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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde A class project

Alicia Toro Álvarez 3ºA IES Cristo del Rosario – Zafra (Badajoz) 07/03/2014

Book information: ➢ Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. ➢ Author: Robert Louis Stevenson.

➢ Publishing house: Burlington Books. ➢ Main characters: - Dr. Jekyll--> He's a doctor and a scientist who did a poison to have a bad side. He is intelligent, friendly, generous and a very strange person. He is tall, thin, blond and he's always well dressed. - Mr. Hyde--> He's the bad side of Dr. Jekyll. He is evil, mysterious and mean. He is ugly, short, fat and he wears old clothes. He has long brown hair and it is unkempt. - Mr. Utterson--> He's a famous lawyer and Dr. Jekyll's lawyer and friend. He is intelligent, prudent and determined. He is tall, thin and he's always well dressed. He has a mustache and a monocle and he has short blond hair. - Dr. Lanyon--> He's a doctor and he is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Utterson's friend. He is friendly, serious, intelligent and a bit scary. He is short, a bit fat and he has a very big mustache. His hair is white and short. He's well dressed too. - Poole--> He's Dr. Jekyll's butler. He is generous, shy, friendly and he always tries to help everyone. He is tall and a bit fat. He has white hair and he wears glasses. - Mr. Enfield--> Mr. Utterson is his friend. He is serious and friendly. He is tall and a bit fat. He has brown hair and brown beard. He is always well dressed. -1-

➢ Summary: Dr. Jekyll discover a poison which transforms him into a bad person, Mr. Hyde, his bad side. But he didn't control the transformation and he did bad things all the time. First, he attack a little girl, then, he killed Sir Danvers Carrew (Mr. Utterson's client) and more bad things. Poole, Dr. Lanyon, Mr. Utterson and every body in the story suspect of Mr. Hyde, but they didn't think that Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll confessed it to Dr. Lanyon, who died because of the shock of the confesion. Before, he died, he wrote a lletter to Mr Utterson to explain him why did he die. Dr. Jekyll didn't control the transformations, so he went to the laboratory and stayed here some days. Mr. Utterson and Poole planned how to go to the laboratory. When they arrived there, Mr. Hyde was dead, because he commited suicided. Finally, Mr Utterson read the letter from Dr. Lanyon and he understood everything.

➢ Personal opinion:

In my opinion, this book is very interesting, exciting and mysterious. This story shows us how a person can be good and bad at the same time. Everyone have a good side and a bad side, so it can be a bit real.


Vocabulary chart: Word





They walk around the courtyard.



The two of them collide at the corner.



He didn't apologise to the girl.



There was another person's signature on the cheque.



Inside the envelope there was a will.



A maid went upstaris to her bedroom.



Mr. Hyde had a heavy cane in his hand.



The murderer probably took it with him.



There were ashes in the fireplace.



The butler opened the door.



Dr. Jekyll closed his mouth tightly for a moment.



Poole will be there with a locksmith.



Mr. Utterson opened the envelope slowly.


Alicia Toro 3ºA Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde  
Alicia Toro 3ºA Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde