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David Copperfield A class project

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Title: David Copperfield Author: Charles Dickens published house: Burlington

Vocabulary CHAPTER 1 -Whether = Sí I will run whether the weather is good. -Pressed so hard = apretar con mucha fuerza I pressed so hard the bottle because it didn’t open -Pleasure = Placer Eating chocolate is a pleasure but the chocolate isn't healthy. -Doubt = duda I have got a doubt about where the English lessons are. -godmother = madrina My godmother is my aunt Estrella and she is very generous with me. - Maid = sirvienta In my house had never had a maid but my mother would like to have one. - Remain = Mantenerse/ Permanecer I remain seated every evening because I have to study.

- Jealous = Celoso Being jealous isn't good, this cause many problems. - To shake hands = Dar la mano I shook hands with Anna because she was sliding - Whiskers = patillas My father’s whiskers are very long, I don't like them. -Guilty = Culpable We had a raw after guilty

- On her own = Por sĂ­ mismo My cousin is doing her homework on her own. -Drown = ahogarse A dog has drowned on the river, his owners are very sad. -Bachelor = Soltero My uncle is a bachelor but he says that is better. Chapter 2 - knitting = Hacer punto My grandmother is knitting, she loves it and she wants to teach me.

- Swollen = hinchado I have a swollen hand because I fell when I was playing football. -Cane = vara The shepherds use the cane to guiding their sheep -Whispered = Susurr贸 My grandfather whispered me the trick of the game. - bandaged = vendada My hand is bandaged and the doctor has said I have to be with ban for ten days.

Chapter 3 - Bushes = arbustos These bushes don’t allow me to see well so I am going to cut the bushes. -willing = dispuesto I willing to work this summer to save money for my studies. -Bald = Calva The people who have a bald they should wear a hat because the sun is prejudicial.

- Pity = Lástima It´s a pity that a lot of children haven't food and they are very thin. -glad = contento I was very glad because I have passed a difficult exam. Chapter 4 -Kindly = amablemente My classmate lent me her pencil kindly, she is a generous person. -Nodded= asentí My aunt invited me to go to eat to Macdonald,I nodded quickly.

-bury = enterrar It is very sad to bury own parent, they are the best people on the world. -dismiss= despedir Ana dismissed her maid because the mail was unsociable and dishonest. -pretend = fingir Football players usually pretend to be injured - Tease me = tomar el pelo The innocent day my friend tease me, we spent a fun time.

Chapter 5 -Label = etiqueta The labels of Oysho´s clothes are very long and I have to cut them because the labels are annoying. - Tears = lågrimas You have tears in yours eyes, do you want a tissue? - Furniture = muebles I want to buy new furniture for the hall, but this is very expensive.

-Trunk = baúl The trunks are very useful; my mother has kept the small clothes in the new trunk. -Elderly = anciano The elderly are the wisest people in the world. As the saying goes ´´ the devil know more for old than for devil´´ Chapter 6 -mean: avaro My chief is a mean man, I can't trust him -Knowledge = conocimiento / sabiduría Knowledge can improve if you train your brain.

-firm = empresa Nestle firm is a great company, they make a wonderful chocolate. -doorway = puerta The doorway doesn't open well, it must be spoiled. - humble = humilde Humble people are usually good persons, they are usually simple and they don't need much money.

Chapter 7 -speech =discurso The Speech has been very boring because it has been very long and they hasn't displayed any picture. -Fault=culpa The ball has broken the neighbour´s window, the fault had been -get drunk = emborracharse No is healthy get drunk, this harms your kidney.

-niece = sobrina The niece of my husband are ill, they will go to Hospital. -suitable= adecuado This table is suitable for my dinning-room, but it ´s more expensive. Chapter 8 -Will = testamento The will of my aunt will be read tomorrow, He had much money.


= polvoriento

The country house is dusty, I should clean and we could eat there some days. -lodging = alojamiento I didn't find any lodging when i travelled to Madrid -tiny = diminuta The mosquitoes are tiny but I hate them -Guest= invitados

The guests have lost along the way, they can’t go to the party. -Keep in touch = mantenerse en contacto My Italian friend and I keep in touch by email Chapter 9 -At once= enseguida When I knew the new at once I went to told my mother -engaged = ocupada

My mother always is engaged, she has much work in own house -Indeed = en efecto Indeed, the play has been awful -dying = moribundo He ill is very dying; it is a pity, he will dead at few days -wealthy =rico I discovered that my uncle Tom was a wealthy man when I read his will. Chapter 10 -Become engage = prometer My parents become engage when they was 20 years old.

