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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde A class Project

Isabel María González Domínguez, 3ºB IES Cristo del Rosario – Zafra (Badajoz) 22/02/14 1

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Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Author: Robert Luis Stevenson. Publishing House: Burlington Books Main Characters: o Mr. Enfield: It's a character with little role in history, when we read the book we can see that appears a bit, for I have observed, he shows little interest in the old door. Is a quiet person, not very old, usually dress a coat and has a beard. o Dr. Jekyll: is one of the protagonists of the story with Hyde, is a very good person, is very cheerful, his friends love him too much, is very friendly and he is dressed with a suit, wearing blonde hair and he is tall. o Mr. Hyde: is one of the principal characters with Jekyll, is a bad person, he has evil’s thoughts, is shy, has a deformed face, is short, it is a bit repugnant and wearing a tailored suit of dark color, a bowler, a handkerchief and a cane. o Dr. Lanyon: is a doctor, a friend of Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll, the two men loves him too much, he plays a very important paper in the story, because without him they wouldn't know many things, he is an older man with suit jacket, a handkerchief and grey hair and mustache. o Mr. Utterson: is a lawyer, his friends love him and he is a very good person, reliable, friendly, curious and is the best friend of Dr. Jekyll. He is playing a very important role, not as Jekyll and Hyde but fundamental, he discovers the end of the story. o Poole: is the butler of Jekyll, is a quiet person, is a silent person too, knows how to keep the secrets that are in the house of Jekyll, is a trusted person, just dare to drop word when things get really bad, he is an old person with glasses and he wearing a uniform.

 Summary: o

Chapter 1: Two men, Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield went for a walk, like all Sunday’s afternoons, that afternoon they passed in front of an old and worn door. Enfield told Mr. Utterson a story about the famous door. The story spoke about that one night, when Enfield was returning to home, he saw a girl running down the street with such bad luck that she hit a man on the street corner. As a consequence the man became very angry and jumped up on the body of the girl, when the family arrived, the man had stopped but he was still looking at the girl. The family of the girl told him: if you weren’t paid 100 pounds, we would ruined your reputation. The man agreed and paid them the money.



Chapter 2: Mr. Utterson was thinking about a new name that had appeared in the story, Dr. Jekyll, an old friend of him. Mr. Utterson was his lawyer and had done his will, Jekyll saying: 'If I die, or I disappear for more than three months I want to all my money to be paid to my friend, Edward Hyde '. At that moment, the lawyer was addressed to the house of the old door where casually found Mr. Hyde, and asked him if he knows anything of Dr. Jekyll. He said “no” and he walked into the house.


Chapter 3: Mr. Utterson was a little worried about Dr. Jekyll and he decided to go to his home. Mr. Utterson asked the butler, Poole, if Dr. Jekyll was at home, but the man said that he wasn’t. Then he asked if Mr. Hyde had a key of the house and the butler said that it was correct, because Dr. Jekyll had confidence in Mr. Hyde, but Mr. Hyde just came only into the laboratory. Mr. Utterson was sure that the history of the will was a work of Mr. Hyde, so, Utterson want to change the mind of Jekyll, but, the lord said no, because he has it all under control. Sometime later in London a crime happened. It turned out that two men were speaking under a window in where there was a woman who saw all the argument, one of them became very nervous and had a nervous breakdown, the nervous woman fainted, and when she woke up she saw that one man was dead on the floor and he had remnants of a stick with which he had been killed, so she called the police.


Chapter 4: The Police were investigating a lot about the murder, and thanks to Mr. Utterson could recognize the victim, he was a man of Parliament, client of Mr. Utterson. The policemen described something about the physical features of the murderer because the woman told him, and Mr. Utterson said it that he could be Mr. Hyde. Then he led the police went to the house of Hyde. After convincing the servant to let them into the house of Hyde, they will find that he was the murderer because he committed two mistakes, let the stick that he used and a check which was half-burned. Mr. Utterson was been talking with Mr. Jekyll, but it was not in the library as usual, he went to his room, going through his laboratory, he was conducted by Poole.


