he saw that Emily was there and before David could she appeared with Mr. Dan Peggotty, Emily fainted, when she awoke and told Martha had helped. The next morning Mr. Peggotty went to see David and told him to emigrate to Australia because Emily needed a fresh start. Dora was very ill and David did not want to leave her alone, but she insisted that out, David along with Traddles, Aunt Betsey and Mr. Dick went to Canterbury. When they arrived at Canterbury, received Mr. Micawber and Mr. Heep, Mr. Uriah Heep Agnes told that as try to hurt him, he would ruin her father. Micawber, said that Mr. Uriah had hidden things of Mr. Wickfield and a deceived about important matters, and had convinced Mr. Wickfield as to sign documents without explaining it was, Mr. Uriah Heep had forged the signature of Mr. Wickfield. Traddles Uriah Heep told to hand over the papers, at first refused, but then gave them and went with Mr. Micawber Heep leaving his misery. Aunt Betsey said why not emigrate to Australia and Mr. Micawber said he had no money, then David's aunt offered to let the money because it had already recovered and Mr. Micawber accepted but said he would return all money.

Chaper 13

Dora's health grew worse, Dora Agnes asked if it had been David missed him. Dora told David oh! Has been a wonderful husband and I love you so much, and she could not stop mourn, David asked to be left alone with Agnes, Dora died that night. A few days Traddles told David that he could save the business Wickfield. Before Mr. Dan outside Australia is left David a letter to Emily Ham, which thanked him for his kindness, and offered to take David's letter to Ham. On the way to Yarmouth, was a very strange sky, that day the wind was strong and the waves were as high as the buildings in Yarmouth.


Ham was tied to a rope and tried to swim to the boat to save people, but he jumped into the sea, but suddenly a huge wave crashed into him and disappeared, when they got to bring it to earth, Ham was dead. When David sat a sailor recognized him and told him to see a person and that person was Steerforth was dead too.David returned to London but said nothing about Emily Ham's death, David said goodbye to Dan Peggotty, Emily and Martha and Micawbers lords. During the three years, David has lived in Italy and Switzerland, he wrote many books and during that time he was writing regularly Agnes. When he returned from England went to interview her aunt Betsey and Peggotty was the new housekeeper for my aunt.The next day went to Canterbury and Agnes seemed very happy to see David, David soon told her he loved her and she said she felt the same and David ask her to marry him. David and Agnes were married and moved to London, spent ten years and one night while playing with her three children knocked on the door and was Mr. Dan Peggotty.Mr. Dam Peggotty told his life in Australia and Emily helped others and thanked him for not control anything about the death of Ham, David also asked Mr. Peggotty Martha and told her she was married . Mr. Peggotty gave a letter of Mr. Micawber in David, the letter Mr. Micawber would like to thank you for help and a dinner in honor of Judge Micawber. One day Mr. Peggotty and David went to Yarmouth to visit the grave of Ham, and picked up some dirt to take to Emily.

Personal Opinion


This book I liked it, it is a story that shows much valntia and everything she went through David and the end is happy despite everything that happened to him, and how it is beating since childhood.

3. Vocabulary WORD




Near Cheeks

Cerca Mejillas






Hacer punto










Director de escuela





Close friend

Amigo intimo

Stood up

Ponerse de pie




SENTENCE My godmother is my aunt maite. I live near zafra . My cheeks put turn red with heat . I am person very jealous. My Uncle Paco is a great fisherman, and has many awards won by fishing. My aunt made a knitted scarf. I have not maid at home . The stepfather of my friend is a good person. My friend always whispers to his horse . My father told me to wait at that corner The headmaster is a kind person . One day I fell off the stairs and hurt my chin. my father has a wound on his bald head. I told my close friend a secret. He stood up to greet the guests. When I went to give me


De acuerdo







Twin Avoid

Gemelo Evitar








Casa de campo





Humble Doorway

Humilde Entrada




Carrera / Profesi贸n




the boat was empty colony . I agree, on the subject of the strike. He said that morning was the test, that is uncertain is Thursday I'm going to play with my cousin to the park that is nearby to my house . The gentleman who sits next to me in the cinema is very handsome. I wish I had a twins. Laura could have avoided that I fell and hurt me. Had the belief that all people were good by nature The road we choose jose and me on the mountain was not right. I had to dry the shirt Nerea, because the dolphin jumped and wet. The weekend I will spend in the cottage of my boyfriend. My landlord is bad because it does not let us put music . Although I disliked Andres, I greeted him politely. My family is very humble. I was in the room and Ana was in the doorway and not listen. I take a pastille to relieve headache. I would like study a career in medicine . My dog had the sadness in his face, he was not


































the same. We paid a lot of water, the fault lies with my sister who takes hours showering . My mother left my choice . My cousin Inma is pregnant, she will have a boy. I do not agree with arranged marriages, is a scam . Guests arrived, and had not yet set the table. The floor was small and dusty. I was looking for a lodging on the beach for the weekend. My friend invited me for coffee, and cups were tiny. David did not have an easy childhood, he was very unhappy . Ana's companion at the wedding was Jorge. The smell of the street is very unpleasant Marina was excited with the photo, she has tears in her eyes. Maria on New Year's party made new friendships I made a engagement and I could not refuse. I am very upset with noelia, she has deceived me. The concierge at my school has a bundle of keys hanging on the belt .


Oficinista / secretario








Se desmay贸


Piso superior




















De la orilla


The clerk refuses to give me the papers I asked. I felt the need to tell you how much I wanted. Was kind enough to listen. Yesterday there was a fire in the neighborhood of Madrid . When she broke the news to Mary, she fainted. The house has two bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom. The police arrested the thief with the loot . The floor was very dirty after the party. My sister and I were talking, and we heard footsteps, my mother was with food. This bar is run by two partners. I have never forged the signature of my parents. It is better to solve problems peacefully. The coachman of the carriage waiting at the door of the church. The old sailor went fishing. The day of the storm I was away from home. I was fucking shells on the onshore when the wave came .


David Cooperfield  

Maria Garrido Catalá

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