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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde A class Project

Lourdes Gonzรกlez Molina IES Cristo Del Rosario- Zafra (Badajoz) 25/02/2014


Information about the book  Title: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Author: Robert Louis Stevenson.  Publishing House: MACMILLAN.  Main Characters:  Mr Utterson: In 1885 was fifty-five years old, was a lawyer, he was tall, pale face, the color of his hair was silver and lived in central London.  Dr Jekyll: He was tall and thin and had about 50 years, was intelligent, educated, rich and very polite and respectful people.  Mr Hyde: He was the evil part of Dr Jekyll, was very violent, so much that he could get to kill, was short, dressed very simply and produces a feeling of anxiety to pass him, this character was created Dr. Jekyll from the dark part of his soul.  Poole: He was Dr Jekyll servant, he was very polite and cares for his master. Belonged to the lower class.  Sumary: This story is about a man who think he can separate good from evil. His friends try to protect him but he ends by becoming addicted to his own experimiento since tried it with itself. In the end, he dies on a single dose of potion.

 Personal opinion: This book because they liked me, but I knew that everyone has a good side and a bad, everyone can lose control of what we like.


New vocabulary WORD





I saw a strange man walking down the street



The will was holograph


hacia atrás

backward in sentiment


Dr jekyll and mr hyde  
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