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Inland Empire Baptist Association

n o r i a l C e Th Volume 43 Issue 5

May 2010

Equipped for Excellence 2010

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Director of Missions

Deryl Lackey

Greetings to all! As we travel through 2010 I pray all is well in your churches and ministries. We continue to hear of God moving in unique and powerful ways in many of our churches. This recent month we had three new church starts, please pray for them as they begin their ministries. Our Equipped for Excellence was a success and we thank God for His blessings. We had just over 1,100 in attendance, which is 100 more than last year and during this time of economic uncertainty it is something we are grateful for. We are thankful for your support and ask that you keep us in prayer as we seek to make sure Equipped for Excellence meets the current needs of our churches. I would also like to ask you to continue to pray for the Great Commission Resurgence task force that was appointed by the Southern Baptist Convention as they finalize their report in regards to the changes needed. Our association adopted a motion at our annual meeting to pray for this committee as they undertook the awesome task and responsibility given to them. We still hold to a “pray and see attitude”. We embrace the need that was sensed that led to the committee’s appointment, and trust that a sovereign God will once again work through His people to accomplish His will. While I cannot imagine the tremendous weight that must rest upon their shoulders, I know the need to pray for the committee is greater now than ever before, and I am looking forward to their recommendations at the annual meeting in June. Lastly, many have asked how the association is doing financially and we are doing fine. Last year the first quarter was a very difficult one in which we had to go into our reserves. We are thankful to God and thankful to you for your support that as of today, this year we have not had to go into reserves at all. We are still able to sustain our staffing levels and have been able to assist many of our churches and ministries in a number of ways as they engage in God’s kingdom work. One of the things we have been able to do is fully supply the ministry trailer. It now contains a stage, sound system, jumper, snow cone machine, pop corn machine, cotton candy maker, generator and various other supplies. It is fully equipped for any of our churches who want to organize an outreach event for their communities. Please contact the office if you would like to use it!

Bruce Hitchcock

Church Growth Strategist

We are currently experiencing a recession or economic downturn. It is not the first and it won’t be the last. In our current recession approximately 10% of the working age population is unemployed, which means that 90% of this population is still working. If it is assumed that the 90% figure applies generally to the total population, then every church will be impacted. Where the church is concerned, economic downturns generally cause a decrease in giving from those who are unemployed, those who fear unemployment, and those who are retired and are living on investment income. This will ultimately cause shortages in funding which will impact ministry. “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.” 1 Corinthians 4:2-3 (NKJV) “When we realize the vastness of our divine resources, when we acknowledge that the eternal richness of heaven is His gift to us, we won’t be miserly with the things we have. On the contrary, we’ll be eager and free to share. In short, we will know the joy of generosity. A generosity rooted in Godly contentment also has some priceless benefits.” Charles R. Swindoll, The Joys of Generosity, Insights (May 2007) pp. 2-3 When believers hear the word “stewardship” they generally associate it with giving money. However stewardship does not apply solely to monetary gifts. Stewardship is more involved than just giving your tithes and offerings. It involves your time and talents also. In difficult financial circumstances, time and talent can be as important as money. Using the time and talents of believers in the congregation can be a replacement for a downturn in giving due to loss of income to the church.

Claudio Medina

Multi-Ethnic Consultant We would like to encourage your youth groups to participate in a bilingual youth camp on July 23-25 of 2010. It will be located at Mile High campground in nearby Angeles Oaks area. It is sponsored by Primera Iglesia Bautista of Lakeview, under the leadership of Pastor Luis Arroyo. For only $115.00 the camp will have great music, bible study along with a variety of games and sporting events: Church : 951.928.1199 We continue to improve on our Evangelism Trailer. It is being used for special church events such as block parties and vacation bible school. We have included a new complete sound system. We have upgraded the generator and purchased a popcorn machine. It is a blessing to hear how many people are responding to the Gospel as a result of this trailer. The calendar is filling up so please call to reserve the Evangelism Trailer as soon as possible. Office-951-784-2655.

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Martin Leach

Church Growth Consultant EQUIPPED FOR EXCELLENCE

The 20th annual Equipped for Excellence training event was a wonderful experience. I praise the Lord for all of the lives that were touched this year. That is always my prayer, and once again God indeed spoke to the hearts of many of those who attended. Calvin Wittman, our keynote speaker, was terrific and left everyone excited. Our attendance was 1,108. Again, I want to thank Montia Seztler, pastor of Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church and Dr. Ron Ellis, president of California Baptist University for hosting the event. Without their cooperation, we could not have Equipped for Excellence. All of the support teams did an outstanding job. The conference leaders were awesome and are to be commended for the fine job they did. All together there were about 175 people who helped in one way or another. Thanks to everyone who had a part in this great event! (Note: a pair of prescription glasses were left in room B-252 in the Yeager building at CBU. The conference was “Dealing with Problems in Your Small Group Ministry”. Call the association office (951) 784-2655, if they might be yours.)

Save the date! EQUIPPED FOR EXCELLENCE APRIL 9, 2011 Brian Kennedy, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Ontario, will be the keynote speaker

SUNDAY SCHOOL DIRECTORS MEETING Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 4th from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. at the association office. The topics will be The Role of the Sunday School Leadership Team and How to Encourage Your Workers. Refreshments will be served.

