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Developing Better Cyber Security for Tomorrow With science and technology evolving at a faster pace, one of the crucial elements that need to be attended to timely is Internet and cybersecurity. Today, the Internet can be accessed by all and hence it is an open space for third-party intruders to engage in sophisticated security attacks that result in systematic compromises for various verticals. Over the past decade since the occurrence of 9/11, the state of cybersecurity breaches and threats has grown significantly in almost every sector in the US economy. As you browse the Internet or news sources, you will see that major security threats and breaches dominate the headlines on a regular basis. There have been intrusion campaigns, namely the “Operation Shady Rat” disclosed by McAfee, and “Nitro” disclosed by Symantec, that highlight that almost every industry vertical, including technology, defense, financial services, manufacturing, and government, have been affected by these threats. Apart from the systematic compromises faced by these industry verticals, there have also been marks of cyber warfare operation involving Duqu, Stuxnet, and more recently, the US RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone over Iran. It is also a fact that during the past decade, the state of security technology has improved, but only incrementally. This means that security innovation with positive results have been experienced in certain areas only. Discussing cybersecurity, some experts opine that perhaps no other section of the security industry has developed in the last decade more than the field of software security. Its growth and evolution mostly took place in the commercial marketplace. In 2000, the software security vertical was small and was at times mistaken for security software. However, there have been several occurrences that resulted in a major shift in the way developers set up software today. Software security, however, has emerged as a bonafide profession. Cybersecurity now uses a process-oriented approach. If you want to have more information on this field then you can browse online and can become a member of any esteemed computer society online. This is a valuable source of information, as they featured relevant news and authored computer magazines from trusted sources. It can be used by professionals and students alike, for their own reference, presentations or for anyone who wants to build a career in computer technology. Read more about : ieee digital library & swebok

Developing Better Cyber Security for Tomorrow