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EDITORS SPEAK The journey of Troika through the years, has been a long one. What started with 3 events as the annual festival of the erstwhile IEEE DCE Student Branch, has now expanded to much wider horizons with 17 events. And, it gives us immense pride to say that we have all been able to contribute in our own ways to TROIKA 2013. From the very conceptualization of each event, to their implementation, and execution, Troika has been a learning experience that we shall cherish for life. It had been a dream that we saw come alive this February, and pleasure was inexplicable. Troika has been a platform for students to showcase their technical prowess and this year was no different. The quantity, along with the quality of participation was unprecedented. The online events were an instant success with students from around the globe. The on-site events, no less, saw nationwide enthusiasm. With the introduction of Inspironature and Energise (in association with Padarth, IIT Bombay), this year Troika also ventured into the dimension of Green Synergy. Taking this opportunity, we would like to thank the entire Team Publication, and Team Design for their wondrous effort with Trigger. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude towards Prof. P. B. Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, DTU; Prof. Moin Uddin, Pro – Vice Chancellor, DTU; and Prof. Asok Bhattacharyya, Patron and Ex – Branch Counsellor, IEEE DTU, for their relentless support to us. We are also extremely grateful to Dr. S. Indu, our respected Branch Counsellor, who has been our pillar of strength. And last but not the least: Team Troika! Everything would have been impossible without you. Cheers!!

We, here at Delhi Technological University, strive to emulate such a platform. We believe in putting our theoretical teachings and classroom lectures into some practical application. With this motive in mind, today DTU witnesses a brigade of technical societies and teams, IEEE DTU being the frontrunner.The vital significance of TROIKA lies in that it is sort of the culmination point of the best IEEE has to offer. TROIKA takes under its wing a host of events which cover coding, hardware implementation, robotics, Research & Development, and also non-technical activities such as stock market analysis and quizzing. It creates a dynamic spread of opportunities for techno-enthusiasts. The release of Trigger 2013 marks the start of a new chapter in the IEEE calendar. I wish TROIKA all the very best for a grand success and extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the student members for their sincere and dedicated efforts in making it a success !

Here’s hoping that in the coming years, Troika scales newer heights of success!

Prof. MoinUddin Pro Vice Chancellor Delhi Technological University

The Editorial Team




•Total Visits on the app: 15,620 •Unique Visitors: 4,089 from 25 Countries (USA, Romania, France, UAE, Thailand, Sweden, UK, Germany, and Norway being the countries of maximum international participation) •Total attempts (by all on all questions): 130,086 These facts more than explain the grandeur of MIST under the TROIKA 2013 fame. Mist is a Facebook application,an online code breaking treasure hunt event. With interesting levels queued one after the other, mist promises to be a noteworthy quest. Mist sees this amount of participation every year with people of all age groups and from all over the country trying their hands out on tricky questions. Competitive and challenging levels test one’s ability to think out of the box in a quest to find the key to the next level. The rush of clearing one level after another and outshining the tally is incomparable. From the last two editions of TROIKA, Mist has been a huge rage amongst students seeing an enthusiastic participation from students all over the country.Spanned over 10 whole days and 35 levels, contestants stay glued to their laptops/ computer sets. With statistics being maintained for every day, the activity on the event is regularly monitored. The participant with the perseverance and wits to clear all 35 levels on his own was declared the ultimate champion of this grand event named MIST. Goodies were given to top 10 participants and certificates to top 25 participants. This was encouraging enough to keep the zest alive for many years to come. People share their mist experiences as allegory with one another. With branches, loops and dead ends on the way, mist is a mind-whacking journey and such is its charm that once you start playing, you can’t get enough of the zest one senses when the solution clicks like a key and you waltz your way to the next level.



