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Deryl Lackey

Director of Missions

Happy summertime greetings to all! I want to start with a heartfelt thank you to all who support us in so many ways. It has been a remarkable year, we have had the joy of seeing God, in His own unique ways, building His kingdom here in the Inland Empire. We are one of 31 associations in the State of California. There are 5 total associations in the L.A. basin. Within our areas you will find a wide range of ministries reaching people in a wide range of ways! One of the goals of our State Convention and NAMB involves mobilizing the body of Christ to serve one another. I have been challenging churches to commit to God the willingness to make a one day mission trip anywhere He asks within a 75 mile radius of their church. If you would like to engage in one of these missions trips, let me know. We have partner churches and missions scattered all over Southern California who could use some help in a one day outreach, or if you felt led even for a longer period of time. Missions are not always across the ocean, sometimes they are across our association, Orange County, or the L.A. Basin where God has gathered people from most every nation known. Bottom line: if you feel the need to make this one day mission trip, let us know, we will find some ministry in which you can serve, helping them advance God’s kingdom work in their “Jerusalem”!

Claudio Medina

Associate Director of Missions

2 Tim. 3:12 Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. This is a promise of God. Somehow they left this one out of my promise book I purchased the other day at the book store. This is the reality of serving the living Savior, opposition will come. So don't be so surprised when the world is offended with our relationship with our Lord. We also have the promise that He will be with us every step of the way and that He provides a peace which the world cannot understand. Summer is around the corner and school is finishing up. This is a good time to head out on some short-term mission trips, or make plans for your upcoming VBS programs. Use those BBQ's for opportunities for outreach and build relationships with friends, family and neighbors. We were blessed again this month with having the opportunity of assisted with a new church start in Indio. Let us keep praying for our pastors. Other great blessings this month: Pastor's breakfast, leadership class on "how to study the Bible", men's retreat, assist with outreach to the Sherman Indians, men's Bible studies, and mission conference. We want to thank the California Southern Baptist Convention for their support in all that we do. These programs are a great example of working together with the "Cooperative Program."

Bruce Hitchcock

Church Growth Strategist

Change makers: Solve Problems Part 5

Proactive thinking is the backbone of problem solving. Within the problem solving process the issue is moved from a state of confusion surrounding the dilemma (defining the issue), through the analysis process (separation of the parts of the issue), to the discussion process (barnstorming solutions to the issue), and finally end at the resolution process (dissolution of the issue). Problem solving begins with identification, progresses through inquiry, determines possible solutions through deliberation, and resolves the issues by collective participation and determination. This process is called structured, organized problem solving and is characteristic of success driven organizations. Structured, organized problem solving is change through logical, workable steps that lead the majority to “jump on board.” Instead of trying to salvage a sinking ship, well planned, positive, productive change has become a speed boat navigating wind, wave, and nocuous current driving you toward the goal of change. Everyone wants to be on that ship, its name is “Success.”

Page 3 Martin Leach

Clarion Church Growth Consultant

EQUIPPED FOR EXCELLENCE We thank God for once again blessing our training event. Our paid registration was 1,158. The day went off without a hitch. That’s because so many people worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly. A big thanks is extended to California Baptist University and Magnolia Ave Baptist Church for sharing their facilities. Without the support of Dr. Ellis and Pastor Montia we could not have this training. In addition, I want to thank all of those who served on the support teams and especially the large group of volunteers who helped us in the office to prepare the material. Joan Malcolm, from Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church, Riverside was the recipient of the John Schiveley Sunday School Teacher of the Year Award. Selecting that recipient is one of the most difficult things about Equipped for Excellence. All of the nominations are wonderful! It is never easy to make that selection because they are all so worthy. I am pleased to announce that Bessie Tolliver from Los Angeles and Chuck Thompson from Bonita each received a $100.00 gift card from the LifeWay store. Roddy Tano from Fontana was selected to receive the $50.00 VISA gift card for giving us his e-mail address on the yellow card that was given out at the end of the conference. Congratulations! PASTORS AND SUNDAY SCHOOL DIRECTORS PLANNING WORKSHOP Our annual workshop is designed to help prepare for the new church year in the fall. Items to be covered include (but are not limited to): enrollment, prospects, workers, training, outreach, new classes and how to set goals. Jamie Killion will be leading our session. Jamie served as Minister of Music and Education at First Baptist Church, Chickasha, Oklahoma for over 20 years and he surely does love Sunday School. He now teaches at C.B.U. I have heard Jamie teach and I can assure you he will bless your heart. We will meet at the associational office on Saturday, July 14 th. A continental breakfast will be served at 8:30 a.m., the training will begin at 9:00 a.m. and we will end at 12:00 noon. Heads up! There is a new line of Sunday School literature that will be coming out from LifeWay this fall. It’s called the Gospel Project and it looks very exciting. Watch for more information about it coming up in July’s Clarion. In the meantime, you can check it out online at Vacation Bible School I want to thank Cindy Enlow, our associational V.B.S. Director, for the outstanding job she did in hosting our clinic again this. This is her 10th year serving in this position. You won’t find a better V.B.S. director anywhere. I think there were about 175 in attendance, Cindy says about a 150. At any rate, it was a great conference. By the way, there were 35 in the Spanish conference. Great work Cindy! We are all very proud to have you serving with us.

