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“Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” A Class Project

Catalina Ana Santiago Martínez 3ºA IES Cristo del Rosario – Zafra (Badajoz) 27/02/2014

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson

Burlington Books

Main characters: • Dr. Jekyll: he’s the principal character. He’s a scientist who likes chemistry and he does experiments. He’s blond, tall and very intelligent. He’s a good person. •

Mr. Hyde: this character is the evil side of Dr Jekyll. He’s small and he has black hair. He’s a very bad person.

• Mr. Utterson: he’s Dr Jekyll’s lawyer. He’s very serious. He has brown hair and a moustache. He’s a good person. • Dr. Lanyon: he’s Dr Jekyll’s friend. He’s fat and old. He has a moustache. He’s a good person. He died in this story because he was ill. • Mr. Enfield: He’s Mr Utterson’s friend and cousin. He’s friendly and polite. He has brown hair, a moustache and a beard. He’s a good person. •

Poole: he’s Dr Jeckyll’s butler. He has been serving to Dr Jekyll for many years. He’s trustworthy, reserved and very old. He has glasses. He's a good person.

Summary: This story takes place in the city of London, in the nineteenth century. Mr. Utterson and his cousin, Mr. Enfield, were walking down a street where there was a door where an interesting incident occurred. Mr. Enfield told the interesting story of the incident to Mr. Utterson. He told him that a man and a little girl collided. The man began to jump on the girl. She was crying and shouting. This man was Mr. Hyde. He’s a very bad person; he likes to hurt other people. Mr. Utterson was impressed. He knew that Dr. Jekyll left his possessions and money to Mr. Hyde in his will. Mr. Utterson begins to investigate because he thinks that Mr. Hyde threatened Dr. Jekyll. He with the help of more people tried find out what happened. In this story occur a lot of things until that eventually they discover that Dr. Jekyll is Mr. Hyde.

My opinion: I like this story a lot. I think that it’s very cool and interesting. In the story are representing the two sides of people: the good side and the bad side. Here the good side would be Dr. Jekyll and the bad side would be Mr. Hyde. My favourite character is Dr. Jekyll because he’s very intelligent man and he’s very important in the story. And my favourite part is when Mr. Hyde jumps on top of an innocent girl on the street in front of everyone. This story is the best story that I’ve read so far. Word Ashes

Meaning Cenizas


Se chocaron






Hacer daño




Se separaron

Rusty Seem

Oxidada Parece





Stepped back






Sentence There were ashes in the fireplace. The two of them collided at the corner. Gradually Mr. Utterson forgot his fear and stopped worrying. The murderer probably took it with him when he left. Perhaps Hyde wants to harm Jekyll in order to inherit his money! Poole will be there with a locksmith. After Mr. Utterson and Inspector Newcomen parted. You seem to be from a good family. Utterson sighed. “Yes,” he said. But perhaps there will be a trial. Surprised, the old gentleman stepped back and Hyde began to him cruelly with the cane. Dr Jekyll closed his mouth tightly for a moment. The change in Layon and Jekyll is so sudden!

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