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David Copperfield

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David Copperfield by Charles Dickens Burlington Books

Main Characters David Copperfield: he tells his life in the book. He is a young boy who has an unfortunate life. He has got straight dark hair and brown eyes. He is friendly, sociable, outgoing and he loves to visit Yarmouth. His family is humble and he is British. Clara Copperfield: she is David´s mother. Her husband died when he was pregnant of David. She was young, pretty and slim and she has got straight long dark hair. Aunt Betsey: she was David´s aunt. She was an old woman and she has got curly grey hair. She lover her nephew and she helps him a lot. Mr Dick: he is Aunt Betsey´s lodger. He is an elderly gentleman with a round face and he always had a smile on his face. Most people believed he was mad. He advises Betsey and he always accompanies her everywhere. Mr Murdstone: he is Clara´s boyfriend and he has got a son with her. He has got beautiful black hair and whiskers. He and Mrs Murdstone mistreat David. Mrs Murdstone: she is Mr Murdstone´s sister. She was a very strict and suspicious person. She and her brother wanted control Copperfields´s live. Clara Peggotty: she was Copperfields´s maid and she loves to David. She is quite fat and she has got dark eyes and bright red cheeks. She is a very important person for David.


Dan Peggotty: he is Peggotty´s brother and he lived in Yarmouth . He was a fisherman and he was a bachelor. He is a very big and happy man. Emily: she was the daughter Mr Peggotty´s brother-in-law and she lived with Dan in Yarmouth. She was a beautiful little girl and David´s friend. Ham: he is Peggotty´s nephew and he lived in Yarmouth. He is a big and strong young man. Mr Barkis: he is the coachman who leads in the carriage to David to the school. He fell in love with Peggotty. J.Steerforth: he was very popular in the school and he was six years older than David. He became the close friend of David and he lived in London. He was rich, good-looking and a good student. Tommy Traddles: he was the first boy who David met in the school. He helped a lot of David and he studied law. Mr Wickfield: he is Betsey´s lawyer and he lives in Canterbury. He has got a daughter, Agnes. He is a grey-haired gentleman with black eyebrows. He wasn’t particularly old. In his office, he had got a boy who helped him Agnes: she is Mr Wakefield’s daughter and she plays the piano. She is pleasant and a good friend. Uriah Heep: he is Mr Wakefield’s assistant. He manipulated Mr Wickfield and Mr Micawber. He is liar and cheat and he has bright red hair. Mr Micawber: he was David´s landlord in London. He is a very unusual gentleman. He wasn´t young and he had little money. He became a good friend of David. Dora: she was Mr Spenlow´s daughter, David´s employer. David fell in love with her. She was young and rich.


Summary David was born on a Friday night and they say that any child born ay this hour will be unlucky in his life. His mother was widow because his father died six month before he was born. On the Friday he was born, a woman went to his house. She was the aunt of his father, Aunt Betsey. This woman left the house that day. A few years later, Peggotty invited him to visit to her family to Yarmouth. When they arrived, David met Dan and a girl called Emily. When they got home after the holidays, there was a new maid and the house had changed. His mother had a boyfriend, Mr Murdstone and lived with them his sister, Mrs Murdstone. Mr Murstone was very strict with David and he decided to go to a school near London. On the way to new school, the coachman called Mr Bakis loved Peggotty. The first day of school, he met Tommy Traddles and J.Steerforth but all children laughed him because his father forced him. In holidays, he went to his house and on the way Mr Bakis spoke him of Peggotty. When he arrived, he saw his mother with a baby in her arms, he was his brother. The holidays finished and David returned to school. In the school, he was fine but he missed his mother and Peggotty. Unfortunately, the day of his birthday he understood his mother had died and his brother was very ill. When he arrived to his house, Peggotty said him that his brother had died too and Peggotty was dismissed. David went to her to London for a while. Finally, Mr Bakis and Peggotty married. After a few happy days in Yarmouth, he returned to his house and Mr Murdstone said him that he would work his business in London. There he lived in the family house Micawbers. David became a good friend of the family but the landlord had problems and went to prison so David left the house. The only relative that he had was Aunt Betsey and he decided to go to her house. When he arrived she adopted him and she called him Trotwood Copperfield. The next day, they went to Canterbury to the office of her lawyer Mr Wickfield where had a boy called Uriah Heep, Mr Wakefield’s secretary. Betsey and Mr Wickfield decided that he would stay at Mr Wakefield’s house because the school was closer. David became a good friend of Agnes and Uriah. One day at Uriah’s house, Mr Micawber was walking along the street and David spoke with him a lot and Uriah became friend of Mr Micawber. After a time, David soon had to choose a career and he decided to go to Yarmouth to make a decision. On the way, he met Steerforth and both went to Yarmouth. When they arrived, they knew that Emily and Ham were getting married soon. His aunt suggested him that he would become a proctor who takes care of wills and marriages. He went with his aunt to London where he would work for a month as proctor. Her employer, Mr Spenlow, invited him to his house where David fell in love with his daughter, Dora. At Mr Spenlow´s house, he saw Mrs Murdstone who was Dora’s companion. One day, David received a letter from Peggotty where she said him that Mr Bakis was dying. He decided to go to the funeral to Yarmouth. That day, Emily had run away and she left a letter where she said that she had gone with Steerforth. He thought a lot about Dora and he decided to confess her love and she fell in love with him too. Uriah ruined to Mr Wickfield so Aunt Betsey ran out of money and she went to live with David. He knew that Mr Micawber went to Canterbury to work as Uriah Heep´s personal assistant. Mr Spenlow called him and he showed him a bundle of letters that David had sent to Dora and David must not see Dora. But the next day, Mr Spenlow had died. David and Dora met again several times and one day decided to married. After a while, Dora was expecting a baby but unfortunately Dora couldn’t have the baby. One day, he heard from Emily and Mr Steerforth had been for several countries. Emily appeared and decided to go with her uncle to Australia. Dora was very ill and David had to leave her alone because he had to go to Canterbury with Traddle and Betsey to speak with Uriah 4

and Mr Wickfield. When they arrived, Mr Micawber read a letter where he said that Uriah had persuaded Mr Wickfield to sign and forge documents and to sign an agreement which makes Heep his partner. Finally, Uriah gave him the documents. Dora died and David was very bad. Traddles saved Mr Wickfield´s business and to recover Aunt Betsey’s money. Before Mr Peggotty was to Australia, he gave to David a letter from Emily to Ham. David decided to go to Yarmouth to give him the letter but when he was in the hotel in Yarmouth, someone ran into the hotel and he said that a ship had had an accident and a man wanted to rescue the people trapped on board. The man was Ham and he died drowned. In the seashore, a sailor said him that come with him and David saw that Steerforth was died. David returned to London and he said goodbye to Emily, Mr Peggotty and Micawbers but he didn´t tell Mr Peggotty and Emily about Ham’s and Steerforth´s death. He decided to travel abroad and when he returned to England, he visited to his aunt and Peggotty was aunt’s housekeeper. David married with Agnes and they had three sons. One day, Mr Peggotty went to David’s house and they spoke about Ham’s death and about Emily. Mr Micawber sent a letter to David telling that he was judge


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