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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde A Class Project

Tania Gonzรกlez 2ยบ D I.E.S Cristo del Rosario- Zafra (Badajoz)

Information about the book. Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Author: Robert Louis Stevenson. He was born in Edinburgh on November 13, 1850. He was a novelist, poet and essayist Scottish. He was an ill child, so he only was fourty-four when he died. Robert travelled through Europe and North America. His wife, Fanny, got divorced from her husband and she got married Robert in San Francisco in 1880. He is best known as the author of some of the fantastic and classic adventure stories of children`s literature, Treasure Island, the black arrow or The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Publishing house: Macmillan Readers 1

Main characters: Dr. Henry Jekyll: He was a rich man. He spent all his time studying medical and scientific problems in his laboratory, because he was a scientist. He lived a big house near Cavendish Square. Mr. Edward Hyde: He was a small man. His clothes were too large for him. His ordinary face was rough or ugly, nut there was something evil in that face. His voice was low and rough. J.G. Utterson: He was a lawyer. He was a tall, thin man. His face was pale and the colour of his hair was silver. He was always wore a white shirt and a black suit. He lived alone in a large house near the centre of London. He always helped his friends. He was a serious man, but he was kind and intelligent and had many good friends, like Dr. Jekyll. Mr. Enfied:He was a friend of Mr. Utterson, and they liked walk on Sundays. He told Utterson the story of Mr. Hyde and the old door in the East End of London. Dr. Lanyon: He was a gentleman, friend os Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll since childhood. He left all this important papers to Utterson. Lanyon died and in his famous funeral wasn’t Dr. Jekyll. Sir Danvers Carew: He was a famous doctor. When he was murdered he was carrying letter for Mr. Utterson. His murder was in October 1885. Poole: He was the servant of Dr. Jekyll. He told Utterson about Mr. Hyde. Maud Doyne: She was another servant of Henry Jekyll. Mr Maw: He was a chemical. Poole asked him for chemicals for Dr. Jekyll. At last Maw was angry and sail to Poole that didin’t went to his laboratory. Summary: Mr. Utterson was walking with his friend Enfield and told a bizarre story that had happened.Utterson began to inquire about Hyde and discovered that Jekyll had left all his property to Edward Hyde and when I was asking for Jekyll was told that no further investigating.In October 1885 Mr. Davers Carew was killed, the police called to Utterson to investigate and found a letter that was to Utterson and a cane. He recognized it was a gift that had made him Jekyll on his fiftieth birthday, they said that Hyde had 2

been the killer.Utterson was Jekyll see that I didn't want to see anybody and Utterson was concerned then was talking to Lanyon who was ill and would die. At the funeral, had many friends, but Jekyll wasn't there. A few days later, Poole told Utterson that Dr. Jekyll left the lab and that Poole had seen a small man in the laboratory. Then, go to the lab and they saw a body shot on the floor, was Edward Hyde and in his hand he had a bottle of poison. There were two notes, one of Lanyon and another of Jekyll, in the Lanyon said that Jekyll had asked help for a chemical product. A man went to the home of Lanyon and took it, then man made a change and became Jekyll.El Jekyll document was a statement, it said: a scientific work and was Edward Hyde.

Personal opinion: My personal opinion about this book is that the book I liked because it is intriguing but it is very confusing.

Vocabulary: Word



















Smooth Powder

Lisa Polvo

My coffee cup was empty He is injured by this morning Brawl The fater is careful with his son The brother of that little girls was evil You were arrested for stopped from a store These people are customers of the bank I follow a famous actor on twitter The material is very wooden His face is very smooth Man made white powder in a glass 3





















I keep money in your pocket The car was stolen by thieves This political was talking nonsense The vase was broken in several parts When operated it was very pale This morning had much fog The child is ill and today has not gone to class The house is my property The letter from that child is very nice The bridge is very narrow


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