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Title: David Copperfield.


Charles Dickens.

• Publishing


Burlington Books.

• Main Characters: •

David Copperfield: He is the protagonist and narrator of the whole novel. David was born on a Friday in the middle of the night. David lived good and bad moments, he always was very sure of yes same, but David spent many bad situations since that his mother married Mr Murdstone.

Peggotty: She is the maid who takes care of David and his mother. She is more than a simple maid. David and Pegotty are very close and though the life separated them always they were in contact for letters or for visits that David was doing to Yarmouth, place where Peggotty was living together with Barkis, his husband.

Emilia: She was the first love of David, Emilia was a niece of Peggotty, she was living in Yarmoyth, David falls in love with her when only he is a child. She is a good person, but she lives through very bad moments because she was feeling guilty of death Ham's.

The aunt Betsey: initially is a personage different whom they tell ultimately, so initially he did not accept David because he was a child, but when David goes to his house in search of a home she helps him, and she gives him fondness, work and a social environment, he was very happy with the aunt Betsey.

Mr Murdstone: He marries the mother of David, when she dies he takes care of David, but he ill-treats him. He has a daughter. Murdstone is not a good person and he nor was ever.

Steeforth: This character will be very influential during David's life, he will help David has adapt at Salem House, at all times Steeforth will be a great support for David.

Dora : Spenlow's daughter, was the second love of David Copperfield, who died not long after getting married because she was sick, was one of the characters left much imprint on the life of David.

Agnes: Friend of David since they were children, years went by and both were maintaining contact, following the death of Dora David marries Agnes, being his last love and they have three children.

Miss Murdstone: She is Mr Murdstone´s sister. She was a very strict, and suspicious person.

Ham: He was the nephew of Peggotty. He and David were good friends. Ham was in love with Emily and both were going to marry, but she finally did not want, and Ham decided to suffocate in the sea.

Mr Dick: The aunt Betsey´s Assistant, he is very friend of David and he helps to David in his education.

Mr Wickfield: Agnes's brother, he was a great friend of David, he is a very good person, David lived for a time with him, that time is one of the happiest of his life

Mr Barkis:. The carriage driver. He falls for Peggotty and they are married and live together, he is a good man and he dies ill

Tommy Traddles:. David´s friend, he study in London at the Salem Hause school, and always he helped to David.

Mr Micawber: He is a poor man, but he is very upbeat and comic. He worked with David at the factory and then he is fired

Uriap Heep: He was a friend of David, but he was a bad person a thief and a criminal.

Dan Peggotty : Peggotty´ s father, he has much honey ham, at the end of the story to David visit David and both go to the tomb of Ham to bring flowers

Clara Copperfield : She is David´s mother, she marries Mr mursdtone and they have a son, finally she and her son newly born dying.

Mr Mell: Salem Hause school´s teacher.

Mr Creakle : Director of the Salem school hause. The people told that he was not good person

Mr Spelow : Father´s Dora and friend of David, but he didn't want his daughter to marry David, because he believed that David was a person interested, he finally dies.


David Copperfield was born a Friday in the middle of the night, his father had died six months before and his aunt was not happy that David was a child. In the house of David worked Peggotty, her maid. David went on vacation to the house of Peggotty, there he met Emily, his first love. When David returned from the holiday someone informed him that his mother was married to the sr Muderston, shortly after, he was brought to live in the house of David to his sister, a person a bit strict and superticiosa. David realized that both were controlling their lives. One day Mr Murdstone dared to mistreat David, a few days after they decided that it was best that David was going to boarding school. In the carriage he met Barkis, both was speaking all the way about Peggotty. David came to the school in London, and was hosted at home of Mr Creakle. At school he met Steerforth and they became good friends. David before the holidays he began to stay at Barkis´s House, and Barkis met to Peggotty. When David returned home

