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Eliรกn Ortiz Marrรณn 2ยบC/D -IES.CRISTO DEL ROSARIO ZAFRA (BADAJOZ) Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Author: Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson -He was born in Edinburgh on 13 November 1850 and died on 3 December 1894. He was a novelist, poet and travel writer. His most famous works are Treasure Island, Kidnapped and Strange Case odd Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When he was a child, he had many health problems, like Tuberculosis -Publishing House: MacMillan Readers Main Characters Dr.Henry Jekyll: He was a scientific and a rich man. He was tall, dark air and handsome. He spent all his time studying scientific recipes .He had a big and expensive house near Cavendish Square. Mr. Utterson: He is a lawyer, he is 55 years old and he is a tall, thin man. He is very elegant and his hair is silver Mr. Edward Hyde: This character is created by the Dr Henry Jekyll. He is so bad and very ugly. Mr. Layon: This is a very good friend of Dr Jekyll. He is the first to know the true of Henry Jekyll. Poole: He is the servant of Henry Jekyll. Mr. Maw: a chemist. SUMARY: The book is about a man that drinks experiments and potions in his laboratory. He has two personalities. The good “face” is called Dr Henry Jekyll and in the bad “face” he is called Mr. Edward Hyde. Utterson received a will wrote by Jekyll in which says that all his money and property goes to Hyde when Jekyll died. Later, Hyde killed Sir Danvers Carew. They were found walking in the street and Hyde killed him with a stick and Jekyll watching in the window of the house. Lanyon, other friend of Utterson, died. One day, Poole for help to Utterson because a unknown person walked into the laboratory and killed Hyde while Jekyll did not appear. Finally, Utterson reads letters written by Lanyon and Dr.Jekyll´s confession. The first says that Lanyon has witnessed the physical transformation of Dr Jekyll in Mr. Hyde by potions . Jekyll was transformed in a small man.

PERSONAL OPINION: I think that this book is very interesting but at me don´t liked and the vocabulary is correct about my level. Port


They have a good port

To travel


I travel to Paris



The book is very exciting

To believe


I don´t believe in good



Mr. Hyde drank the green potion.



Mr. Hyde was evil



Michael have a lot of Money



The trial is very boring.

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