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Inland Empire Baptist Association

n i o r l a C e h T Volume 43 Issue 10

October 2010

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Director of Missions

Deryl Lackey

We are trying something completely new this year for our annual meeting and inviting all of our churches to join us on November 6th for a “mission fair”. We will have ministry tables from over 45 of our churches, ministry partners, (set free ranch, pregnancy centers, race track ministries, etc.) and agencies. They will be sharing the details when it comes to specific ministries of their church (inner-city ministries, sports camps, food ministries, family ministries, etc.). They will also be available to work alongside your church if you feel that the ministry would be of value to you. Outside we will have the “disaster relief” ministry of the California Baptist Convention with a full kitchen for all to see. They will be serving dinner and of greater importance sharing with individuals who want to get involved with our Southern Baptist “disaster relief” ministry. We will also have our association’s ministry trailer set up for everyone to see and enjoy. There will also be a number of our church planters there so that you can meet, hear and if led, assist them in their specific church plants. We will be up and running from 5-8 p.m. and hope that you will not only come but encourage those in your church to stop by for however long they like. It will be an opportunity to see first hand what the associational ministries and our cooperating together looks like! We will have a business meeting at 6:45 p.m. for those who would like to attend, during which time we will be voting on the budget and new executive board members. The desire here is that churches will connect with other churches when it comes to ministry and ministry ideas. We also wanted to find a way in which people could see first hand what churches co-operating together looks like. Since this is a new approach, your participation and encouragement of others to come would be greatly appreciated. If this works we hope to invite more of our churches in the future to come and share a specific ministry in their church that is effectively ministering to people and can help churches begin that type of ministry in their church if there is a need. Also, there is one more item to address. We have decided to make our Executive Board Meetings, “open meetings”. By this we mean that you can come and ask questions, render input as to ideas, or suggestions. We invite you to come and join us. Our next executive board meeting is Oct. 14th; the “open session” aspect of the meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M. The meeting is held at our Associational office in Riverside.

Martin Leach

Church Growth Consultant ADIESTRADO PARA LA EXECELENCIA Our annual Hispanic training event is this Saturday, October 2nd. Someone told me that they could not come because they had not pre-registered. This is not true, a majority of those who attend register on site. Just come and plan to have a good time. You can also register on-line at

TRANSFORMED CONFERENCE If you have ever heard Ray Comfort speak, I know you are already planning to come to hear him at the Transformed Conference on Saturday, November 13th. This conference will tell you how to get on fire for God. It is for both the lost and Christians and it is FREE. In addition, Kirk Cameron will also be one of the speakers along with Todd Friel and Emeal Zwayne. Although the event is free, you must pre-register online at beginning October 1, 2010. If you would like some flyers, I’d be happy to send them to you. Just contact me. Vacation Bible School Jump Start If you’d like a preview of the 2011 Vacation Bible School Big Apple Adventure, here is your chance. The California Southern Baptist Convention is hosting the Jump Start event. It will be at Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church on Saturday, November 13th from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. For more information contact Larry Hudson at (760) 753-4937.

Claudio Medina

Multi-Ethnic Consultant

Our seminary classes are up and running. Along with classes at our local office we have another site at Grand Terrace Community Church. Our next sessions will begin in January of 2011, please call for more information. We continue to meet for our monthly Hispanic pastor’s breakfast in which we pray and encourage each other. Please pray for Pastor Emilio Carranza who has begun a new work in the city of Norco. We would like to thank Acts International Christian Fellowship of Romoland for the electrical repairs on our Evangelism Trailer and Fellowship of Christ Baptist Church of Chino for their generous donation towards the trailer. Just a reminder about our Associations Annual Meeting on November 7 th @ CrossPointe Community Church of Fontana. We will have several booths highlighting our new church starts and several of our other ministries. It will be a fun and informative event.

