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The happy prince and the selfish giant

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INFORMATION ABOUT THE BOOK TITLE: The happy prince and the selfish giant AUTHOR:Oscar Wilde PUBLISHING HOUSE:Vicens Vives MAIN CHARACTERS: THE HAPPY PRINCE:Is a statue of a prince covered with gold.She has two shappires in the eyes and a sword with a ruby THE LITTLE SWALLOW:This swallow wants to fly to Egypt with his friends THE SELFISH GIANT:He is selfish with the children and very big

SUMMARY: THE HAPPY PRINCE:The happy prince is very sad because she sees people alone and they haven’t got food.One day a little swallow sees the happy prince very sad and the little swallow tries to help her.They speak and the next day the swallow deliever the gold of the happy prince to the poor people.The swallow dies and the heart of the happy prince is broke.Then an angel carries the swallow and the prince to a paradise where the swallow can sing and the price can live very happy.

THE SELFISH GIANT:The giant has a beautiful garden where the children go to play every day.In the garden always is spring.One day the giant put a big wall around the garden can´t play in in the garden always is winter.He´s very alone so do a hole in the wall.The children go to play to the garden and in it is spring again.One day the children see the giant died under the tree.

PERSONAL OPINION: THE HAPPY PRINCE: I learn that I have to help the poor people THE SELFISH GIANT: I learn that I have to be generous with people

VOCABULARY Tears: lagrimas Misery: miseria Heart: corazon Tomb: tumba Messenger: mensajero Ill: enfermo Feathers: plumas Lions: leones Attic: atico Firewood: le帽a Nest: nido Puddle: charco Leaf: hoja Laugh: sonrisa Caps: gorras Mayor: alcalde Peach: melocot贸n Ogre: ogro Stones. Piedras Silver: plata Climb: escalar Axe: hacha Enormous: enorme Nails: tornillos

the happy prince and the selfish giant  

the happy prince and the selfish giant

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