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Working Holiday Canada and other travel and work opportunities are brought to you by


Come to Canada Looking to escape your daily routine, develop your career or take a uni break abroad?

Let International Experience Canada (IEC) help you broaden your horizons with a working holiday in a welcoming and exciting country!

Besides gaining invaluable work experience in a bilingual country, you get to travel an incredibly diverse land. Between its stunning natural landscapes and the vibrant Canadian cities, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Around 60,000 international youth come to Canada for work and travel under the IEC initiative each year and you’re about to find out why.


All the time in the world So you’ve finished school but you’re not sure what to do yet? A year abroad can teach you things you can’t learn from a book. Work as you travel across Canada and explore new frontiers, meet different people and get to know who you are!


weird & wonderful facts

Enter a tipi or longhouse on the

edistou tfel right inside circling round to the

East coast culture has maple-sugar

bush parties that go back 300 years Inuit artists sculpt treasures from

elk antlers, whalebone & Arctic serpentine MAKE YOUR WAY ESCAPE 5

GO EXPLORE Hit the dirt with a farm holiday Lend a hand to farmers by tapping trees for maple sap or picking Saskatoon berries, with some farms offering free board in exchange for help. Meet volunteers from all over the world and return with a renewed appreciation for the land. Wide open spaces Hike Newfoundland and Labrador’s 220km trail to the soundtrack of surf breaking on the beach and the white noise of a cascading waterfall.

A novel way to sleep Forget roughing it in a hostel! Meet the Churchill polar bears in the famous mobile Tundra Buggy Lodge or rug up in Quebec’s Hôtel de Glace where everything, including your bed, is made of ice.


“The most amazingly fantastical year of my life!” —kirsty

One for the daredevils and adrenaline junkies With its rolling rivers, soaring mountain ranges and world class ski terrain, Canada definitely pits man firmly against the wild. Put yourself up for the challenge by conquering your physical and mental limits. We dare you!


weird & wonderful facts

Alberta is the Wild West and is famous for

hospitable, home-grown cowboy culture Ontario contains over

250,000 lakes Canada Olympic Park in Calgary has the


GO EXPLORE Take on the Wild West Bona fide cowboys and cowgirls gather for the Calgary Stampede, a 10-day rodeo and festival, to show off their riding prowess. Watch bull riding, barrel racing and tie-down roping, while you chow down on a traditional pancake breakfast. Cycle the Cabot Trail Tour stunning Cape Breton in Nova Scotia on bike. The swoopy 298km road-ride with burly coastal views and lung-busting climbs is littered with funky B&Bs, Acadian villages and sleepy bays that’ll make you long for a hammock or sea kayak. They have those, too. Conquer British Columbia Snowboard down the world famous slopes of Whistler, cycle the Kettle Valley Rail Trail or kayak through the open waters of Vancouver Island. Your muscles will feel it but the grand wilderness of BC will be more than worth it. 10 ADVENTURE MAKE YOUR WAY

“You only live once and you’ve got to get out there and experience as much as you can.” —Mattias

Cosmopolitan Canada The city life is as vibrant as the wildlife. Soak up the arts, dance in the trendiest clubs and meet the locals who love the city as much as you will. Learn new skills with ample opportunities to work while you travel!


weird & wonderful facts

Montreal has an

that is

Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum has

12,500 shoes from 4,500 years of history Quebec City is surrounded by



GO EXPLORE Take it away Toronto! Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Toronto is a mash up of cultures, courtesy of decades of European, Latin American, Asian and Caribbean immigration. The result? A rich culinary and arts scene that begs to be explored. Listen to the local beats Soak up the energy of East Coast Music Week, a five-day annual showcase of some of Canada’s best musicians and artists. Explore the dynamic music scene in Halifax and across the Atlantic provinces with something to suit every musical taste. Winter wonderland Beat morning traffic and skate to work along the Rideau Canal, the world’s largest skating rink, or enjoy perfect tobogganing conditions in the city parks. It’s super cheap and fun, no matter what age you are. 14 URBAN MAKE YOUR WAY

“I was removed from my comfort zone. It was nice to explore who I was as an individual.” —ELYSE

Tuck in to Canada’s melting pot Explore a country shaped by modern immigration, British and French influences and a millennia-old heritage from the First Nations, Inuit, MÊtis. Proudly bilingual, with French and English as official languages, Canada will open your eyes with its cultural diversity.


weird & wonderful facts Montreal is the world’s

largest Frenchspeaking city after Paris

The inuksuk is used to

or mark important places

Montreal has


jazz festival the world’s


GO EXPLORE Dancing in the street Everyone’s invited to the Quartier des Spectacles party. Montréal’s entertainment quarter hosts 40 events. See the city glow during Montréal en Lumière and feel the beat of world music at Nuits d’Afrique. Quebec’s foodie haven Taste the French influence on the southern routes des fromages and in poutine, a delightful mess of chips, gravy and cheese curds but the province’s pièce de résistance is maple syrup—best eaten during temps des sucres in spring. Pour liberally over everything! Slumber by starlight Explore Canada’s deepest roots at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Alberta and discover the rich history of the Blackfoot people. Dine on berry soup and buffalo burgers, and construct your own tipi for a night under the stars. 18 DIVERSITY MAKE YOUR WAY

“Imagine chips topped with gravy and cheese curds. The poutine just fixes your life.” —MATT

Into the wild Canada’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife is always close by. Tour national parks to experience scenery that makes you want to pinch yourself and learn about indigenous ancestors from the totem poles they left behind—Vancouver’s Stanley Park boasts a famous collection.



