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David Copperfield

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Information about the book Title: David Copperfield Author: Charles dickens

English novelist and one of the best known writers of world literature. In his extensive work masterfully combined storytelling, humor, and irony tragic sense with acid social criticism and a fine description of people and places, both real and imagined. He was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth, and spent most of her childhood in London and Kent, places that appeared frequently in his works. He started attending school at age nine, but his studies were interrupted when his father, a small but carefree affable official, was jailed in 1824 for not paying their debts. The young Charles was forced, therefore, to support himself, and went to work in a dye factory. This unpleasant experience he later described, only slightly altered, in his novel David Copperfield (1850), gave him a sense of humiliation and abandonment that accompanied him for the rest of his life. Between 1824 and 1826 went back to school, but most of his education was self-taught. Among his favorite books were those of some of the great novelists of the eighteenth century, as Henry Fielding and Tobias Smollett, whose influence can be perceived clearly in his own writings. Soon Charles managed to get fame, a good job and money. Dickens extraliterary activities included managing a theater company which operated until the accession of Queen Victoria in 1851, and the readings of his works in England and in America. However, these successes were marred by family problems. The incompatibility of characters and the author's relationship with the young actress Ellen Ternan, led to the dissolution of marriage, in 1858, the result of which were born ten children. He died on June 9, 1870 and was buried five days later in Westminster Abbey.

Publishing House: Burlington Books

Summary David Copperfield is a boy who lost his father was born, his mother's sister lived with her husband. When her aunt to see it was a boy refused. His mother was a maid he met Peggotty, I invite her to go to Yarmouth, where he met Emily and Ham.

Ham Peggotty is the nephew sometimes played with Quieck, Emily was his first little love. Later his mother married a man named Mr Murdstone. The stepfather did not want him and he to go wrong. The stepfather controlled the lives of his mother and him. was also the stepfather's sister Miss Murdstone made it worse. He was sent to a boarding school where he was mistreated and humiliated that the teacher was Mr MellMr Creakle met who came after school sometimes, this was

informed of several things from her stepfather.

When summer came Peggotty and Ham was invited back to spend the holidays, his mother later had a southern brother, went up to him crying and his father was angry and sent him to school again. David Copperfield returned to the routine of school in March was his birthday and made him presents Mr Creakle and Peggotty. Later he was informed that his mother had died and her baby brother too because David regressed with Murdstone. Peggotty and helped him back with her to Yarmouth, where he saw Emily and I have loved for Emily. After ten years working washing bottles with Mr. Micawber. In this he was thrown into prison for not paying their debts. David visited Mr. Micawber in prison. It seemed more optimistic. David a long road trip where bad things happened and he went to find his aunt Betsey when found, and told her what happened she agreed to take over as the. His stepfather came back for him

but his aunt refused. Her aunt complete their education. Mr Wickfield met a lawyer, Agnes also met a girl with to go school for he. Mr Micawber was a surprise to David that seen again and was his old friend. Peggotty married Barkis to be near David. Dr. Strong runs the school and is the father of Agnes, Mr. Strong is married to a young woman named Mrs. Strong. his friend Steerforth deflowers agnes. The stepfather stayed poor, david, Peggotty, agne .... sought a new life in Autralia, where David married Dora but died sick. Agnes then married and had three children.

Personal Opinion

I don’t liked the book because it is confusing. I think so which has much clutter, making it hard to read the book but the story is pretty with an unexpected ending that was what I liked most of the book.

Vocabulary CHAPTER1

Unlucky: desafortunado, con mala suerte. Widow: viuda,viudo. Realised: comprender. Staring: Mirada fija. Shocked: horrorizado,conmocionado. Doubt: dudar,desconfiar. Nephew: sobrino. Childhood: Infancia. Whiskers: barba,bigote.

CHAPTER2 Wonderful: maravilloso Knitting: muestra de tejido

Upstairs: planta alta Stepfather: padrastro Suspicious: sospechoso Bit: migaja,pedazo Mirror: espejo Whispering: cuchicheo


Willing: dispuesto: Headmaster: director Carved: tallada Chin: menton Remarked: dijo Holding: aguas residuales

CHAPTER4 Kindly: amablemente Wondering: se pregunta Buried: enterrado Dismiss: ignorar Among: entre Pretended: pretender Nearby: cerca


Landlord: propietario Owed: que debe Devoted: dedicado Attentively: atentamente Relation: relaci贸n Trunk: tronco Anybody: cualquiera Prayed: orar Rebellious: rebelde

CHAPTER6 Carefully: cuidadosamente Gentleman: se帽or Rising: naciente Mean: media Knowledge: conocimiento Still: Aun as铆

CHAPTER7 Soon: Pronto Tremble: Tiembla Join: Unete Choice: Elecci贸n Suitable: Adecuado Waiting: espera

CHAPTER8 Lodgings: Alojamientos Business: Negocios Treating: El tratamiento de However: Sin embargo Guests: Invitados

CHAPTER9 Employer: Empleador Companions: Compa帽eros Ruin: Ruina Guessed: adivin贸 Between: Entre Lying: mentira Within: Dentro de Slowly: Poco a poco Shouted: grit贸

CHAPTER10 Friendship: Amistad Found: encontrados Overjoyed: Rebosante de alegr铆a Unexpectedly: Inesperadamente

Whole: Total Which: QuĂŠ Teaching: Docencia Upset: Malestar

CHAPTER11 Cannot: No se puede Steps: Pasos Witnessed: Testigo Needs: Necesidades Solve: Resuelve Both: Ambos Hide: :: Ocultar Servant: Sirviente Either: O bien

CHAPTER12 Stairs: Escaleras Each: Cada uno: Greeted: Recibido Harm: daĂąos Seizing: aprovechando Hand over: Entregar

CHAPTER13 Few: algunas de ellas Grief: duelo Ship: barco Same: mismo Judge: Juez Remind: Recuerde


David copperfield  


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