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Smarter Product Development Part 2: Modeling and Simulation for Agile Date: May 29, 2014 Time: 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT (Duration: 1 hour)

The agile literature has little to say about the use of modeling – other than reciting the mantra “less is more”. This undercuts the value modeling can bring, especially to the development of smart products whose complexities and capabilities are growing exponentially. Properly applied, modeling can provide tremendous benefits to architectural mining, architecture definition, and design creation and maintenance. Simulation – the act of executing models in a virtualized context – augments the power of modeling by allowing verification of architectural and design concepts – before deploying them in environments and before committing implementation resources. This talk will address the value that modeling and simulation bring to smarter product development and how to use these techniques to enhance both the system quality and the development team agility. What will the attendees learn?

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The value of modeling in agile architecture development The value of simulation for early verification in agile development Key modeling and simulation practices for agile development

Presenter: - Bruce Douglass

Bruce Powel Douglass is an embedded Software Methodologist. Triathlete. Systems engineer. Contributor to UML and SysML specifications. Writer. Black Belt. Neuroscientist. Classical guitarist. High school dropout. Bruce Powel Douglass, who has a doctorate in neurocybernetics from the USD Medical School, has over 35 years of experience developing safety-critical real-time applications in a variety of hard real-time environments. He is the author of over 5700 book pages from a number of technical books including Real-Time UML, Real-Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems, Real-Time Design Patterns, Doing Hard Time, Real-Time Agility, and Design Patterns for Embedded Systems in C. He is the Chief Evangelist at IBM Rational, where he is a thought leader in the systems space and consulting with and mentors IBM customers all over the world. He can be followed on Twitter @BruceDouglass. Papers and presentations are available at his Real-Time UML Yahoo technical group ( and from his IBM thought leader page ( Webinar URL - Sponsored by -

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Webinar -Smarter Product Development Part 2: Modeling and Simulation for Agile  

Join us for this webinar on Smarter Product Development Part 2: Modeling and Simulation for Agile on Thursday May 29, 2014, 11:00 AM ET / 8:...

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