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The New America Singers All churches are invited to hear the New America Singers sing for free on July 24th, at 7:00 p.m. at Magnolia Ave Baptist Church. They will be sharing about how the Lord blessed during their 6 week mission outreach to school assemblies and orphanages in Hong Kong and Thailand. This is a family-friendly program of choreographed music, drama, video, and puppetry. Bring your people of all ages, and invite your friends who don't normally come to church (we sing to mostly non-Christians overseas, and they love our programs). Since 1982, the Singers have shared their happy music and positive message throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. They have been featured performers at World Youth Conferences in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Glasgow, Scotland, Harare, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, and in Leipzig, Germany. Other recent performances include state, national and international conventions, churches, school and University assemblies, theme parks and fairs, military installations, and in the Super Bowl half-time show. The Singers range in age from 15 to 23, and attend High Schools and Universities throughout California. They are carefully selected on the basis of their musical ability, personality, dependability, appearance, and leadership potential. The teens provide for most of their own travel expenses, and usually sleep in private homes provided by the local hosts. Ted and Betty Campbell have long been promoters of teens and touring. Since 1970, they have helped over 3,000 young people sing for millions of people throughout the world. In addition to music groups, they have led groups specializing in basketball, media presentations, puppetry, drama, building projects and mission projects. To the Campbells, traveling implies a disciplined life-style, with extensive training in performing skills, character development, leadership qualities, and moral and spiritual development. Their books TOURING WITH TEENS, ON THE ROAD WITH JESUS, LIFE LESSONS FROM WORLD TRAVELERS, A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON CHOIR TOUR, and POST-TOUR DEPRESSION are being used by directors around the world to train their own traveling groups. Sharing with the Marines at Camp Pendleton

God’s Moving at Acts 1 Food Ministry!! Article by Pastor Chuck Jepson

In March of 2012 we were doing the Food Ministry as we always do on Thursdays. We were about half way through the line of boxes we fill, when 3 men approached me. They were introduced to me and asked if I could give them a few minutes to talk. When we stepped aside, they started telling me how much they appreciated what we were doing for the community and asked if they could do something for us. They asked if they could rebuild our area to make it safer and more usable for what we were doing. Of course my first question is how much is this going to cost, as we are a poor church! They told me they were paying for everything! This was getting very exciting! To see God working through these men was something amazing to experience. I then asked if they needed any of our people to help with the construction. They informed me they had the materials and the crew to do it. This was probably a wise move on their part because I would have wanted to help and with what I know about construction it would have taken 3 times longer than the time they were estimating! They wanted to start the next day and have it done by the next Thursday so we would not miss a week of performing the Food Ministry! In 4 days they demolished the old facility, which did not take long as it was benches constructed on the dirt with what was left of 5 or 6 old canopies covering the work area. They constructed a cobblestone floor, rebuilt the work benches, cemented in the posts and installed a new canopy over it all. They even added lighting under the canopy so now the facility can be used at night for other functions! All in time to give food out to the families the next Thursday! God was amazing in how He used these men of the community and their business resources to further HIS desires and feed the people in His community!

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IESBA Pastor Launches New Book And Small Group Project Called Days With Jesus! Want to help your congregation connect with Jesus, dig deeper in their knowledge and love of scripture and learn to apply the teachings? Then you should sample the Days With Jesus project! Days With Jesus was birthed as a concept in 2007 when Jim Jackson, who had just planted a church, began to teach on the life of Jesus. It was then he realized that many people, including those who had grown up in a church, had heard of Jesus and a little of what he had done, but most did not know about Jesus and who He was. In reality, though billions of people around the world claimed to follow his teachings, it seemed as though an understanding of the man and his mission was still severely lacking. So Jim started to write the book, Days With Jesus, which turned into a two-part set. Not long after work on the book began, he had the idea to actually go to Israel and shoot on-location videos in the places where Jesus walked and talked. The videos would then coincide with various Days in the book and could be viewed online, at home or at church, individually or in a small group. This way, a person could read about Jesus, then watch the video from the spot where that particular event took place to give them a more well-rounded understanding of Jesus and his life. In a groundbreaking combination of book and on-location videos shot in Israel, Jim takes readers through an immersive experience like no other. Read the words of Jesus. See the place where he said those words. Connect with Jesus in a new way. Watch the adventure begin in Bethlehem as Jesus is born and placed in a stone feeding trough. Walk to the Jordan River, where He is baptized by a locust-eating prophet. Go to the corner of the Temple, where Jesus is tempted to jump. See the place where Jesus cracks a whip and makes the religious leaders seethe with anger. Hear Jesus tell people to eat His flesh and drink His blood in Capernaum. Observe Jesus pardon the adulterous woman. Get to know the man many know of, but don't know much about. Check out all the videos and sample and order the book at "Excellent! Clear, compelling reading which presents Jesus from a variety of angles. A tremendous project designed to give us a picture of the true Jesus. Highly recommended!" -Don Overstreet, SBA Church Planting Director

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Ministry Trailer 1 now has a portable baptistry. The baptistry is 5 1/2 ft. by 2 ft. and 2 ft. deep. If you need to book the trailer please contact Brenda or Angie at the Association office. 951-784-2655

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