“A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.” -Doug Linder ‘Bits, Bytes and Bots’ are the programming events of TROIKA. Abbreviated as BBB, it is a collection of coding events and an ideal place for all those neogeeks out there. With competitions testing various analytical and spontaneity skills of its participants, BBB is the ultimate programming challenge. Covering almost every aspect of today’s programming arena i.e. from competitive programming to artificially intelligent algorithms, BBB is awaited for the entire year. Bits- Pre¬liminary round is a basic logic test consisting of output and debugging questions. There are 2 groups in bits- one for the 1st and 2nd years, other for the 3rd and 4th years. Following the preliminary round, is the real programming challenge(2 to 3 rounds) in which participants are required to code their way with analytical and innovative skills.Mini-bits as a promotional event was organised too in the first week of February. The winners were directly promoted to the final round of the main-BITS event. This promotional event saw a participation of over 50 teams for each group. Bytes- This is an online programming contest. Participants are required to reach the solutions of some of the toughest programming problems within a specified time limit. With the finest programmers worldwide, competing against each other, Bytes is growing in its magnificence with each passing year. This year, Bytes was held in association with Codechef (One of the biggest online programming contest). The contest was held for 3 hours (8pm to 1 am) and saw a whooping participation of around 495 contestants. This is a record breaking increase of 315% from last year. Bots-It is the Artificial Intelligence challenge. Based on the given problem statement, the participants are required to design a program that shall battle all others and emerge as the winner.The programmer of that impeccable programme that competed against all is the winner. BBB is and will always be an opportunity for all the neo-geeks out there to put their coding skills to showcase.



Todo En Uno (Spanish for ‘All in one’) is a multi-purpose aptitude test gauging its participant’s analytical, logical and memory skills. With the best minds pitted against each other, the event becomes a battleground with participants thriving to win the crown of “Jack of all trades”. This quizzing event comprises of various rounds to test the logical abilities of participants, through its unique question base that consists of an all encompassing genre.Ranging from Puzzles to Logic, mathematical teasers to code breaking, audio-visuals to memory rounds, this event has it all. The event is a wholesome treat with all those who like to spend countless hours wriggling their brains with puzzles and games. The multitude of questions offered by the event promises to whack their heads with its uniqueness and diversity. This year, event saw huge participation in its online event- question of the day. Also, there was a participation of 90 teams in the mini event and 74 teams in the main event. The event features a preliminary round followed by the main event consisting of a plethora of beguiling rounds like: *Memory+ Mental maths *Analyzing games *Pure math *Creativity + encrypt/decrypt *Images *Picture grid *Audio-visuals With huge participation every year, the event is a hit among the students. It is a quiz conceptualised to find the geniuses among the crowd. With its varying levels of rounds, one needs to know-it-all to be and conquer-it-all to be the champion.



“I believe in professionalism, but playing is not like a job. You have to be grateful to have the opportunity to play.” -Wynton Marsalis Student Professional Awareness Conference abbreviated as SPAC, the concluding event of TROIKA is the perfect finish to 4-day long grandeur. Bringing with it the opportunity to interact with elite and successful industry professionals and entrepreneurs, SPAC acts like one of those doors linking the 2 worlds of education and professionalism. This symposium opens the prospects of direct communication with professionals giving our budding engineers real world insights into career relevant subjects of entrepreneurship, growthopportunities, fi¬nancial planning and so on. The valuable interaction with incisive professionals enlightens the students about industry, its norms and functioning. Acting as a juncture between the industry and institute, the event is surely a success in enhancing a student’s vision. The ideologies and wisdom shared by our eminent guests leave indelible imprints on the minds of the students for years to come. As a testimony to our healthy association with the industry, we have had eminent speakers from BHEL, Nokia, Voltas, Siemens, Motorola, NTPC etc. in the past. Providing students with insights from industry, they have graced the occasion with their technical and corporate knowledge. In acquiescence with the opulence of TROIKA, SPAC’13 will be bigger and better. With its fabulous valediction ceremony, complete with presentations and delightful interactions, this symposium will serve to be the guiding light for years to come and be remembered as the perfect conclusion to TROIKA and its splendour.



“Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget Rule No. 1.” -Warren Buffet For the first time ever, Troika 2013 presents Bulls N’ Bears, an online stock trading event which gives participants a platform to test their trading acumen in a virtual stock exchange. It gives you a perfect platform to showcase your trading skills and feel the real thrill with virtual money. The concept of the game is not based on any of the pre existing virtual stock games and the rules have been twisted in a manner so as to always keep the exhilaration alive. Participants are given the chance to invest in eight fictitious companies with share prices being regularly affected by “Breaking News”. The detailed company profiles shall be provided by the organizers and there shall be no initial money allotted to the players. The profit/loss shall be calculated at the end of the each day and, the participant with the highest profit shall be adjudged as the winner at the end of the game. There is also a forum in the game, where you can get into discussions with other players as well as the organizers. Do you have the zeal within you to foray within the share market and emerge as the ultimate victor??? Then Bulls N’ Bears promises to make it viable for you in the most impressive way. Invest wisely, gain immensely!!!



Robotics is the branch of technology that facilitates the development of manmade mechanical devices that can perform specific functions automatically in a modelled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled behaviour which can be influenced by programming. It facilitates automated machines that can be used for sensory feedback and information processing. Radix is the ultimate robotics designing competition organized by IEEE-DTU under TROIKA, its annual technical fest. Radix reiterates robotics, a discipline which emulates our lives, of wondering how we work. Offering an ingenious integration of fields such as computer science, electronics and mechanical engineering, Radix has catapulted robotics to newer dimensions. This event also aims to infuse a sense of team spirit and collaboration amongst the participants, with its challenging pre-defined problem statements that involve either mechanical or programmable robots. Radix comprises of four major events: •AVADA KEDAVRA: The devils are back to duel, may the mightiest survive in this tussle of bots. •REALMS OF EARTH: The Bots race their way to victory. •WALL- E: Get set to design a savior bot which places blocks of specific pattern within the walls of same pattern •CODETRON: Code your line followers to find the way. RADIX is one of the major crowd pullers of TROIKA. When all participants converge for the RADIX showdown, it gives a sense of the magnitude and grandeur of TROIKA.



Envision, the software/app development contest is the perfect platform for all those geeks out there, who dream of revolutionizing the world with their pathbreaking ideas and virtual designs. This event was one of the three foundation events of Troika and has beautifully played the role of the pillar of Troika for the past 18 years. It attracts software maniacs from all over the country, who get an opportunity to showcase their creativity and dexterity in their field of programming. The prime judging criteria are innovation, robustness, efficiency, presentation and level of interactive and user-friendly nature of the software. This event has two subcategories: 1.OPEN CATEGORY: Teams can present their software which can be based on any random idea and their creativity shall be judged on the aforementioned criteria. 2.PRE-DEFINED CATEGORY: Participants must abide by the problem statement provided and realize the implementation of the same as accurately and creatively as possible. The first round was a qualifying round where the entries submitted by the teams were scrutinized and the best ones were selected. In the final showdown, i.e. on the day of the competition, an unimaginably breathtaking war of the best took place. This year, under the predefined category, participants had to conceive an idea for innovative mobile application (known as ‘app’ in a layman’s lexicon) and execute the same. There was no constraint regarding the theme of the app, the sole requirement for a qualifying app being freshness of the concept.





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In the very first year of its inception last year, Electrocution ,the event organized by Power and Energy Society(PES),IEEE DTU managed to create a stir with its creatively conceptualized and technically exhaustive problem statement . With an aim to rouse the students to an awareness of practical electrical engineering, Electrocution endeavours to bring out the best in every participant .The participants are subjected to a hypothetical situation and they have to use their wits and basic electrical knowledge to surmount the problem and emerge victorious. Last year, the magnitude of response of Electrocution was tremendous, both in terms of participation as well as audience. The team of electrocution was the subject of appreciation from all and sundry. Needless to say, the electrocution team worked doubly hard this year to take the grandeur of the event one step higher and succeeded in their mission. This year, teams had to accomplish the heroic task of robbing gold from a train by using their circuitry skills and knowledge of basic electrical components. Participants faced three levels of competition, the first being an electrical and aptitude quiz, which intended to gauge the level of their basic knowledge. The second round was about chasing some clues in order to break the LED –maze lock and finally controlling the train to save the gold from getting into the wrong hands in the third round. In order to increase the cognizance about this event among the students, a mini event by the name ‘Mini Electrocution ‘ was organized in the first week of February. It had two rounds: the first one was a paper-pen round where the participants had to find their way out of a maze of words. In the second round, participants were challenged with the task of diffusing a bomb by selecting the correct wire to be cut. Mini-Electrocution was a huge success with a participation of more than 50 teams.