-as the saying goes = como dice el refrรกn As the saying goes who smile last smile best -knock = golpear/ llamar Don't knock the door, my mother is sleeping -Tie= atar You shall tie the rope well because this sport is dangerous -ribbon= cinta The pink ribbon is for Anna, she needs one for her hair.


upset = disgustado

My aunt is upset because my cousin shouted her -Gasp= jadear/ gritar He was gasping for our. Chapter 11 - partner = socio My father´s partner is a traitor, he betrayed him last year.

- witness = presenciar I witnessed the accident, it was shocking - steps = escalera Steps are dangerous for the child, you should keep him apart. - proud = orgulloso I am proud of my family they are the best family of the world -safe =a salvo The fireman safe to the cat, she had climbed the three.

Chapter 12 -Faint = desmayarse The old woman fainted, she should sit down. -footsteps = pasos They heard footsteps when the thieves entered their house. - forge = falsificar It is illegal to forge document, you can go to prison - jail = cรกrcel Jail is a very hard place; there are mad and evil man - obtain = obtener It is very difficult to obtain this product; it is a great for all kind of clothes.

Chapter 13 - weak = dĂŠbil You are very weak, you should eat more, and you need vitamins. -

wave = onda

Wave on the sea are very fun, I love going to the beach and swimming on the wave -

housekeeper = ama de llaves

The new housekeeper will take up her jobs tomorrow; I think that is a good and honest person -

mood = humor

I am bipolar, my mood usually change in a short time - sorrow = dolor/ pena (sentimiento) She couldn't overcome her sorrow at the death of her son.

Main Character -David Copperfield: He is both the main character and the narrator. His childhood was very hard; however, he always helped other people. His father died before that he was born. Everybody loved him and he fell in love twice. Besides he travelled a lot, he wrote a book while told his own story since he was born until the end of this life. He includes all his problems and his friend’s problems

- Clara: David’s mother. Once David’s father died she got married again. Her new husband was an abusive man and he obliged David to move other school far away from his mother. Clara had a new baby but they died. David said that this mother was a beautiful, pretty and slim woman.

Murdstone: He is David’s father, he abused David too.


After his mother’s death Murdstone mode David work in his business. He was a man with beautiful black hair and whiskers.

- Peggotty: she is Clara’s maid; she was a very fat woman. She had dark eyes and bright red cheeks; she was loved by David’s family. She helped him a lot. When David left home she gave him a cake. She sent him letters to his new school.

Ham: He is Peggotty´s nephew. He was the man who brought the doctor when David was born. After they became friends. He lived in Yarmouth -

- Dan: he is a very big and happy man, he is a fisherman. He was a good friend of David too. He lived in Yarmouth

- Emily: she is the daughter of Dan’s brother-in-law. She was the first love of David, when David knew her she was a young girl and beautiful girl. At first she lived in Yarmouth but then she moved.

-Aunt Betsey: she is the aunt of the David’s father, she was present in his born however she was disappointed because David was a boy. After Clara´s death she helped David, she changed David’s surnames and took him to other school. David also helped her when she ruined

- Tommy and Steerforth: they are David´s friend; he knew them when they were in the Salen House. Them they met again, Steerforth fled with Emily who was going to marry with Ham, however Steerforth and Emily broke up. Tommy helped one David’s friend because Tommy studied law.

- Family Micawber: They are David’s landlords when he was working with his stepfather. They had a lot of debt and they went to prison. They lived in London.


Mr Wickfield: he is the lawyer, he took him to Dr Strong’s school. While David was studying there Mr Mickfield let him live at his home. Mr Wickfield is persuaded by Heep, an evil man who encourage drinking and falsified document with he Mr wickfield's signature Them he would be demanded by Tommy. David knew to Heep in the Mr Wickfield´s office, He was sitting at the desk and he was about 15 years old and had bright red hair. Mr Wickfield and his daughter lived in Canterbury.

-Agnes: She is Mr Wickfield´s daughter, whose hobby was to play the piano. She helped his father with the evil Heep. Agnes had always loved David and they married at the ended of the book. She was the best friend of the Dora.