PASTORS AND SUNDAY SCHOOL Director’s Planning Workshop

This year Jason Barker, Minister of Education at Immanuel Baptist Church, Highland will be sharing with us. He will help us think about the plans we need to make for the fall. We will meet in the Staples Room at California Baptist University on Saturday, July 10th. The event begins with a continental breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and the meeting runs from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

TRANSFORMED CONFERENCE This conference will be led by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. It will be at Immanuel Baptist Church, Highland on Saturday, November 13th from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. This conference is held in places all over the country and we are pleased that we will be able to host this outstanding event. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. If you have never heard these men, let me assure you, you will be greatly blessed.

For more information call the association at 951-784-2655

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t Church in the Spotligh

Mosaic Inland Church Chino

Mosaic Inland Church, located in Chino, is one of the 8 Mosaic churches in California. They have campuses in Pasadena, Beverly Hills, South L.A., Wittier, South Bay, Berkley and San Diego. Pastor Ralph Neighbour has been the pastor at Mosaic for 26 years. Their goal is to connect to the generation of people who have given up on the church, but who want to connect to God. Pastor Ralph recently led a woman to the Lord who grew up as a Jehovah Witness. She vowed at 15 to never set foot into a church again, and her employee who brought her to Mosaic will soon be baptizing her. Mosaic has many exciting ministries that they are participating in. One of these is the start of Pastor Ralph’s son, Nathan Neighbour’s new church plant called Mosaic Midweek. Mosaic has many ministry groups, and among these is a group called Serving the I.E, led by Ruben Ramirez. This is a group that catalyzes service projects in their local area, and is soon going to be participating in a project called Big Sunday. This is the largest community service project in the world, with 50,000 people participating. Another ministry at Mosaic Inland led by Ed Galindo is called Beyond Us. This group is partnering with an organization called International Youth Initiative to support churches in Tijuana. Celebrate Recovery, led by Jim and Terry Moon, is also an important part of Mosaic Inland, and they have started these groups around the country. They have one in Texas, Wyoming, and are in the process of starting one in Tijuana under the guidance of Ed Galendo. Mosaic Inland has members that make one day trips down to Tijuana to work with the church they are helping. The women’s group at Mosaic is also being used by God to do amazing things. The group is called She and Pam Neighbour is the leader. They have served with the Ronald McDonald house, and one of the things God is using them to do now is to bring awareness to sex trafficking. Lavada Dovol, from the group She, has been on the front page of the Daily Bulletin twice to bring awareness of this matter to the Inland Empire. As God is using Mosaic Inland in many ways, they are also in need of prayer. Pray for leadership to emerge in the new church plant that Nathan Neighbour is leading. Pray for their overseas teams this summer in the Philippines, India, and Mexico leaving from their site. Pray for Deborah Fillpot as she graduates from CBU and leaves to serve with the IMB overseas. Pray for the some 100 overseas workers and family members connected to Mosaic who are sharing the Gospel around the world.




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Connect with IESBA! Do you know that the Association has many ways that we can come alongside your church? We offer many services from the ministry trailer, to graphic design, to leadership training. Call the Association today to find out how we can connect with your church and help in fulfilling the Great Commission!

Graphic Design & Printing

Ministry Trailer

Leadership Training

color and black & white printing

Sound System

Graphic Design-this includes bulletins, post cards, flyers, etc.


Small group and Sunday School Training


VBS Training

Popcorn, snow cone & cotton candy machines

Deacon Training

Music Training

Business Cards

Logo Design

Posters (11x17)


Disaster Relief Training

Fast and professional flyer designs



* Contact Angela Mantzey at or at 951-784-2655 for more information.

* Our ministry trailer can be used for outreach events. Contact Claudio Medina at for more information

* For more information on our training events contact Brenda Lackey or visit our website @ & look at the Calendar of events.

Ministries 

Equipped for Excellence, IESBA Golf Tournament, Kid’s Camp, Summer Missionaries, Women’s Retreat, Pastor’s Wives Retreat

Ministries for Volunteers & Donations 

Racetrack Ministry, Truck Stop Ministry, Pregnancy Centers, Full Circle Ranch, Volunteer at the Association office

Help Needed!! The Truck Stop Ministry in East Ontario is in need of Chaplains and Assistants! The chapel is located off of Milliken Ave. and the 10 freeway, on the East side. If you can offer your time please contact: Chaplain Richard Giles 541.941.5026 Or Larry Marshall 909.997.1091

Bilingual Praise Team Needed for Youth Camp July 23-25, 2010 to lead our worship services in songs and praise. Due to a small budget you would need to pay for your own way which is $115 per person. This includes meals, fellowship with other young people and lots of fun and games. If interested please contact Linda Arias (909)428-7321. Thank you.

Donations! for the San Bernardino Pregnancy Resource Center!!

If you can donate anything for babies 0 to 9 months please contact the Association office! 951.784.2655

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Inland Empire Association Staff Deryl Lackey

Director of Missions

Claudio Medina

Multi-Ethnic Consultant

May 2

Desert Area Bible Study Workshop

May 4

S.S. Director’s Meeting

Bruce Hitchcock

May 15

Vacation Bible School Clinic at MABC

Martin Leach

May 18

IESBA’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament

Church Growth Consultant

Bobbie Brooks

June 5

Kid’s Day Camp

Office Manager

July 10

Pastor’s & S.S. Director’s Planning Workshop

Brenda Lackey


Sept. 24-25

Women’s Retreat

Angela Mantzey

Graphics Specialist

Church Growth Strategist

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