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The Troika Times Day 2

9th February 2014

“Nights those were spent sleepless yet full of dreams, finally came to a shape none could ever imagine so here we are to share with you, the gossip of losses, victory and fights to win With designers, quizzers and robot freaks running all around, here and there We have a lot of tittle tattle to tell and share

So well well well, calm your mind and hear us out Cause unlike the organisers, we are not gonna shout One thing we guarantee is total uncensored fun Just one request, thereafter do not chase us with a gun.�


Events ki kahaani, humaari zubaani. Design Pro “achi khasi participation aa gayi thi” said an organizer who fainted after seeing more than ten people in DesignPro for the first time in their history. The CreateX event held in the OAT involved sketching on various (abstract) engineering themes; most of them being prayers to the rain God. Webimax had ten participants (with six from the online round). This involved a three hour second round with an inadvertent power cut towards the end. Participants engaged in candlelight coding which turned the design duel into a romantic event. The AnimaX event required hard-core animation skills. The rounds focussed on texturing, modelling and creativity in general. *Mr. Saru was feeling sleepy (as usual) and in one of his (many) yawns, he fell from the chair and broke it.*

Todo En Uno

People swarmed in great strengths at the Edusat Hall, which is commendable, considering relatively low population in the Techfest as a whole. Though the publicity posts boasted of it being a battle of brains, the event was all so placid like the cool breeze outside. The 4th year head of Todo graced the event with his prized presence. Lesson learnt from last year, organisers made sure to pack up the event well before 5. A little too early, don’t you think? With interesting rounds such as maze, mystery, logical games etc. lying up the hill to finale, event was quite interesting. Hair was spotted on the floor, possibly due to the contestants pulling theirs out or was it some greying 3rd year?



WIE (Women In Engineering), a branch of IEEE organizes VIHAN every year to encourage women to take up engineering as a profession. But VIHAAN’ 14, had scanty feminine shades to it. What is even more appalling is that one of the two chief organisers was herself clueless two days prior to the event. The timing of this online coding event made participants skip their dinner and code with an empty belly. Nevertheless, the event saw above hundred participation which was from across four countries. Thankfully they didn’t make it compulsory to use a pink laptop!

Radix The oh-so grand RADIX was a little low on participation as the day dawned. The incessant morn drizzle dampened the organizers spirits. As the day progressed, event gained momentum and it concluded with lots of fire and smoke. Event names were intricate enough to put the comparer in dilemma. The ROBORACE track managed to attract many eye balls credited to the ingenuous track or maybe it was just the female organizer’s charisma. The AUTONOMOUS events became THE MISSION IMPOSSI-

BLE and one of them even got slashed. The arena of ROBOWARS was all clad in coconut husk, bricks, wire mesh and pastel sheets instead of robots for the first half of the day. By evening, the arena became the awaited battlefield. 3 bots fought their ways trying to topple the opponent down. A team from Sharda University was the final conqueror. Our very own melodramatic anchor, Mr. MJ was successful in setting the requited mood. The long-long day ended with a grand treat by seniors with ice-creams being the cherry on the top.

Troika T-SHirt Trivia.. •

XL size T-shirts out of stock. Too many IEEE treats? Really? • Grey t-shirts, grey weather, nice camouflage. “Tabhi ladkiyan nahi dekh pa rahi” • Apparently, the Grey hued t-shirt was a little Gloomy as it was envious of its colourful predecessors. • the T-shirt distributor didn’t seem to know too many people in IEEE. She was suspiciously askin “IEEE Member…?” before handing them out.

Events of The Day: Junkyard- Creating wonders from junk, Mech lawns Ether Avatar- the quizzing extravaganza, Computer Centre, Envision- Software conceptualisation, Exposition Hall, Brainwave- Hardware Conceptualisation, Civil lawn, Inspironature- Inspire nature, engineer style, Civil committee room

11 am 11 am 11 am 11 am 11 am


The Bakchodi Charade!

Loki oh loki Yes papa! Feeling sleepy? No papa! Sipping Frooti? No papa! Telling a lie No papa! Open your mouth *YAWWN* HAHAHA

Try studying the text book with this concentration Mr. Sam. Might work wonders! :P


The guy on right- Sir! You stink, How many days since you have taken a bath? CS- “hum toh bhai jaise hai, waise rahenge!”

It’s Valentine’s week dude, call to someone special banta hai *hmmm*

“Don’t! I am super busy.” But Picture lena zaroori hai

Troika 2014 - TTT Day 2  
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