An all-time favourite, Ether Avatar, is the LAN quizzing event, which never fails to enthrall all and sundry with its high entertainment quotient. For all those people who do not have the word ‘Impossible’ in their lexicon, this is just the right place to be. It challenges the knowledge pool and memory capacity of participants, subjecting them to questions which not only require them to delve deep into their minds, but also to use all the available resources judiciously with the sword of time hanging over their head. The teams have to face a spate of questions from a wide variety of fields such as literature, sports, entertainment, mythology, social studies and general knowledge, just to name a few. There are three rounds in this event to bring out the ultimate quizzer in the participants and the best among the know-alls gets to taste the glory of success. Initially, participants have the luxury to explore the fields they are best at, but soon, as time passes, the intensity of tension and anticipation escalates and participants are subjected to heavy testing times. The one who sails comfortably through the tides of anxiety with the oar of knowledge emerges the victor. Ether-Avatar Online, the run-up to the main event, which took place in the last week of January, is one of the most popular online events all over the country. This year too, Ether-Avatar online, a five-day affair ,witnessed grand success with the total participation crossing a whooping 500.The top scorers of EtherAvatar Online got a direct entry to the mains, saving them a few adrenaline rushes on the day of the final showdown.



Junkyard, more popularly known as “junky”, is an on-the-spot event, where participants are challenged with the task of building useful stuff from scrap. They have nothing but junk available, coupled with their creativity and resourcefulness at their disposal to help them in this challenge. Teams are provided with lots of unusable waste, and they need to use their imagination, mechanical skills, and most importantly ‘jugaad’, in order to make a prototype as per the problem statement given to them. This year, there were 4 rounds in junkyard based on the theme of ‘Phineas and Ferb’. The preliminary round was a paper-pen round where the teams had to answer aptitude based questions. Those who qualified for the second round were given a task to check their creativity and imagination. The following 2 rounds aimed at testing their technical prowess along with innovation. Mini-Junkyard, a run-up to the main event, which took place in the first week of February, was a huge success with a participation of more than 10 teams. The teams were shown a prototype, and they had to develop a mechanism for the same using junk. The winners got direct entry into Round 2 on the day of the final showdown. The junkyard team also organized a fun online event, in the month of January namely “Junkyard Studios”, which received huge participation as well. Students had to give a wacky or funny or a simple but awesome caption to a photo depicting ‘Best out of Waste’ and the caption with the maximum likes won.


The Troika event that really tests and assesses hardware development skills and innovation is BRAINWAVE. One of the first 3 events TROIKA started out with, BRAINWAVE continues to be a frontrunner in TROIKA, setting the stakes high and imparting a very high-end top-notch touch to the IEEE tech fest. It brings under its wings the following events this year: E-SIMULI- Basically a hardware conceptualisation in software which facilitates technocrats to conceptualise their hardware concepts by simply a click of their mouse instead of rummaging through actual hardware parts! PLETHORA- It is the open hardware competition to showcase any ingenious hardware designs made by the participants ACUMEN•Serpentes Et Scalam- the snakes and ladder game using image processing. The goal is to detect the shortest path from the start point to the end. •Matrix mania- designing an LED cube matrix which displays ‘TROIKA’ when lit up! •Spectre sonore- designing a sound analyser which involves LEDs which blink according to the loudness and frequency of sound. BRAINWAVE 2013 witnessed some tough and dynamic face offs between participants. These problem statements were designed to test the participants’ creativity and ingenuity. And test they did! The response was immense, with BRAINWAVE proving that it definitely is the pillar that holds TROIKA strong.


Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose. ~~Zora Neale Hurston One problem that often plagues progress globally is the slow translation of research into practice. Very often a disconnect exists between those who create the evidence base and those who are positioned to implement the research findings. Thus, as researchers, it is imperative to take steps to overcome this barrier. Publishing your study may be one initial step to make your research known to the global community. Research studies these days are gaining an unprecedented focus and attention. Thus IEEE DTU presents technovision 2013 which is the annual technical paper presentation competition of TROIKA. The students get a unique platform to showcase their research talents in various disciplines which have been categorized as per the following: SAPERE Group Disciplines like Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, and Software Technology etc are covered in this category. ESTRO Group This category comprises of research related to Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication EnÂŹgineering, Instrumentation. ACCESSO Group The engineering fields like Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engi-neering, Biotechnology, Production and Manufacturing Engineering etc are covered in it. This endeavor is taken to provide a platform to the potential researchers and scholars to demonstrate and further hone their skills. The event is a liaison of academicians and students. Technical students from varied regions of India would participate to discuss the emerging issues of research and to explore their thoughts and ideas to achieve a variety of perspectives and thus contribute to the development of the society. An expert group of jury will shortlist the best paper from each group according to the topic chosen, the experiment performed and the utility of the research.


Design Pro, the designing challenge is the rejuvenating factor to fill in the space for natural creativity. TROIKA considers its responsibility to give a chance to that bud of uniqueness and ability to think beyond the boundaries. For all those creative enthusiasts who love to dabble in the realm of art coupled with technology, Design Pro is the perfect platform. Dip your digital brushes in paint with Photoshop, show us, your versatility with software like Indesign and Illustrator, and code, away on HTML to make snazzy websites. Budding animators are invited to design their way to glory with their spectacular pieces of art! The sub-events are designed to test the creative genes in participants in various categories namely 1. Animation: Animation contest 2. Creative Suite: Web designing contest 3. Prodigy: Graphic designing contest Design Pro also gauges the participants and their skilful application of software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash, Dreamweaver, JavaScript, PHP, HTML etc. TROIKA 2013 invites all to dabble in art and with their creative future!!


Energize is a new event being organized by IEEE DTU in association with Padarth, IIT Bombay. It calls upon the student community to showcase their innovative prowess in the face of the condition the world is going to witness in the coming years. It is a known fact the risk of energy resource crisis is looming over humanity and its economic development. With increasing level of consumption of resources future of mankind is in danger. We are facing a huge challenge to come up with unconventional sources of energy and at the same time maintain environmental balance. It is high time we shift our focus towards unconventional sources of energy. Recently, major breakthroughs have been obtained in Nuclear, Solar and Wind energy but we have to do a lot to make them economically viable, and within reach of millions of people today. In such a scenario there is a need that innovative ideas come from within the enlightened student community. ENERGIZE invited students to present new ideas in the form of abstracts and the chosen ones further elaborated their ideas in the form of models and presentations. The top 3 teams were promoted to the final rounds which will be conducted in Padarth, IIT Bombay. The ideas presented in these events might be the answer to the energy crisis and to the impending risk to humanity. And if the ideas are implemented the importance of this event will definitely endorsed by the scientific and economic communities in the coming years. IEEE DTU is keeping its fingers crossed!


This is a new event introduced under the aegis of IEEE DTU and the Biotechnology department of Delhi Technological University. This was an event envisaged to mimic nature’s phenomenon. In it the participants are given a chance to ideate and innovate to design instrument for the benefit of mankind. It is known that the realm of Biotechnology is a major player in initiating such an endeavour. IEEE DTU feels that such an effort should be made to expedite the process a bit. The event invites participants to present ideas in the domain of Biotechnology which would help in furthering such a cause. The idea’s working or principle should be based on the natural processes or the natural scheme of events that one sees around in one’s environment. The event saw some wonderful ideas by innovative and dexterous minds. It proves that if given a chance, the student scientific community can help make great leaps in this process. IEEE DTU is entirely devoted to such endeavours.

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Trigger 2013  

Brought to you by IEEE DTU Student Branch

Trigger 2013  

Brought to you by IEEE DTU Student Branch