Chapter 5: The day after the famous murder, Dr. Jekyll invited Mr. Utterson to his home, where they chatted about Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll told him that he won't return to see Hyde because he left a note that said that it wouldn’t go to the house again. Mr. Utterson told him that he wasn’t show the note to the police and Utterson get the letter to his home. Mr. Uttreson invited a friend called Mr. Guest who thanks to another note that he had just received from Dr. Jekyll, he could find that the handwriting was the same only, that this was curved, this left Mr. Utterson with intrigue.



Chapter 6: The calm returned to the house of Dr. Jekyll for a few months. He was returning to invite his friends to celebrate their famous dinners, to give money to the poor people and he was still being religious. But one day Mr. Utterson went to visit him three times, but Poole didn’t leave him saying that the man was sick. Surprised by this, Utterson went to visit Mr. Lanyon, an old friend who had a horrible appearance, was pale, wrinkled, seemed that in not much time he will die. Lanyon told Utterson that Jekyll had all the answers about the door and Hyde, so Lanyon decided to write a letter or note to him in which he explain certain things. Weeks later, Dr. Lanyon died, the night of the funeral Utterson received a letter from Lanyon, saying'' PRIVATE – FOR THE HANDS OF G.J. Utterson ONLY''. He opened it and saw that there was another envelope inside saying ‘’Read the letter inside only after the death or disappearance of Dr. Henry Jekyll’’, Utterson was fascinated. Why Lanyon wrote about Jekyll?


Chapter 7: One day as usual, Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield went for a walk, they passed next to the old door again and Enfield said that he would have to give the case closed if Hyde didn't appear. Utterson said no, that everything would be solved, but he was worried about Jekyll, so they saw an open window overlooking in Jekyll's room, and they could talk to him that happened but Mr. Jekyll was soon. Poole, Jekyll's butler, went to visit Utterson. He commented him that Jekyll was something strange and they went to Jekyll’s home. They tried to talk to him but it was impossible and Jekyll had a very strange voice. Poole was very concerned about the lord, he thought that Jekyll had killed to another person in that room.


Chapter 8: When Poole went to talk to Mr. Utterson he told him that the Dr. Jekyll not left the room for nothing. D. Jekyll passed Poole some notes under the door, asking chemicals, and when Poole took them, Dr. Jekyll's rejected them saying that the chemicals weren’t pure. Utterson asks the butler about these notes. The letter was the same, the Dr. Jekyll’s letter. The two began to think about who could be behind that door, until they got the solution: the man behind the door was Hyde.


Chapter 9: Mr. Jekyll didn’t respond to the call of Utterson, then they broke down the door and they founded Hyde dead on the floor, who wearing the clothes of Mr. Jekyll, also they saw some fire on the desk. There were burning papers and a chemical scattered on the floor too. On the floor were also thrown many papers, like the will of Jekyll, but it was saying that his entire fortune left to Utterson and not for Hyde. This greatly surprised Utterson, but he found another note behind that said that Jekyll had escaped and that if he wanted more information read the text from Mr. Lanyon where he would find many answers. Intrigued, Utterson decides to read the paper alone at his home. 4


Chapter 10: The famous letter from Lanyon was saying all that he had done the night in which Jekyll went to his home. Jekyll asked Lanyon for help and he accepted. First, he went to Jekyll's house and picked up a box that contained many things that were essential according Jekyll. Lanyon took them with the help of Poole and a key which opened the door of the laboratory. Then Lanyon took the drawer to his house and later a man came to this. He was Hyde and he was very nervous, and began to mixing chemicals and before to drinking this, he made a question for Lanyon: Would you rather me go and stay of the intrigues or wait to see the end. Lanyon said that he stayed there and watched as the famous transformation happened, Hyde became Jekyll. They were a long time talking, and Jekyll told him horrible things. Lanyon didn’t want to write in that letter this thing because they were very horrible, things that wouldn’t let him sleep, the case was that Jekyll was run away because he was also a murderer, but the really murderer was Hyde.


