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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde A class Project

Carmen Vázquez Baranda 2º A/B IES Cristo del Rosario – Zafra (Badajoz) 05/03/14

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• Title: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. • Author: Robert Louis Stevenson. • Publishing House: Macmillan Readers. • Main Characters: - Dr Henry Jekyll: was a large man, fifty yeras old approximately with a smooth and handsome face. He was scientific and he was always busy because he was in his laboratory all time. He was a rich man . - Mr Edward Hyde: Dr Jekyll's friend. He was a small and strange man. He had a pale and an ordinary face and it was rough or ugly. His clothes were large for him. - J. G. Utterson: he was Dr Jekyll's lawyer. In the year 1885 he was fifty years old. He was a thin and a tall man. He was serious, but an inteligent and a social person, too. He lived near the centre of London. His face was pale and his hair was silver. He wore a white shirt and a black suit. - Mr Enfield: he was Mr Utterson's friend. - Dr Lanyon: he lived in Cavendish Square. He had thick white hair and he was an old man, but looked younger. He was always happy - Poole: an old servant. - Mr Parker: lived in the corner of Regent Street and Cavendish Square. - Maud Doyle: a servant wich worked for Mr Parker. - Sir Danvers Carew: a gentleman that was walking in a street which was murdered by Hyde. Danvers Carew had white hair and he was well-dressed. - Mr Maw: a chemist. • Summary: the book is about a man that drink experiments and potions in his laboratory. He has two personalities. In the good “face” is called Dr Henry Jekyll and in the bad “face ” he is called Mr Edward Hyde. Utterson received a will wrote by Jekyll in which says that all his money and property goes to Hyde when Jekyll died. Later, Hyde killed Sir Danvers Carew. They were found walking in the street and Hyde killed him with a stick and Jekyll watch ir in the window of the house. Lanyon, other friend of Utterson, died. One day, Poole for help to Utterson because a unknown person walked into the laboratory and killed Hyde while Jekyll did not appear. Finally, Utterson reads letters written by Lanyon and Dr. Jekyll's confession. The first says that Lanyon has witnessed the physical transformation of Dr Jekyll in Mr Hyde by potions. Jekyll was transformed in a small man. • Personal Opinion: First, the story is very entertaining and good for my age, it is easy to understand. I really like the book when I start to read the final of the part 1. I don't like thee firts chapters because I thought the story was horrible and strange. I also like the story because there is character that has two personalities and I understand it very well. Second, the theatre in Badajoz was very beautiful and I will not forget it. I really like it because the characters interpreted very well the people in the book's story and the tango was incredible! Page 2






Enfield took Utterson down a narrow street

pointed, to point

señaló, señalar

He pointed at an old door on the other side of the street



The house was next to a dark courtyad



A few days ago


durante la noche

I stayed overnight with friends, not far from here



One of the neighbours went to get a doctor



Surely your description can't he true



Utterson was silent and thoughtful as they left the East End

looked after


Utterson looked after people's wills because he was a lawyer



You can stay there and we shall stand here



The man ran back into the laboratory as he saw me

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Activity 4 dr jekyll and mr hyde carmen vázquez baranda  
Activity 4 dr jekyll and mr hyde carmen vázquez baranda