for a vacation he met his new brother, who died shortly after next to his mother, David felt increasingly alone in the world. Copperfield then went to live with Peggotty until he returned to his home with Mr Murdstone, who offered him to go to work in London. David went and began staying at the House of Mr Micawber shortly afterwards came into prison. David turned to find just and decided to go visit his aunt Betsey, and he told her all his history. Shortly after Mr Murdstone came looking for him but did not return with him, David began to study to a new school, and went to live with Mr wickfield and his sister Agnes, because they had lived closer to the school. Years passed, and David was quite happy. One day David went to visit her aunt, and she told him that he was to visit Peggotty and Mr Barkis that they were living in Yarmouth very happy. Before going to his house went to see Steerfoth and both went home from Peggotty. When they came to house of Peggotty, David found out that emily and ham were going to marry. Little later David began to work as attorney to LondrĂŠs, he was receiving visits of wickfield, Agnes and Tommy raddles. David knew to Dora in London, she was the daughter of his boss and they fell in love with. David went to Yourmoth because Barkis was sick, and he died. Few days after David found a letter where Emily said that she didn't want to marry Ham, all were very surprised. David began to meet with Dora and some time later, he will confessed that he wanted to marry her, she accepted, although her father did not want to, because I thought David was with her interest. Sr Spelow was found dead the next day, David was dismayed. After marrying Dora, David began to think about writing a book. After a while, one day Copperfield he received a letter from Mr Micawber, which spoke of Uriah Heep was a thief and a criminal who asked him for help. David went to Cantebury to visit Dora because she was very ill, before going to see, it was the Office of Wickfield and greeted Mr Micawber, there remained a conversation, they decided that it was best that he will go to Australia. The health of Dora continued getting worse all the time, finally she died. He decided to go to Australia, something terrible happened there, Ham received a letter from Emily and he committed suicide. David returned to London very sad, and to get away from it all went to live in Italy and began to write books, one day he returned to England to visit his aunt, everything had changed, now Peggotty was the maid of his aunt Betsey. Then David went to Cantebury, he found there with Agnes, and began to fall in love with, the two finally got married. Many years later, one day while playing his three sons, it sounded slam the door of his home, it was an older man, he was Dan Peggotty. David and he held a conversation, the told him that Emily had was very upset after the death of Ham, also spoke of Marta, that if she had been married. And finally Peggotty handed him a letter of Micawber he was grateful for David all of your help. Mr Peggotty remained there for a few months and one day they decided to visit the tomb of Ham, he had been a very important person in their lives.

• Personal Opinion: to my really the book I liked, I read so fast not because of its ease if not because I liked it so much, and I recommend to everyone, because it is a very interesting book that has its good moments and her bad moments and also learns fairly with him, also the character of David Copperfield I like a lot. I think it is a very good book and his reading has been very positive.

Vocabulary Chapter 1 -Widow = viuda Sara is a widow for twelve years when his husband had an accident of cars in London. -

Cheeks= mejillas

My cousin is very shameful, he providing that he speaks with someone to him him puts on his red cheeks. - Shoulders = hombros The shoulders hurt me very much of going every day to the gymnasium with my aunt. - Bachelor = soltero My brother JosĂŠ is not bachelor, he got married two years ago, and he have two children, JosĂŠ are very happy -Maid = criada My grandmother has a maid because she is eighty-five years old, and she needs someone to help her cook and clean the house. -Grave = tumba David's father died, and he goes to see every day at his grave to remember.

CHAPTER 2 Wrong = mal I failed a exam of language because I had the wrong answers. Changed = cambiado my best friend has changed city because he is living with his father, I miss her.

Stepfather = padrastro

The stepfather of my friend is very handsome and a good person, he always gives me delicacies. Cane = bast贸n My paternal grandfather has a cane to walk because he has the legs bad since he was sixty years old, but every day I see him better and more handsome Mirror = espejo I think, that I am so unfortunate, because last year broke a mirror at school, while I was playing with my friends to the ball. Whisper = susurrar I think that lola whisper my name because she was talking about my wrong, I hope that it is not so.

CHAPTER 3 Bushes = arbustos All the parks of my city have many big and beautiful bushes, but the young persons break the branches of the bushes because they want to damage. Bald = calvos All my uncles are bald since they are thirty years old, but they are very beautiful.

Shellfish = marisco I in the Christmas have eaten very much shellfish because I am charmed with the shellfish since I was six years old, though only I am eating shellfish in special dates because the shellfish is very expensive. Chin = barbilla My sister has a very small chin, it is special and different, though she always says that his chin is equal that of the whole world, but it is not true Walls = paredes In my street there is a old house, and the walls are fallen, the people must have a lot of care

CHAPTER 4 Buried = enterr贸 The another day my bird died and my father buried him in a field and I took flowers to him. Seemed = parecer My mother and my uncle are twins, but they do not look seemed, though of babies they were totally equal. Understands = comprender Pablo must understands that alone I am sixteen years old, and I do not have time to study and to work simultaneously. Shine = brillar The eyes of my cat shine as two Suns, his eyes are beautiful it that I have seen in my life. Pretended = fingir My best friend pretended to be ill because she does not want to do an exam of mathematics because she was afraid to suspend.

CHAPTER 5 Trunks= troncos

The trunks of the trees weigh too much because some trees have more than hundred years. Thanks to the trunks furniture can be done and the paper exists, but it is necessary to have care and recycle because all we are damaging to the nature. Nephew = sobrino My mother´s nephew is handsome and very small, I have many desires playing with her as did every day in summer. Rude = grosero Samuel does not have friends because it is very rude and he always tries to damage, I am advising him, but he does not change. Lodge = alojamiento A friend has come from visit to my city and my parents and I we are going to lodge it in the guests' room in order that he is like in house. Stared = mirar A lady stared me yesterday, and I did not know who was she, then she presented and I discovered that she was my aunt. I did not know anything.

