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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide Pablo Elías 2º D I.E.S. Cristo del Rosario Zafra (Badajoz)

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Infor mation about the book Title: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Author: Robert Louis Steveson Publishing house: Macmillan Readers Main characters: Dr. Henry Jekyll, Mr. Edward Hyde, J.G. Utterson, Mr. Enfield, Dr. Lanyon and Sir Danvers Carew

Summary: Chapter 1 Two men are walking around the streets of London and pass in front of a door, one to the other a story related to it. A man coiled to a little girl across the corner, relatives threatened to destroy his reputation. The man accepted to pay 100 pounds. He entered that door and came out with a seemingly fake check by the firm that you could see in it. It turned out to be true and he took it. The two men agreed never to speak of this history. Chapter 2 The lawyer looks in your safe and removed an envelope with the testament of Dr. Jekyll, he said: "Leave my belongings to Mr. Hyde when I die or disappear." Lawyer March up to the door and meets Hyde. He asks if he can see Jekyll and this tells him that it is not. Then be directed to the door of the doctor but was not there. Chapter 3 Mr. Utterson was an old friends dinner organized by Jekyll. As of usual, lawyer stayed until after they were all. He was talking to the doctor and asked him by Hyde and if it was in any trouble. He replied that not to worry, that I could undo Hyde when I would. Jekyll makes him promise to Utterson who, when the dies, responsible for Hyde. He accepts. Chapter 4 A young romantic was sitting in his house looking out the window the moon. Suddenly saw two men: Mr. Hyde and Mr. Carew. They began to speak until Hyde he entered an attack and began to beat with a stick to kill him. The girl, seeing him, fainted. Upon waking he observed the victim lying on the ground and a piece of cane that had killed her. He called the police. The dead had an envelope with the name of the lawyer. The police did ask and only with hearing the description, already knew that it was Hyde. They went to his house but there was only the servant and all mixed rooms, as registered.

Chapter 5 Utterson was talking to Jekyll. You asked about the news of the murder. He replied: "don't worry, Hyde will no longer be seen. It has given me a letter, read it, and Jekyll asked you to advise on whether you should show it to the police, or not. Utterson took it and stayed at home with a friend. This looked at the letter, later entered the servant, giving the lawyer another note. It was Jekyll that inviting him to dinner. The friend took the note and compared it with the letter: "It is the same calligraphy, I would not teach it to the police." He said. Utterson was asked why was Jekyll to forge the letter from a murderer. Chapter 6 The lawyer was several days in a row to see his friend Henry Jekyll, but after a few days, it already does not accept visits. Utterson was talking to Lanyon, but he didn't want to hear about the doctor. The lawyer sent a letter to Henry and it was answered, he said: "I don't think that by not opening the door, we are no longer friends. But I am a sinner and I need to do penance. Days later, Lanyon died. Utterson opened an envelope that had him, saying: "Only for Utterson, in the event that you die before me, burn the letter without being read." The lawyer opened the envelope and inside there was another like that said: "do not open before the death or disappearance of Henry Jekyll. This shook Utterson. Despite the curiosity, Attorney, decided not to open it by ignoring the inscription. Chapter 7 Utterson and Enfield were walking down the street when they saw the door alley. They went to see the three windows of the office of Jekyll. In the middle of it was open and you could see the face of the doctor. They were to talk about until suddenly, Jekyll, is enpalecio, put face of horror and came out running, closing the window. The two men were paralyzed. Chapter 8 Poole, Jekyll's Butler, went to see Utterson. It told her that the doctor passed him something and the two went home. They tried to talk to him but, apart from not letting them enter, had a rare voice. Poole said that the doctor was going notes under the door asking for products and complaining that those who had brought him were not pure. Utterson ask Butler one of those notes. The note asked for a sample of the substance sold him for the last time, until problems began. The two men began to discuss possibilities until they agreed on one thing: the man who is behind the door is Hyde. They are well armed and discover who is behind. Then, the two men warned staff that you wait in the back door if she tried to escape that individual. They went to the operating room and knocked down the door. Inside the body of Hyde lay dead. In the table there

was an envelope and inside the three more. One was the same testament that he kept the lawyer, only one thing, changing the heir by Utterson. There was also a note saying to read the note that Lanyon had given him and another envelope that kept it is. Utterson turned to his home to examine the documents Chapter 9 Utterson reads a letter that sends Jekyll to Lanyon asking that you are going to find a few products to the laboratory and deliver them to a person that will get them to search. That person turned out to be Hyde. It behaved very nervous and impatient. Lanyon gave products and Hyde began to mix them. When the mixture was cast addressed a question to the other: "you want to let me go and not know anything about this or the weight of curiosity does not let you do it?". Lanyon replied that he had not done all that to not know the end. Then Hyde took the mixture and after a while of movements of pain that person became Henry Jekyll. Chapter 10 Jekyll was thinking about his double personality and discovered that all humans have two personalities. A good and a bad. He felt that it should separate them to break the chains that had the one with the other. He invented a formula that transformed him into another person, separating the good half of the bad and staying with the latter. He was a person more shallow, ugly... Henry felt the need to check if that change was temporary or permanent, so he returned to take the formula. It became again himself. Hyde was born. Jekyll rented a House for her second personality. Warned his servants that Hyde would have to all in your home and even visited his house as Hyde. Jekyll was amazed of the wickedness of tube to open a savings account in your name and inventing a signature because once, Hyde, tube that pay a check to a family with the name of Henry Jekyll and Hyde. One day he woke up in his room having been lying as Jekyll, but in the morning it was not he, but Hyde. This frightened him very much. Jekyll discovered that Hyde had killed a respected person and that he should not return to out of your body. I try with all their might but suddenly while he was in a park, began to notice that feeling you had when the potion was taken. Hyde had become without any help. He could not go to the laboratory for products to return to his person as police sought him so he went to a hotel. He sent a letter to Lanyon to be you to search products to their house and they were at midnight. The formula was taken and returned home. Every moment that passed, cost more to maintain the appearance of Jekyll. Whenever he fell asleep he woke with the form of Hyde. The provision of sales that was preparing the mixture started you scarce. He made several orders but is the first order that he did, was not pure and was that precisely what gave him the power. Closes this confession warning to his suicide and at the same time killing of Hyde

Personal opinion: My opinion about this book is that it has been quite exciting, though the books of this type do not generally I like

Vocabular y Word





That girl was alone 20 minutes ago



The doctor is careful with their patients



The professor is busy correcting exams



I drank my coffee and it is now empty



That evil villain nearly kills the hero



We gave him a surprise for his birthday



He follow a famous actor on twitter



I have lost my guitar the auditorium



Are you done yet?



He is injured by this morning Brawl


no puede

John cannot walk because it is very small



This material is very wooden



Got the coins that I gave him in the pocket



Unicorns are unable

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