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Bruce Hitchcock

Church Growth Strategist Being a Leader Others will Follow

There are many opportunities for leadership within the church from the Pastor to the Worship Leader to the Greeters. Leadership at every level is important to the church. I once heard Rick Warren define a leader as “…someone people will follow.” If you are responsible for some function in your church and one or more people look to you for direction, you are a leader. The following are some important characteristics of successful leaders: they meet God’s expectations, resolve conflict, admit when they are wrong, are proactive not reactive, passionate and enthusiastic, compassionate and not authoritative, open to change, delegate responsibility, hold subordinates accountable, are open to and encourage creativity, are good listeners, motivate others to their greatest potential, see the big picture, and finally leaders celebrate success. Unfortunately, all leaders make mistakes. I recently attended a meeting with Dr. Jeff Iorg as the speaker. He asked the question, “Are there fatal mistakes that leaders can make to disqualify them?” His response was “Yes, but not as many as you think. Some mistakes/sinful choices can cost you the opportunity to lead in your present setting. Some mistakes/sinful choices can cost you the privilege of leading in a Christian organization – Is that disqualification permanent? Unfortunately, sometimes it is. Sometimes you forfeit your ministry forever.” According to Jeff there are four way to resolve your mistakes. “First, take responsibility for your actions. Second, admit you were wrong. Next, accept the consequences, and finally, move on. Learn to fail fast. When the horse is dead dismount.”

New Church Starts in need of Materials. If you have anything that you can donate to our new church starts in the Association, please contact the Association Office at 951-784-2655.

Golf Tournament to benefit the Youth Department Of West Grand Baptist Church of Corona Location: Green River Golf Course Date: November 11, 2010 Time 8 Am shotgun start Special Guest Appearing: Rex Hudler (former Major League Baseball Player and Christian Motivational speaker)

For more information or to sign up: Contact Donny Gaines at (951) 316-5005

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The Psalms of Sunergeo “Landmark Book Is An Innovative Tool For Ministry” There is nothing particularly novel about a pastor or one of his congregants becoming a published author. On the other hand, when an entire church collaborates to write and self-publish a book, such an achievement is truly noteworthy. That is exactly the case with The Psalms of Sunergeo. Sunergeo Christian Fellowship is an Upland, California based congregation led by Julius West. During a 2009 sermon series revolving around the major classifications of the Psalms and their practical and spiritual significance, one of Sunergeo’s members suggested to Pastor Julius, “Why don’t we write our own Psalms?” One thing led to another until a stylish, final hardcover product was completed this past April to commemorate the church’s 5th year anniversary. The Psalms of Sunergeo is an attractively packaged collection of 150 thoughtful reflections and heartfelt responses to the broad spectrum of situations that we all encounter in our daily personal relationship journey with God. Modeled after the biblical Psalms, but based on each of the 74 writer's unique experiences, this captivating collection includes numerous selections that promise to make a deep devotional connection with every reader and his or her special story. “There are three comments that I hear over and over again,” beams Pastor Julius with excitement. “The first is how impressed people are with the high quality and professionalism of the overall product. The second deals with how creative of a concept it is for a whole congregation to participate in composing a written collection of any sort, much less, personally inspired, modern day Psalms. Last, and most important to us, is the way people react to and connect with the book’s powerful content. We are grateful and humbled by all the positive response and give the credit, from conception to completion, to no one but God.” The Psalms of Sunergeo addresses a broad spectrum of real-life issues that ordinary people from all walks of life hold in common. The prevailing message is that our relationship with the Lord provides the needed perspective and makes the critical difference in every circumstance. As a result, this book has untapped potential to be an incredible tool for ministry that is both practical and personal. You will want to read and re-read these psalms of joy and praise, lamenting and wisdom, and adoration and thanksgiving for the blessing they will be to your soul. You will want to share them with family and friends who need hope, strength, comfort, encouragement, and inspiration for their own journey. You will want to consider the Psalms of Sunergeo for that Christmas gift that will make a lasting spiritual impact. The Psalms of Sunergeo is immediately available at: pages/psalms.html. For additional information or to schedule Pastor Julius for a book signing or speaking engagement pertaining to this innovative project, please contact

Army of the One Youth Camp On July 23-25 the seventh annual Hispanic churches youth camp for the Inland Empire was held at Mile High Pines in the beautiful setting of Angelus Oaks, California. With over 130 campers, staff and counselors in attendance, this year proved to be one of our best camps ever. Our focus this year was “The Army of the One” which helped our young people develop a better understanding of the Armor of God and how to use it on a daily basis. Through workshops, music, fellowship, games and free activity time the youth developed a better understanding of God’s word and created lasting bonds of friendship with youth from all over the Inland Empire. We look forward to yet another amazing camp in 2011. Hope to see you all there.

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Inland Empire Association Staff Deryl Lackey

Director of Missions

Claudio Medina

Multi-Ethnic Consultant

October 2

Adiestrados para la Excelencia

October 30

World Craft Party, FSBC Hemet

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November 6

Association’s Annual Meeting

Martin Leach

November 13

Transformed Conference

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Bobbie Brooks

November 30

Pastors and Staff Christmas Dinner

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