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IEEE Computer Society Webinars Sponsored by Your Company —

A Lead Generation Solution with 300 Target Prospects Guaranteed!

Now you can market your products and services with a turnkey webinar • Focused on your particular product or service • Customized content—whether it’s our topic or yours, there is no better way to grab the attention of the influential professionals who need your technology • We provide presenters who are leading industry experts • Marketing to IEEE Computer Society members and customers: an exclusive audience of computer professionals and decision makers • Q&A session providing live feedback on your product or service • A cost per lead far below industry average

Credibility Marketing with Top Content Imagine a security software company sponsoring a webinar on protecting against cyberthreats and vulnerabilities presented by one of the world’s experts in computing security and privacy. Or a computing company hosting a webinar on the latest trends in cloud computing or nanoarchitecture. These kinds of marketing solutions are not only irresistible to your potential customers, they provide great credibility to your firm. Top content attracts top prospects. Look at some of these sample topics:

“We just completed our fourth webinar with the IEEE Computer Society and it was the best one yet! The IEEE Computer Society brought us 582 registrants with 279 live participants (50%)—much higher than the industry average. And, the Q&A session had great audience participation. These webinars have been outstanding in helping us to generate demand and reach a highly targeted software engineering audience. Thank you!” Julie Vaishnav

Sr. Manager, Marketing Programs–MKS Inc.

• Cloud Computing • Embedded Systems • High Performance Computing • Mobile/Wireless • Multicore • Security and Privacy • Smart Grid • Software Development and Engineering • Systems Design

A Fresh List of Potential Customers— 300 Guaranteed Stop pushing to your same tired prospect list. The real secret weapon in our sponsored webinars is that we market to our own member and customer base to find your qualified prospects. And we guarantee that a minimum of 300 targeted registrants will respond. How can we do it? The respected name of the IEEE Computer Society commands interest and the expectation of a great webinar.

Marketing at a Low Cost Per Lead With the cost of a field sales call averaging over $300, our webinars provide a chance to reach prospects in a live interactive environment at less than the per lead price of an inexpensive lunch.

Elite Speakers


Call +1 855-727-3632 Email: Debbie Sims,

Your webinars gain instant popularity from the renowned IEEE Computer Society experts who present them. Past speakers include Grady Booch and Walker Royce from IBM; Mary Poppendieck, popular technology writer and speaker; and Kent Beck, founder and director of Three Rivers Institute (TRI) will attract your prospects.


IEEE Computer Society webinars help organizations cost-effectively meet training needs and reach targeted audiences. From cutting-edge train...

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