-Mr Spenlow : He was like teacher while David ´s training period, Betsey paid him 1000 pounds. His daughter Dora and David wanted to got married but Mr Spenlow didn’t want because David hadn’t money but Mr Spenlow dead.

-Dora: she is David’s first wife but she dead. She said to Agnes that she hoped that she and David got married after we death.

Summary Chapter 1 David was born on Friday, the night that night his father´s sister was on his window. His aunt Betsey wanted the baby was a girl to be her godmother. When Clara was about to give birth Peggotty´s nephew called the doctor. Aunt Betsey left the house because the baby was a boy. One day, when David was a child, a man entered in his home, his name was Murdstone. Then David realised that this man spent a lot of time at his home. After that Peggotty invited David to Yarmouth. When they arrived Peggotty introduced him to Ham and they went to Peggotty´s sister home wich was a boat. There he met Emily, his first love, and Dam, the Peggotty´s brother. Dam told David that Ham´s father, Joe, died in an accident and that Emily´s father, Tom, had also died drowned in the sea.

CHAPTER 2 When David came back home, his mother had got married Murdstone. He and his sister had moved to David´s home. They abused him. Murdstone sent David to study to a new school in London.

CHAPTER 3 Mr Barkis, the coachman, took David to the new School. The coachman had fallen in love with Peggotty because he had eaten a piece of the cake that she gave David. When David arrived at the school, Mr Mell told him that the headmaster, Creakle wasn't here. The teacher put to David a poster while said: ´´be careful of him he bites´´ because Murdstone had told him that David had bitten him. When the headmaster arrived at school he told that he knew his stepfather and he began to hit him. The new day David met two new classmates, Tommy Traddles and J. Steerforth. One day Mr Peggotty and Ham visited him. Finally he came back home on holidays, in his way home Mr Barkis told him if he could ask Peggotty if she would like to be his wife. When David got home his mother was waiting for him with a new brother. David told Peggotty that Mr Barkis wanted to marry her but she refused him. Murdstone continued mistreating David; he didn't let him take care of his brother. His holidays ended and David came back to Salen School.

CHAPTER 4 He received bad news from home in March, the day of his birthday. His mother and brother were very ill and he came back home to bury them. Peggotty left David’s home and David went with her to visit her family. One day when David was there, Mr Barkis and Peggotty announced married them. Then Mr Barkis and Peggotty announced their marriage.

Chapter 5 At the age of ten years, David was working for Murdstone and Grinby. He worked washing bottles, putting labels on picking them. David was very unhappy; he lived in a rented room with a family. This family was made up of Mr and Mrs Micawber and and Micawber and three children. They had financial problems. Mr Micawber went to prison and his wife went too, in order to save money. David moved to other house but he often visited Mr and Mrs Micawber in jail. They were optimist because they would go out of prison and would be a new law which would help indebted people. Their friends left, and David went to search his aunt, she was until family that he had. When found his aunt, David ask sorry and here meet to Mr Dick, the Betsey’s tenant. David decided to look for his aunt who was his only relative alive. When he found his aunt, David apologized and then he met Mr Dick, Betsey´s tenant. The stepfather went to Betsy’s house to take David but the aunt did not allow and she change the David’s surnames, now David Would be Trotwood Copperfield.

Chapter 6 Betsy and David went to Mr Wickfield´s office. When they entered, there was a boy around 15 years old Uriah sitting there, his name was Uriah Heep. Mr Wickfield check in Dr Strong´s School and this was near of the Mr Wickfield's house. David knew Agnes there who was Wickfield´s daughter and they became friends. The following day Mr Wickfield took David at the new school. One day David went out with Heep and his mother, they asked him a lot of things about his life and he felt uncomfortable. Suddenly, someone knocked the door; it was the David´s friend, Mr Micawber, who was walking past the house and heard David´s voice. Mr Micawber and Heep became great friend but David didn't like this.

CHAPTER 7 Years went by and David finished his education in Dr Strong’s School. He came back to his aunt’s house to think about his future. Then David went to visit Peggotty and Barkis in Yarmouth where he was still thinking about his future. Before going to Yarmouth, he stopped in Canterbury to say goodbye to Dr Strong, Wickfield and Agnes. On his way to Yarmouth he met Steerforth in a hotel of London. They decided to travel told together. When they arrived he was told that Emily was engaged with Ham. Steerforth bought a ship and he called it Emily.