CHAPTER 6 Grey-haired = pelo gris My grandparentsthers have the grey-haired , but they look like more young women of his age. They are the best of the world! Mean = tacaĂąo Ruben is a very mean young he never gives money to his children in order that the children buy. Humble = humilde My favorite player of fĂşlbol is very humble and he is the best of all because he plays very well to the football. Entry = entrada

I want to go to the concert of avlil lavinge but I do not have entry, and the concert is tomorrow in the evening. Knowledge = conocimiento I think that the whole people who damages to the nature as for example the plants and the animals, they have knowledge very small.

CHACTER 7 Proud = orgulloso I am a very proud person, I look like my grandparents, they always say to me that it is not a virtue. Advices = consejos I always give advices to my friends but when I need advices nobody them me gives except my best friend and my family. Pleasant = agradable In the Christmas and in The Holy Week always I have dinners very pleasant with my family, because I return to see my distant relatives and I love these so special dates. Greeted = saludar Yesterday my aunt greeted me but I did not recognize her, because for ten years I do not see her, because she went to be lived to London. Unclear = confuso I am a bit unclear since it ended the summer, I do not know in that day I live.

CHAPTER 8 Weakness = debilidad I have two parrots of colors since I am nine years old, they are my weakness, because I love them very much Guests = huĂŠspedes

The day of my birthday many guests came to my house to eat tart, they were my friends and my family and all of them me brought many very nice surprises.

Unpleasant = desagradable Mario went to be lived to Seville, because he is very unpleasant and nobody him wants in his city. Dusty = polvo Yesterday I went out to the country and there was very much dusty, I am allergic and today I have woken up with grains for the whole body

Shouted = grit贸 Ana shouted because she saw a big dog and she is them afraid, when we hear the shout of her we scare very much.

CHAPTER 9 Shocked = impactado When my sister fell down of the mountain I remained shocked, I spent it very badly. Pale = p谩lido Elena is sick and she is very pale, I now am going to take her to the doctor, but she does not want, she says that she is good. Coolly = frialdad When I saw my aunt after three months she received me coolly, though she was saying that nothing was happening to her Growl = gru帽ir Sara and Carmen always grunt when someone talks while they watch TV. Borrowed = prest贸

When my best friend went to canadá, I borrowed her my coat, and she me lost it, I got angry very much.

CHAPTER 10 Encouraged = animó On sunday past I went the party to Ibiza, and I encouraged me very much though I became oppressed a bit, because there were many people Upset = disgustado Carla is upset since his husband died, she is not happy. Knock = golpear

On Friday in the party of fúlbol, jose and pedro they fought and pedro gave to him a knock to jose. Bundle = bulto Another day I slipped me when my mother had washed the soil, I damaged me very much, and today I have realized that I have a bundle in the leg. Faults = defecto The whole world has many faults, but the faults do not matter, the whole world must be valued Inherited = heredar When my uncle died I inherited a lot of money, but I did not need money, I needed to him

CHAPTER 11 Charge = precio I wanted to buy me a car but the charge of the mercedes is very expensive, I will have to choose the cheaper one but that also will be nice and good. Shortly = pronto

shortly is my birthday, I have many desires of celebrating it to see my friend Sara, because I love she. Cheap = barato The furniture of my house have already many years, my father wants to buy new furnitures beautiful and cheap. Wonderful = maravilloso When in the holy week I saw my grandmother it was a wonderful moment because my grandmother is what more wants in this world. Shopkeepers = comenciantes The whole world are in crisis, especially the shopkeepers because they do not sell anything, because the people are saving money

CHAPTER 12 Over whelmed = saturado In start of the course turned me out to be easy, now I am over whelmed because I am afraid to suspending, though my mother says that I can. Jail = c谩rcel The whole bad people should be in the jail, I do not understand that if it steals a poor person fences to the jail and if it steals a rich person does not fence, in this country there is a lot of injustice. Hissed = silv贸 A worker hissed to my best friend when she was happening for the street, because Silvia is very handsome and she has a very nice smile. Greeted = salud贸 Yesterday, Sara does not greeted myself by the street because she is angry me, because another day to me forgot to warn her to go to the concert of Estopa. Purse = monedero

One month ago a thief stole the purse me, where it had a lot of money and the keys, still there is not known the one who was. Misled = enga帽贸 My sister misled me, she said to me that she was going to buy an umbrella, but she was going to buy delicacies,because she did not want to go with me.

CHAPTER 13 Sailor = marinero My uncle is sailor because he likes much the sea, the fish and the ships. Wind = viento The wind blows very loudly, a tree has fallen and three windows have broken, we all are very scared because we are afraid that there is will a hurricane. Fainted = desmay贸 My best friend did not eat very much because she wanted to be thin. Last month he fainted at school and since then she eats more.

Blanket = manta In my bed I have one very nice and warm and fat blanket because I am very sensitive to cold and always I have cold. Duties = deberes Adri谩n is six years old and I help him with the duties, he this year has brightened very much and I am very satisfied with him, I hope that he continues well.