Chapter 11: Mr. Utterson finished reading the letter from Dr. Lanyon, he was shocked and shaking, after this, he began to read the letter from Dr. Jekyll. In that letter, Mr. Jekyll, told him that as he had been undergoing transformation that turned him into Hyde. It started when he was young, he feeling inside two personalities, one good and one bad. But Jekyll didn’t tell anyone. As he grew older, he felt that the personalities were more, so he decided to recur chemistry to solucionated this. One day he caught many products and began to mix them to get a potion. He was afraid to try it, but his curiosity was bigger, so he decided to go to a pharmacy and buy the final ingredient. One night, very late, he went to the laboratory, mixed all the ingredients and took the potion. Then he felt very nauseous and pains but when they stopped, he began to feel better, younger, lower, another man with evil-minded as anyone was awake, he went to his bedroom and looked in the mirror, it was another different person, was Edward Hyde. Jekyll became felt well, but the ideas that Hyde had were nothing good and therefore decided to tell his servant on Hyde. After that, he wrote the will to Utterson and added something else: "Two months before the murder of Sir Danvens, I woke up with something weird in my hands, they were small and hairy, were Hyde's hands. So last night I went to bed being Jekyll and woke up still Hyde. "



Chapter 12: Transformations between Jekyll and Hyde were more. Mr. Jekyll had a mess on his head, he had to decide between Hyde and Jekyll and he chose the good option, to be Dr. Jekyll and kept all that belonged to Hyde. For a time it was fine, but Mr. Hyde wanted to be free so Jekyll took the potion again. This was a different Hyde, was still more evil, that night he killed Sir Danvers Carew. After this he returned and destroyed all the papers. Finally took the potion and turned Jekyll. He started a new life, similar to before, but one day in the park, sitting on a bench, those pains and sickness returned, he was Hyde again! Dr. Jekyll reached a stage of continuous transformations, becomes transformed in Hyde many times a day. Then at night he went to Lanyon’s home and became in Jekyll in front of he, then he telling him the terrible story. He believed that everything had happened because the first chemical that he took wasn’t pure because it had several dissolved substances. Finally Mr. Hyde was the murderer and Jekyll felt guilty. Mr. Jekyll decided suicide and confess the murder of Hyde. The end.

Personal opinion:

In general I liked the book a lot, at first it looked a bit

boring, but as it has progressed, it has intrigued me, and the story seemed very good to me, was perhaps a little confusing around a set of concepts, but it is very well written and has a vocabulary that helps me the end of the book I think that it is a perfect idea. I think that it has some words that are inappropriate for my level but it was a very good story.
































SENTENCE Dr. Lanyon gave advice to Jekyll about what to do with the letters. Hyde used a cane to hit the girl that was clashed in the corner. The evil of Hyde makes him do bad things, such as killing a person. The handwriting was in Hyde's letter was the key to know that he and Jekyll was the same person. When starting to become Jekyll Hyde felt stomach pains. Jekyll changed his will, instead of giving all he has Hyde, was ceded to Jekyll. The mysterious old building, was next to a dark courtyard. Mr. Enfield believed that the check was blackmail and he wanted to find the solution. The main murderer of this work was Mr. Hyde, Jekyll had no guilt. The lab was the main hideout of Hyde and where Jekyll did his potions All started in that corner where Hyde and the girl collided. Mr. Utterson and the police searched the house of Jekyll, then Hyde found dead. Jekyll's potion was made with chemicals that were not pure. Dr. Lanyon was terrified and had many things on his mind that would not let him sleep Dr. Lanyon felt fear at night because the letter from Jekyll was horrible.





Estaba tirada.





Someone else

Otra persona







Utterson inherited the fortune of Jekyll for being a good friend. The girl was lay on the floor of the street where Hyde attacked her. The mixture of chemicals wasn’t completely pure and that was very bad. The key used to open the lab door was rusty and was difficult to open it. Utterson and Poole thought that there was someone else in the room with Jekyll. The products that Jekyll used weren’t pure and they were bad for Jekyll. In the fireplace of Jekyll, Hyde was lying on the ground dead and burning papers on the table. The roles of the table were burned, they might have been helpful.


Isabel Maria Gonzalez 3ºB