CHAPTER 8 The aunt Betsey sent a letter to David where she suggested David being proctor. Although David didn’t like this job he accepted because his aunt and Steerforth agree. Betsey took him to Mr Spenlow´s office where he would work without a salary. Moreover, David´s aunt had to pay him 1000 pounds for his training period. She also rented a small flat David. Mr Wickfield and Agnes were in a business trip in London so they invited to David to dinner where he was surprised to see Tommy Traddles in London. Heep had lead Mr Wickfield was a drunk and he needed his help to do everything.

CHAPTER 9 One day Mr Spenlow invited David to his house and he introduced to his daughter, Dora. David fell in love with her at once. However, he was surprised to see that Dora´s companion was Miss Murdstone, this stepfather´s sister, but they didn't talk about the past. Few days later Steerforth gave David a Peggotty´s letter which said that her husband was very ill so David decided to visit them. Mr Barkis died. Ham and Emily were planning their marriage but Emily ru away with another man leaving a letter behind . Ham told Peggotty and David that the other man was Steerforth. Dan looked for to bring her home and David went to Steerforth´s mother but she didn't know anything about him.

Chapter 10 David was in love with Dora so he went to picnic with her and Mr Spenlow, David bought flowers to Dora. Dora went to spend some days with her Friend Mr Mill in London and David visited them and he confessed to her his love, she admitted that she felt the same way. Betsey and Mr Dick move at David’s loading. Agnes also went to David´s home because she was worried about his father. David visited Dr Strong and explained that he needed more money to marry Dora. Dr Strong accepted and offered him 70 pounds a year At this time, Mr Micawber told David he was living London and going to Canterbury to work as Uriah Heep´s personal. David told Dora the truth about his financial situation, however, the Mr Spenlow would not allow this marriage and he insisted on this relation should finish. Mr Spenlow died the next day.

Chapter 11 In this chapter Heep announced that he was going to marry Agnes. Mr Wickfield furious shouted: ´´you have ruined me and now you want to take my daughter from me, you are evil´´ Later David went to visit Dora and he introduced Agnes to Dora and they became friends. David Left both jobs and he began to work in a newspaper. Then he bought a new and bigger house. David and Dora got married .Dora got pregnant some time but she always lost them. She became very ill. David went to Steerforth´s home while he thought of his new book. His friend told that he left Emily and she disappeared.

Chapter 12 One day David received one mysterious letter from Micawber where he asked for help David. David should bring his friend Traddles, who was lawyer, to finish the argument with Heep. Few days later Mr Peggotty found Emily in a dirty house. They were going to emigrate to Australia. David and Traddles travelled to help Mr Micawber. Heep was sued for falsifying documents and persuaded Mr Micawber. Heep handed over the document and eventually was in misery. Micawber´s family moved to Australia and Betsey lent them money.

Chapter 13 A Few times before Dora died, when she was lying in be she asked for a moment to talk to Agnes in private. David was very sad but received good news; Traddles had managed to save Mr Wickfield´s business. David wanted to give Ham a letter from Emily while was given by Dan. So he went to Yarmouth. When he arrived the weather was awful. There was a ship in the sea had a ship and Ham tried to help the people who were in it. Ham died while trying to help them and a death man was found in the ship, he was Steerforth. After that David lived in Italy for the next three years and he wrote de the book. When he came back to England he visited his aunt and discovered that Peggotty was the housekeeper. David met Agnes; they loved each other so they got married. They moved to London and they had three children.

Agnes told David that Dora want them to be married. One day Dan visited David. He also told that Emily was living in a farm where she was loved by everybody. He also told that Martha had got married with a young man. Before leaving Dam gave David a letter from Mr visited Ham´s grave in Yarmouth.

My opinion This book is sad because David has an unfair live. He is a great person and he doesn't deserve this. I like the book but there are a lot of characters and some time I was confused. I think David is a brave person that solves his problems and eventually is happy with Agnes and his child, but before that He had a lot of misfortune. I did´ like that the stepfather hasn’t any great penalization. It is a pity the dead of Clara and Dora, they were good people and love David very much. In general I like this book because is entertaining.

David Copperfield  

A class project

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