WORLD’S S LONGEST COASTLINE weird & wonderful facts






GO EXPLORE Meet the Bella Coola bears Fresh claw marks on trees and discarded salmon carcasses are some clues that a bear has swung by your neck of the woods. Follow the trail with a guide in Bella Coola and observe bears in their natural habitat. Canada’s first national park: conserving the wild The 125-year-old Banff National Park is your one stop shop for experiencing the majestic splendour of the Canadian wilderness. Home to the famous Rocky Mountains, there’s nothing like its sweeping alpine landscapes. Aurora Borealis: nature’s greatest light show Who knew charged electrons in the earth’s atmosphere could look so good? Okay, perhaps scientists had a clue but the breathtaking beauty of the dancing lights is still a wonder to behold. The Northwest Territories have the best seats. 22 NATURE MAKE YOUR WAY

“I felt like I was on top of the world! Really puts your life in perspective.” —jessica

Their Working Holiday Stories “My parents completely supported the idea of me going to explore a new world.” “My year abroad was enriching because I realised that I LOVE working with kids after I worked as a junior school assistant.” “Seeing snow was like a dream come true. I wanted to jump right in and make snow angels like a kid!”

—KIRSTY “I got the opportunity to finish my law degree at the University of Ottawa.” “I found a job teaching English. It was a great confidence boost and helped me later in my career as a lecturer.” “My heart belongs to Toronto because of its diversity. You could come from anywhere and you’d still be accepted!”


“Working as a lift attendant at Calgary Olympic Park meant I could be outdoors all the time. I loved it!” “Canada gave me all these wildly different experiences but it still had that homely quality. I always felt at home.” “I saw a real bear! I also went dog sledding, which was very cool!”

—JESSICA “Canada was a great experience and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. I’m still in touch with friends that I met there.” “Travelling through Canada has inspired me to find a job that’ll allow me to see the world.” “My favourite memory was waking up on Christmas morning and seeing snow outside my window. Experiencing a white Christmas was amazing!”

—MATTIAS “I built on my communication skills by learning French and working with people from different backgrounds.” “I was able to balance working with playing rugby in Montréal.” “Quebec City’s architecture instantly made me feel like I was in Europe. It’s the oldest city in North America!”


Open Up Your Opportunities Your next life adventure awaits in Canada! The Canadian and Australian governments have signed a deal so Australian citizens can easily apply for work permits through International Experience Canada, allowing you to work, play and discover the mighty big country for yourself. Why Canada? – Explore a multi-layered national identity influenced by aboriginal heritage and modern immigration – Learn French, one of Canada’s two official languages – Experience a true northern winter – See natural wonders like Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and the Northern Lights – Discover its cosmopolitan cities: Montréal, Vancouver and Toronto are consistently rated as the most liveable cities in the world – Maple syrup (need we say more?) Plus It’s flexible so you can use your work permit for a year abroad after school, a uni holiday break, a working holiday or an international internship. It’s entirely up to you! 26 OPEN UP YOUR OPPORTUNITIES MAKE YOUR WAY

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE. There are three routes you can take under the International Experience Canada initiative.

one Working Holiday

What does it offer? Flexibility: Earn money and fund your own travels through temporary employment. Who is it designed for? Australian citizens aged 18 to 30 inclusive. Do I need a job offer before leaving Australia? No job offer necessary. What kind of work can I do? You can work for any employer in any industry anywhere in Canada and have as many different jobs as you want. It’s that flexible! Why may the Working Holiday be suitable for me? I want to travel around Canada and be allowed to work to pay for my holiday. MAKE YOUR WAY OPEN UP YOUR OPPORTUNITIES 27

two Young Professionals What does it offer? Networking: Further your career by developing your professional network overseas and gaining international work experience. Who is it designed for? Tertiary graduates (including colleges and TAFE). Australian citizens aged 18 to 30 inclusive. Do I need a job offer before leaving Australia? Yes. What kind of work can I do? Find employment in Canada that is related to your professional expertise (degree and/or work experience) and supports your career development. Why may the Young Professionals be suitable for me? I want to build up my career by gaining advanced technical skills and learning new business solutions from leading Canadian companies.


three International Co-op (Internship) What does it offer? Work experience: Meet new friends while you complete an internship in your field of study and get an advantage in the graduate job market. Who is it designed for? Tertiary students (including colleges and TAFE). Australian citizens aged 18 to 30 inclusive. Do I need a job offer before leaving Australia? Yes. Also requires proof of registration at a tertiary educational institution. What kind of work can I do? Find a work placement in Canada related to your field of study. Why may the International Co-op (Internship) be suitable for me? I want to do my work placement abroad and have my resumĂŠ stand out with a North American work experience.

You can start your Canadian journey now! Here’s what to do, visit: MAKE YOUR WAY OPEN UP YOUR OPPORTUNITIES 29

resources Canadian Tourism Commission Traveller Type Quiz recommends destinations or activities depending on your travel preference Pre-depature guide. Jobs, Accommodation, Travel and other tips

Contact Consulate General of Canada, Sydney International Experience Canada Level 5, 111 Harrington St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Production credits Art direction & design Alexandra De Bonis ( Portrait photography Matthew Lahoud ( 30 RESOURCES MAKE YOUR WAY

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